School closings Houston in us due to Weather 2024

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All afternoon we’re bringing you coverage from across the Houston area as this Arctic blast sets in I’am Riyanewan those plunging temperatures.

We’ve been warning you about are here right now at Bush Airport all United Airlines inbound flights are being held at their origin until 12:30 today.

As of now operations are normal at Hobby Airport we’re also starting to get some school and business closures for later today and tomorrow.

We’re going to have them scrolling at the bottom of screen and on right now and this afternoon.

We’re following a deadly fire investigators say it was caused by heat lamps that a family was using to keep their pets warm it’s also been a dangerous morning on the roads.

As some of those high bridges ice over see this overturned 18-wheeler on the KD freeway a reminder to be careful as you head out we’ve got Crews spread out.

Schools closing for tomorrow Houston

Bringing you updates on the roads and the weather in your neighborhood let’s start things off with Team weather coverage David Paul boy.

Schools closing for tomorrow Houston

We’ve Ended up with light sleet freezing rain even a Houston few little snow flurries we saw that here at the K1 studio in the west H area just a little bit ago.

As the winter weather Houston advisory not only continues into 6 o’clock this evening but it has been extended all the way down to the coast Galveston County.

Now getting in on some freezing rain and sleep and as you look at temperatures I’ve overlaid them on the radar everybody is at or below freezing even temperatures down in Galveston.

Flirting with the freezing Mark and that has us a little concerned about the hway going over to galston we look to the north side there are icy spots on the North Freeway.

What schools are closed tomorrow in texas

The traffic here is very slow a little bit of sleep and freezing rain coming down in the Jersey Village area right now another batch coming across atasa.

what schools are closed tomorrow in texas

Out to the West Katie getting a little burst of Light freezing rain and sleep that extends west of Brookshire where they’ve had that overturned 18wheeler on Highway 10 out.

The west side down Houston on the coastal counties this is where the heaviest SLE and freezing rain is taking place right.

Now across Chambers County anaak to Smith Point to Winnie heads up Winnie that could be icy on I 10 there pretty soon and a closer look down in Galveston.

We’re concerned so right now the radar showing light rain going across the causeway to Galveston but you can see back behind that it.

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Are schools closing again texas

Turns pink that’s where the radar indicates freezing rain so from Santa Fe to Hitchcock to Bayou Vista roads could become icy on Bridges and overpasses.

are schools closing again texas

We’ll be monitoring the causeway to galon very carefully as we go through the afternoon because cheetah craft it looks like this Mak go on.

At least the next few hours Houston yeah you’re exactly right the latest data coming in this is brand new information.

The latest model run here showing some of this sleep freezing rain may even continue through later than we originally expected so through.

This evening so watch the time stamp here this is 6:30 this evening notice how we’re still tracking some freezing rain and sleep and it’s even areas further south.

hisd school closure tomorrow

Than originally forecasted as well so this is covering now the entire area right through midnight we’re still looking at and track at some light moisture.

hisd school closure tomorrow

And then it’s basically just to our East and out of here now once the prip is gone that is it for the moisture then we transition with the next threat of a hard freeze.

That’s expected overnight Houston tonight into early tomorrow morning and then yet again Tuesday night into Wednesday morning remember.

A hard freeze that’s temperatures at or below 24 degrees for 2 hours or longer so we need to watch for that and prepare with this hard freeze warning.

That takes effect again Houston tonight into early tomorrow and then in for Wednesday morning but this has really made a mess everywhere.

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Are schools closed tomorrow in dallas

I’ll send it over to you 4 hours ago traffic really turned for the worst uh so we are looking at treacherous road conditions.

are schools closed tomorrow in dallas

What I can tell you is that we do have that overturned 18-wheeler on the it 10 Corridor at FM 359 that has I 10 shut down in Brookshire in both directions.

For the foreseeable future actually because Houston it is such a mess out there so taking 90 or taking 11th Street would be.

What you need to do otherwise on the North and the Northwest and the West sides of town it is dangerous to drive in any of those overpasses right.

Now it is uh Beyond um there we go to our traffic map there we go with the overturn 18 wheel that you can see which I was just speaking about.

Is Dallas ISD closed January 16 2024?

Now for the rest of the area as I was saying in our Western areas uh 99 is shut down at Cino Ranch so know that you cannot take.

Is Dallas ISD closed January 16 2024?

That and then here along the Beltway Houston how bad things are between 45 wrapping around Jersey Village down to I 10 the KD freeway.

And of course the same for 99 I 10 Houston all the way past the Tomball area up through spring Porter Heights over to 59.

We would advise that you stay off the roadways the uh roadways are icy the Hardy Toll Road is actually shut down in boat direction of the airex.

And you can see what a mess it is here North springway at Spring subar traffic has been extremely slow going and it has been icy as you can see at 2854.

What holiday is january 16 2024?

I want to head out to my colleague Stephen uh who’s out on that over overturn 18-wheeler what more can you tell us Stephen get a good shot at.

What holiday is january 16 2024?

What it looks like you can see the wheels Tow Trucks are connecting to it right now flip this thing over pull it out of the way there was a hazardous material spill.

As well according to Houston transar I me you can see the wheels of that 18wheeler this happened around 8:30 in the morning still causing problems more than 3 hours later.

Traffic was backed up coming this way and I 10 is still blocked heading eastbound but those westbound lanes are starting to slowly reopen of course weather.

Most likely at play here the roads are icy and slick we have had snow floories all this morning some streets are still covered in ice those driving conditions.

Are just pretty dangerous west of Houston we’re going to keep an eye on this to see how they are cleaning it up we can see those tow trucks still right.

Why was January 16 a holiday?

Now for now in Brookshire Steven Goen Houston kou 11 News back to you well they clear that Steven Goen thank you so much.

We’re taking a live look right now at the power supply and demand forecast in just the last 20 minutes urot has issued another conservation request.

This one will run tomorrow from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. the conservation appeal for today ended two hours ago urot says it is expecting power demand and Supply.

To be tight tomorrow morning so uh be aware of that Victor hobo has been in the northern part of the viewing area since early this morning.

He’s live near Rayford in Montgomery County Victor you’ve been monitoring the road conditions what have you seen yeah just 15 minutes ago Crews.

Schools closing for tomorrow

Were able to clear a crash scene right behind me by a bridge but just as David Paul was giving his forecast we heard another crash and now you’re seeing.

Schools closing for tomorrow

The traffic accumulate and slow down Houston here as those those cars are able to get out of the trying to get out of the way but another slowdown happening.

The conditions all morning have been Houston we were further up north on I45 when we spoke to a driver who spoke with us about those conditions.

It’s been rough I mean you can’t really hit your brakes Without You sliding you can’t really give yourself any gas because you.

You’ll spin out these roads are real bad just better off to staying at home and where it’s warm and off these roads now that driver spoke to Us near.

school closings houston due to weather tomorrow

The scene of a jack knife semi that had skitted off I45 and onto the Frontage Road near Willis in Montgomery County throughout the morning.

We’ve seen a mixture of mist and precipitation now we’re getting snow where we are and that’s CS for icy bridges and for roads to accumulate a dusting of snow and develop slick spots including icy patches.

That’s in that’s led Houston to crash scenes like the one that’s happening behind us as even if it was cleared cars.

Were coming and having to Houston hit the brakes on they approach that bridge so we’ll continue to monitor these conditions.

But just a heat of warning that folks should slow down where they can for now reporting in North Harris County Victor hako kou 11 years.

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