2024 Come out? The Tesla Cybertruck?

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At this point you may cybertruck reviewbe familiar with the Tesla cybertruck you know that it looks crazy that it’s fast and you may already have an opinion about.

What it’s like to drive with this product more than any other it seems that many have forgotten.

This saying don’t judge a book cybertruck review by its cover on either side loving or hating the cybertruck many seem to have made up their minds as to how good.

It is as a truck cybertruck review simply based on looks the Cyber Tru looks unlike anything on the road but does it drive like any other as well and is that a good or a bad thing today.

We’re testing out the cybertruck in the real world cybertruck review towing with it off-roading supercharging charging another car with it and much more.

tesla cybertruck specs

Let’s get right into the fun and tow a 3,000lb fully electric UTV from Tesla’s all electric truck right now.

cybertruck review
tesla cybertruck specs

We’re fully rigged up towing a pre-production version of the Broly from vanderhall and they have a really cool connector here.

It’s hooked up to the back already the Cyber truck is recognizing that there is a trailer attached.

So I’m just going to go for it you can hear a little bit of the hitch play which is normal so this is a really cool demo of what Towing is like on the Cyber Truck.

Now we got four-wheel steer and steer by wire taking us for this turn and we’re Towing behind us it’s pretty cool to see.

How this works in practice basically right now it doesn’t feel like I’m towing much I just have to know that there is a big car being towed behind me.

How much is the 2024 Tesla Cybertruck?

We towed the Broly with the Cyber truck all the way out to the sand dunes more on that in cybertruck review a minute and it was incredibly.

cybertruck review
How much is the 2024 Tesla Cybertruck?

Easy really the only thing you notice is the fact cybertruck review that you’re consuming more energy other than that it’s incredibly easy to drive and maneuver part.

That is thanks to this specific flat toe attachment cybertruck review but the power all comes from the Cyber Tru with me was a very experienced hauler.

He said the Cyber truck is the easiest cybertruck review experience he has had Towing so really any concern about hauling with the cybertruck.

Will mainly relate to real world range cybertruck review and Tesla’s range extender is supposed to help with that sometime at the end of this year.

This was also 3,000 lb and the cybertruck can do up to 11,000 so I’d be curious to see what that feels feels like another great feature of the Tesla cyber truck is off-roading.

Will Cybertruck qualify for tax credit?

Any truck needs that to a certain degree depending on the make and model and what you’re going for but they have ride heights here low medium high and then entry.

cybertruck review
Will Cybertruck qualify for tax credit?

It goes up a little bit higher if you actually put it in off-road cybertruck review mode and I’m following up there a couple specifically off-roading Vehicles.

The Broly from vanderhall gives me a little bit of a warning cybertruck review here to use discretion and caution and everything going to go ahead and confirm.

That and we have a bunch of options it’s kind of cool to be able to cybertruck review compare it to a really incredible off-roading vehicle this is the topspec tri motor cyber Beast.

As Tesla calls it it shares its 11,000 lb towing capacity with the cybertruck review all-wheel drive dual motor version but this gets a 320 M EPA estimated range and a 0 to 60 as low as 2.6 seconds.

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What are the benefits of owning a Tesla?

So far this is handling as you may expect got some interesting stuff to go over woo when it comes to offer roading the most relevant specs are 845 horsepower 10,296 lb ft of torque.

cybertruck review
What are the benefits of owning a Tesla?

Three motors one pedal driving and instant torque on an cybertruck review off-roading electric truck is something we’ve seen before but it makes off-roading.

Incredibly easy since cybertruck review you basically keep your foot on the accelerator the whole time it’s really quiet in here it’s taking a lot there’s a lot of rocks and stuff.

It’s remarkably quiet in here for cybertruck review how much is going on I currently drive an r1t from rivan quite a bit and that is a fantastic vehicle.

This is just kind of a cybertruck review totally different experience this really does feel like I’m just driving a car over this but it has a 6ft bed and it has all these things.

That we need let’s do cybertruck review some tight turns here it’s just so much easier than it would be with another truck because right now I’m going to pull a full U.

Cybertruck dimension

There it is this is is possible because the cybertruck uses steer by wire steering input is variable depending on what speed you’re going I do notice.

cybertruck review
Cybertruck dimension

At lower speeds for off-road mode it goes into 05s cybertruck review when you step outside the ground clearance is really really impressive.

It doesn’t feel like it’s going to be as high as it is off-road mode options on screen in the Cyber truck include allpurpose sand gravel and rock for Terrain.

We’re using allpurpose here you can choose stopping modes there’s Trail assist and then Baja allows you to dial in deceleration mode handling balance.

Stability assist it’s very likely more options will come cybertruck review over time as well now let’s flip around go through some water and get some downhill speed.

I’ll mentioned a few times throughout this video turning cybertruck review is just so incredibly easy in the Cyber Tru so I have the front camera right.

Tesla cybertruck range

There as I go into this puddle the Cyber Tru also has a feature called Wade mode that pressurizes the battery and allows you to go as deep as 2 and 1/2 ft again.

cybertruck review
Tesla cybertruck range

This is the top spec cyber Tru but the all-wheel drive version still gets 600 horsepower and 7,435 lbet of torque it then gets a 340 M EPA range and 4.1 second 0 to 60.

The average customer this capability is already way more than enough but Tesla wants to prove that electric can be better in every way.

There’s nothing quite like off-roading in a cybertruck review nearly silent vehicle that also dampens road noise and bumps well.

At least most of them that’s some more traditional cybertruck review off-roading but what about sand sand almost seems to be the natural habitat for the cybertruck.

At least based on looks so how will it do I have a feeling cybertruck review this is going to do a really good job this is amazing man wow other vehicles.

Can pull this off for sure but I don’t think they’re as easy to do it in that at least he easy to control beast mode let’s give that a try you shift entirely on screen and unless.

Cybertruck price increase

You want to use these backup shifters so reverse is down Drive is forward and you press for Park this is a lot like the model snx refresh in the fact.

cybertruck review
Cybertruck price increase

That it has kind of a yolk and they put buttons on the steering wheel and got rid of stocks but the difference here.

Is that since this has steer by wire and has Dynamic steering they’re a lot more accessible because I really never have to move my hands.

So I’m just going to take a full turn right here and my cybertruck review hands just stay exactly where they are on the wheel and where the buttons.

So if I now need to change to left turn it’s pretty easy to do so then you turn right here very tight very easy to do.

We’re going to do a proper launch here press the brake cybertruck review all the way down accelerator all the way down now preparing for launch suspension entering cheetah stance.

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Cybertruck weight cybertruck review?

Ready to launch here we go 3 two 1 woo W so I’ve launched cybertruck review plaid many times and this isn’t quite as stomach-dropping.

cybertruck review
Cybertruck weight

It’s a lot bigger of a vehicle and so it still feels incredible and at the same time it feels a little similar that does not feel like.

A truck launch I love that this is full screen as well so shifting on screen is different to get used to at first turn around go into reverse I’m back going to drive.

If you need to do three-point turns or anything in this it’s incredibly quick to do so it does feel like Tesla finally got.

The right implementation of shifting on screen with steer by wire because it’s one thing if you’re doing this with a wheel.

Then you have to go on the screen and then you’re doing this but if you’re just doing this and then swiping and then this and swiping.

Why is the Cybertruck cheap?

It’s pretty intuitive for the off-roading and then Dune driving we did with the Cyber Tru earlier.

We of course had to get there and back so it was a great test of the Cyber truck’s capabilities range and charging just like.

cybertruck review
Why is the Cybertruck cheap?

Any good car the Cyber truck has a glove box and this one is actually a slide out drawer so let’s open that up you tap on screen and inside.

I have today’s sponsor this is the collective from scent wedge which lets you try out all of their scents and these are all natural air fresheners made in California.

For each kit sold they plant a tree and today it’s available for the model 3 and Y but soon for all Teslas includes every scent.

That they make we used up a lot of the Cyber tru’s battery getting to the dunes and then driving through.

The sand as expected the Broly we towed there weighs about 3,000 lb cybertruck review and that contributed to our efficiency.

Should I charge my Tesla every night?

Since last charge of around 719 cybertruck review wat hourss per mile once we got there it used 79 kwatt hours to go 110 Mi.

cybertruck review
Should I charge my Tesla every night?

It’s important to realize that I don’t have a breakdown of elevation speed or anything else and those are important factors.

If you’re trying to really analyze this data so the initial estimates cybertruck review said we had 59 miles of range to drive 36 mil to attest the supercharger.

Now supercharging or really just on the road charging is a big question with the Cyber truck they’re 4680 cells.

They’re new they have a different architecture the Cyber truck is Big it’s a lot bigger than any other Tesla and in some test.

We’ve seen especially cybertruck review when the stall is behind it struggles to reach it can reach but they kind of have to be very very close to it.

Especially if they have any cybertruck review sort of hitch attachment installed so now that I’m pulling up to this charger.

How heavy is the Cybertruck?

It’s actually one where they’re all in a line they’re not behind the Cars so this one actually is very easy to charge with the Cyber Truck.

cybertruck review
How heavy is the Cybertruck?

It’s actually cybertruck review potentially closer to the cybertruck’s charge port than it is on the model 3 and Y.

When I back in pretty amazing cybertruck review to use steer by wire and I have the backup camera then I can see on the left camera.

I’m not going to hit anything all right I think I’m pretty much centering then I can just back in it’s definitely a tighter maneuver.

This was a V3 250 Kow Tesla Supercharger and we arrived with 2% charge it said it would take 45 minutes to get to 80%.

And it actually took slightly less than that some important things to note are that it was just below freezing outside 31°.

We routed there so the car cybertruck review did precondition fully and we maintained the cabin temperature at 70°.

Is it free to charge a Tesla?

Throughout the charge for those that want full details of this charging curve here is a chart and I’ll post this elsewhere but this was about as good as.

cybertruck review

cybertruck review xpected for the Cyber Tru it quickly got up to just over 250 KW and it took about 3 minutes to get to 10%.

We got to 50% in a total of 19 minutes and 10 seconds and cybertruck review then 80% in a total of 44 minutes and 10 seconds.

Now Tesla typically recommends 80% charge for battery health and because charging slows down after 80% on a road trip in any Tesla.

It’s more efficient to charge up and move on cybertruck review rather than charge the extra 20% to full which takes the longest.

So this should be the experience most people cybertruck reviewhave most of the time however if you needed to go from two to 100%.

Is charging a Tesla cheaper than gas?

That would have taken us about an hour and 29 minutes total at 71% I calculated how much longer it would take to get to 100%.

cybertruck review
How much is a Tesla battery?

It said 55 minutes meaning around 47 minutes for 80 to 100% alone these are Tesla’s new battery cells so charging could improve in general via software via thermal management improvements.

As well as when they fully unlock the Cyber truck’s 350 KW charging speed potential at V4 superchargers.

I hope to see that even though this was a pretty cybertruck review reasonable charge it was the normal Tesla supercharging experience.

since this can access any Chargers on on Tesla’s expansive Network cybertruck review it’s just filling up more battery and it’s a larger vehicle to pull into the stall.

We weren’t Towing at that point but if we were we likely would have had to disconnect the trailer and that is one thing Tesla will have to address going forward.

How much is a Tesla battery?

I’ve been driving the Cyber truck all day today and I’m trying to put cybertruck review into words my thoughts on this truck cuz it’s difficult.

cybertruck review
How much is a Tesla battery?

It’s actually one of the more challenging reviews I’ve had to do because you can’t just say epic amazing incredible but a product like this deserves more explainers especially.

If it’s great and the Cyber truck is incredible I almost hesitate to say that but I have never driven a car like this in my entire life we got speed.

We got some bumps that we’re cybertruck review going over that it just dampens incredibly nicely it just kind of has everything you would want.

It’s a truck with a 6ft bed in the back you can take things a little faster than you’re used to in a truck I love the rivan r1t but I would be bopping.

All over the place driving the way that cybertruck review I’m driving right now in that car woo it’s just all right there everything you could want.

All the power the steering everything makes sense you have full control over everything that’s happening for some people that’s not going to be.

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How much is Tesla tires?

The coolest thing you know everything’s super super tight your accelerator is going to respond instantly to anything you do accelerating or braking.

cybertruck review
How much is Tesla tires?

So is your steering squirkle I’ve never felt this kind of Drive I don’t think it has existed when you’re going over bumps on the road you can feel how heavy.

It is it feels like almost like a brick going cybertruck review down the freeway but at the same time that doesn’t mean it’s bad in handling or anything.

There’s nothing bad about the fact that it’s heavy it just has a heavy feel the four-wheel steering coupled especially with steer by wire is probably.

The biggest thing to me now I am out here in Utah filming this and every time every every time it’s insane to pull 170° lock out and pull an entire U-turn in a giant 7,000lb truck.

I rented a model 3 while I’m out here cybertruck review great car love the model 3 but I got in it I all of a sudden had to readjust to moving.

The wheel way more versus this it just makes sense at a low speed you need to turn and then you just turn that was a 90°.

How much is a Tesla cybertruck engine?

Turn right there so this is the situation where you actually need to be able to do it fast that’s actually the easiest U-turn I’ve ever done in a car as far as.

cybertruck review
Tesla cybertruck engine?

What it required from me it really does feel like a video game cybertruck review controller and it’s hard to explain the feeling I’ve heard other reviewers talk about driving.

This for a day and then getting back in something like the F-150 Lightning but it’s a whole another thing when you get back into a Tesla Model 3.

At least in my opinion and then that feels weird to drive this cybertruck review is smoother more comfortable better ride quality better handling better steering.

I haven’t taken it on a track but for everyday things and the off-roading I was doing I’m just pretty blown away I was never expecting this with the Cyber Truk.

Now reviews of this truck have been very positive so far and cybertruck review I think a lot of people are caught by surprise that that is happening but Tesla went.

All out in every aspect of this truck they said if this thing is cybertruck review going to be a triangle driving down the freeway then we need this thing to be insane in every single capacity.

They’ve absolutely done that here I think this is the full fruition of everything Tesla is working on and will be putting into their cars in the future.

We’re going to see things trickling down from the cybertruck into their cars into other cars in the industry and this is just the blunt version of absolutely.

Can you jack up a Tesla Model 3?

All of that put together in one package if it’s not for you I totally get it but I think you need to drive it before you ride it off it’s pretty unbelievable once you see.

cybertruck review
Can you jack up a Tesla Model 3?

What this thing can actually do something that can come with the territory of a brand new vehicle especially something as extremely different as the Cyber truck.

Early production issues interestingly we did face one issue with the Cyber truck but it actually worked out really well the main screen stopped working.

It was black and after multiple resets plugging it into charge and more nothing was able to fix it even though the rear screen remained fully usable.

The screen is pretty Central to everything in this truck so we headed straight for Tesla Service in Utah it’s just funny what the situation becomes because.

So shifting is not on screen it’s up on the pillars which is a little weird to get used to but fairly easy and then uh I can’t control climate so.

It’s a little warm in here and my heated seat is on full blast and then I don’t know what speed I’m going or what my range is I don’t have phone access right now.

But if I did I’d be able to see almost all of that I’d even see a live speed on the app all of those systems are detached from your essential functions Tesla Service.

What voids Tesla warranty?

Took us in right away way it took them about 30 minutes they gave us a laner model y to go grab some lunch during.

The fix and then we were on our way it looks like it just took a low voltage reset which in the case of the cybertruck is 48 volts.

Then a firmware update populated and they installed that I wouldn’t be surprised if that firmware update was fixing.

This issue on all cyber trucks aside from that problem there was not much of note with our truck in fact.

It was one of the best built Teslas I’ve ever been in I’ve owned every Tesla besides the model X and everything in this truck felt tight of course.

It’s an early enough build that there can be an extra Focus there so the real build quality insights will come as production ramps fingerprints are definitely.

Can I buy extra warranty for Tesla?

A part of the Cyber Tru with it being stainless steel but to me it’s just a part of this truck in the back seats sitting in the middle there was a little bit of rubbing to be heard.

cybertruck review
Can I buy extra warranty for Tesla?

Between the seats as I moved around and then some of the textures inside the truck weren’t perfect.

The Alcantara Dash didn’t make a straight line across and this may be something that the all-wheel drive without alcanta actually does better since.

That doesn’t have to be wrapped and pulled the white paneling on the lower part of the dash was isn’t quite smooth.

It has some texture that didn’t seem intentional but also is something you really only notice in W one feature still absent from.

The Cyber truck is autopilot or FSD at this moment it only has trafficware cruise control and those other features are coming in a future software update.

This is fairly normal for Tesla on a brand new vehicle launch in such low numbers these were things I noticed.

Is Cybertruck a one ton truck?

Because I was looking but did any of them bother me no as an owner I would forget about these issues in around.

A week but they are things I point out so that hopefully Tesla can fix them it is an expensive vehicle in any case that brings us to the rest of the features in the Cyber Truck.

cybertruck review
Is Cybertruck a one ton truck?

The main steering wheel squirkle has most of your relevant driving controls as buttons including blinkers.

These are nice because they are actual buttons rather than touch sensitive ones like the model S and X.

Have had as you saw in practice the fact that this uses steer by wire enables Dynamic steering on the Cyber Truck.

And it makes it extremely maneuverable on top of that it allows Tesla to improve steering via software update the LED light bar integrated into the dash.

All doors is RGB and customizable on screen the cabin is very clean and then the massive 18.5 in screen controls everything.

It is incredibly responsive the software is extremely refined and it utilizes an AMD ryzen processor it remains to be seen.

How much weight can a Cybertruck pull?

If it has the ram to eventually support steam Like the Model S and X it is all designed with a cyber theme to it and at no place does.

It stray even the rearview camera icon is a hexagon all around the Cyber truck they have intentionally left out Tesla logos or any rounded surfaces.

That you can notice this the seat belt attachment in the pillar is triangular the bed tie downs are squared camera outlines on the pillars are squared recovery hooks.

Squared and everything that isn’t flat takes its shape with angles instead of rounded surfaces it’s a really cool attention to detail that I kept noticing in small ways up.

Front is the front trunk which I used throughout the review to store a carryon and a backpack the front seats are heated and cooled the rear seats fold up.

Completely for a great pass through that is easily accessible since the doors open 90° and there is a screen for rear pass passers there are also two 120 volt outlets.

A few USBC ports in the cabin one interior Omission is handles no Tesla has these but usually people want these in a truck for easy entry and exit Tesla.

How long does a Cybertruck last?

Tesla Opted instead to focus on design here in an entry suspension mode sitting in any position in the Cyber truck is incredibly spacious.

With plenty of leg room and the all glass roof contributes to added headro and an open feeling around back is the full 6-ft bed with built-in Tano cover.

This cover works great and is strong enough to stand on confid confidently it can also be opened or closed while driving when we watched the Cyber truck.

It kept the bed fully dry but then we did see some water trickle into the front of it after finishing up the tailgate power is down.

Is manual up and is very lightweight compared to my r1t I was surprised how light this was up top are roof rack attachments with an integrated power feed.

A light bar or other accessory one thing that many people seem to focus on with the Cyber truck is the giant windshield wiper.

What did Elon Musk throw at Cybertruck?

The single 4 1/2 ft wiper is huge but in practice I really forgot about it it worked great when we needed to use it and then.

It just sits upright while driving you forget that it’s there beneath the bed is a sub trunk that has built-in slots for dividers.

And of course the bed has integrated lighting with a brightness adjustment on screen one great feature of the Cyber truck is bidirectional charging.

The Cyber truck is able to power most of what you need via four 120 volt outlets and one 240 volt Outlet you can also connect to a home.

Whole home backup using their power Share technology after supercharging we headed over to our rental model 3 and plugged in using.

Tesla’s standard nema1 1450 mobile connector it couldn’t have been easier I plugged the mobile connector into the cybertruck turned.

Why does Cybertruck have mirrors?

The outlets on on screen ensured that they would stay on when I exited the vehicle plugged in the model 3 and charging started.

Th model 3 ramped up quickly to 32 amps and 7 KW in the Cyber Tru it showed around 7.3 KW outputting from the outlets in the car it will maintain.

cybertruck review
Why does Cybertruck have mirrors?

This consistently until something stops drawing power or the cybertruck’s charge drops below 20% it’s a really cool image on its own an electric car charging.

Another electric car and it’s something other electric trucks are capable of so I’m really glad to see a Tesla can finally rescue another EV.

If needed this is a very cool demo but it’s only one use case and there are a ton of things you could do with the Cyber truck here especially considering.

The battery pack is about the size of nine Tesla power walls I talked briefly about our sponsor scent wedge earlier and in addition to the collective.

A collection of their allnatural air fresheners they also make center console overlays this is made of real walnut wood easily installs in the model 3.

Y and is easy to remove or adjust since it uses suction cup adhesive it’s linked in the description below as.

I mentioned earlier this was a tough review to do I had plenty of fun making it but the cybertruck is a peculiar product.

Can you return a Tesla upgrade?

If I come out the gate talking about how incredible it is many may not believe me and I think this is a good analogy for that think about someone.

Who has never had a coffee in their life you decide to introduce them to Coffee by giving them a shot of espresso within that espresso are most of the elements.

That make great coffee but it’s just too concentrated to appreciate I think the cybertruck feels.

That way to a lot of people it’s like someone went a few decades into the future and put every feature a car will have into one incredibly polarizing product.

48 volts Dynamic steer by wire four-wheel steering strong stainless steel Sharp angles these may be things we see slowly coming one by one to more normall looking vehicles.

In the coming years but Tesla decided to do it all in one go today this truck really is a Marvel once inside you forget.

That it’s a triangle made of stainless steel it just feels like an extremely refined smooth powerful silent car then it has all of these truck features.

I can’t wait to see what the future holds for it and see how this product influences the future of Transportation in subtle ways big thanks to everyone.

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