Remove all active account in Google and deleted account today

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welcome back today where we break down some of the biggest stories happening Google remove all inactive accounts in the world of core cutting including today Google is going nto be deleting your old gmail accounts here’s what you need to know to make sure it doesn’t get deleted.

when will google delete ‘inactive’ accounts?

 Amazon’s going to be ditching Android for the fire TVs fire tablets and more according Google remove all inactive accounts to a report and YouTube TV is continuing to dominate cord cutting we’ll tell you how it’s stacking up against the othern live TV services these stories and anwhole lot more coming up.

 real quick ifnyou want to learn more though about these stories check out the show notes down below and in the first pin comment put a link to each story I talk about there so you can read Google remove all inactive accounts them for yourself and come up with your own opinions love to hear from you.

What happens if a Google account is deleted?

that said let’s dive into it next month in December if you have an inactive Google account that hasn’t been used in 2 years Google will start deleting these accounts.

Channel like this and you’ve uploaded content to it onGoogle remove all inactive accounts attached to that Google account it won’t be deleting that so it won’t be removing a bunch of old YouTube videos and YouTube comments they’re going to keep those accounts.

 but if you have not used your account in um the last two years Google remove all inactive accounts they will be deleting it if you don’t have any YouTube activity now this includes things that will count as activity signing in at least once every two years reading or sending email.

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How do i keep my google account from disappearing?

Google Drive watching a YouTube video so watching this video keeps your account um alive if you’re logged in for example uh downloading an app from the Google Play Store use Google remove all inactive accounts Google search or use sign in with Google to log into third party apps or services so you don’t have to worry if.

you’re doing those things but if you bhave a legacy um Gmail account Google remove all inactive accounts maybe youb created an account that you want to use to keep make sure you’re logging in every few years to keep it safe it’s very important to do that and this is kind of a way Google also.

We have probably Millions accounts that have been created over Google remove all inactive accounts the years that just never get used and that this allows nthem to free those up for people who actually will use them to get good uhn usernames at some point in the future.

usernames are going to be increasingly a problem as people try to get Google remove all inactive accounts somethingnm that matches their name or whatever they want that doesn’t have a series of long numbers at the end for example we’ll see how that plays out all right next story up of the day.

Does Google delete inactive accounts 2023?

Amazon Fire TVs fire tablets and more are built on Android they use a forked version of Android that they customize to have their own nlook and feel to it but under the corem is Android well according a report from low pass and confirmed by numerous.

Google employees um job postings and more Google is working on a new software called Vega this is a new operating system that repls Android in future fire  TVs and in future fire tablets and more cornal report starting as soon as next year the new Fire TVs that come out will no longer run in Android but run Vega.

now with that this will be based on Linux which means most apps will Google remove all inactive accounts work with it but may need some tuning for example a lot of the sideloaded apps and more may not work out of the box.

What date will Google remove all inactive accounts?

this new version because they’re built on Android uh for the fire tablets Google remove all inactive accounts for example this may prevent people from sideloading the Google Play Store onto a Fire tablet I know that’s very popular to get things like YouTube and YouTube TV uh the official apps installed .

on the uh fire tablets and more now Amazon has not officially announced Google remove all inactive accounts this it’s been reportedly in the works for years we’ve heard this on and off that Amazon and Google weren’t very happy with each other Google’s not happy with how they’re working.

Is Google removing accounts?

Android Amazon’s not happy with all the things they do on goo um Android that prevent them from doing what they want so we’ll see how this plays out but for the end user I really don’t Google remove all inactive accounts think this is going to really matter because this user interface.

 That sits on top is probably not going to dramatically change how you use the most popular apps probably won’t change it’s going to be the smaller independent side loaded apps there not from the official Amazon store that could be impacted by this all right let’s keep moving along.

YouTube TV is continuing to dominate the nlive TV service world we got Google remove all inactive accounts new subscriber numbers with all the third quarter earnings and YouTube TV has once again jumped out to a strong lead um last officially reported at 5 million last year over the summer it’s expected.

How do I stop Google from deleting my account?

they now have 6 to 7 million subscribers while Hulu Plus live TV officially has 4.6 million sling TV at 2.12 million and fub Bowl 1.47 77 million now Direct TV stream does not report numbers has not for quite a few years and they also it’s hard to break it apar.

 the Direct TV numbers it’s estimate between 1 and 2 million with that so probably either in fifth or fourth place depending on how nthey fall with fubo again that’s estimated though increasingly people are picking YouTube TV who do pick.

 live TV services but what’s interesting here is there’s less than 20 million people subscrib into these live TV streaming services when you add that all together it’s not even half of all Court Cutters significantly or increasingly I should say Court Cutters are going to On Demand.

only services to save money if you don’t care about sports why pay for a Google remove all inactive accounts TV when Hulu Paramount plus and more give you everything you want so check that out let me know have you ditched.

Why is my Google Account getting deleted in 29 days?

A live TV service and gone on Demand only leave me a comment let Google remove all inactive accounts me know why that’s my question of the day all right fubo is rolling out a new update with several big improvements now it rolled out late last week on Fire TV Google TV nand Android TV they say Roku will get the update.

this week this includes things like um fixing thumbnails um program titles now scroll as you navigate so in the um guide you’ll get better experience fixing some bugs adding ability to delete individual recordings easier without having to dig go through.

 a bunch of menus in your DVR and video playback issues including improvements of the subtitles now uh some of these they say have already rolled out on Roku uh like the delete uh options there is already available.

Do YouTube accounts get deleted for inactivity?

the update but really good news fubo continue to improve they say they’re going they hope to be addressing all the major complaints about the new user interface Google remove all inactive accounts we’ll see how that plays out all right speaking of redesigned.

interfaces Google TV will be getting a nredesigned interface so Google TV is their operating system I heard chomecast with Google TV there’s quite a few devices that run it now they haven’t announced everything coming early.

 Next year but one of the things they are telling app developers is that they need to redesign their apps to have round logos with the new update next year.

will go away from the square logo icons like this I should say to rounded ones like you see on Android mobile devices the round icons of on the home screen for example now they’re um starting this now to inform customer or app developers.

Why does Google deactivate accounts?

that they need to create custom ones if mthey don’t Google will automatically try Google remove all inactive accounts mto convert their Square logos into round ones but giving people a warning about that I suspect this is one of many changes coming to the Google user interface they have to announce.

now because they want app developers to help them redesign their logos Google remove all inactive accounts their icons and more but I suspect there’ll be a lot more coming here in the future mwith this we’ll keep it close eye on it and I’ll let you know what we find out early in 2024 once.

 they announce everything that’s new all right the deal of the day roku’s Black Friday sale has started early uh you can get a Roku Express 4K for $24.98 Roku stick 4K for $29.98 cent honestly if you get the extra five bucks.


I would recommend it the stick is a much nicer streaming player and they have announced that the Roku Ultra is coming on sale for I think it was $69 it was not at the time of this recording was in sale for $91 okay it’s like n bucks off eight bucks off actually but um if you.

want to wait you can wait and reportedly it would be a lot cheaper come Google remove all inactive accounts closer Black Friday we’ll see when that deal actually goes live if you can find that deal in the show it’s down below also there’s about to be one fewer over.

TV network as they get to ready to launch more uh gray television announced Google remove all inactive accounts that the over theair Network Circle which was focus on country music and Western lifestyle included a ton of Partnerships with Grand old Opry aired a ton of content.

people like will be shutting down now they do say nthat most of the content that’s offered there will be moving to other platforms they’re not killing all the content but they’re no longer going to be offering it free over there on their networks.


this comes as gray television has partnered with Lionsgate and War brush Discovery to launch two new free over there networks that will also stream online my suspicion is that since this is going to shut down in end of December.

new networks going to launch in January that these new networks are going to replace the channels that Circle currently has but if you’re a fan of circle good news it’s that content is going to live on just not on Circle and lastly The Wall Street Journal is reporting.

 that Verizon will be offering a discounted bundle of Netflix and Mac for just $10 Google remove all inactive accounts a month reportedly this will be the ad supported plan it’s going to be a joint partnership you’ll need to subscribe through the Verizon my plan Service as a Verizon um internet or Wireless Customer.

 to get this bundle deal takes about seven bucks off the buying them individually Google remove all inactive accounts now for the companies this ngives them Mass right they’re these are the ad sported plans if you want to get a lot of AD Revenue you need a certain mass of customers to sell to advertisers.

What is the Google inactive user policy?

who want to reach them this could help them grow that to help reach that Google remove all inactive accounts mass that they need so we’re going to keep a very close eye on this and see how it plays out not officially announced yet not officially launched.

the Wall Street Journal coming very soon all right let’s dive into the question Google remove all inactive accounts of the day if you have a question leave me a comment down below if I don’t happen to answer your question today re askk it I’ll try to um grab different ones for tomorrow,.

 it may have just come in after I’ve recorded it or I picked a different question for whatever reason don’t be afraid to Reas your same questions all right let’s dive into it today from John he says I’ve asked this in the past but I’m going re askk it in the days and age when nearly every show.

is streaming online and why are some shows available on DVD or Blu-ray but not streaming online right now and

that’s a very good question and it’s a very complicated question and part of it goes down to rights for example uh babon 5 was long um an issue with this that the TV rights for the show were held by two different parties.

until some of the mergers happened recently that those parties came back together and worked together to bring Babylon 5 back to streaming and to a new Blu-ray set that I believe comes out next month a remastered version of it U Maybe I’m Wrong somebody remind.

Does Instagram delete inactive accounts 2023?

that is that what’s I somebody helped me out there but the problem here was that they were part of a defunct Network that went under in the ’90s picked up mostly by other companies and the rights were split and because the rights were spli.t

they didn’t necessarily have the rights to stream it with that they had rights for physical media because back when Babylon 5 was created physical media was part of the contracts but in 1990s streaming was not so they didn’t have that in there and that’s part of it so sometimes it’s a contract issue sometimes it’s a issue of hey.

 if we offer everything if Netflix had every single show ever made here they would have to charge a lot of money because a lot of companies pay Upfront for the rights to have the stuff or the shows on their networks with that and we seen this with Disney Plus for example.

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