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It’s Bonnie happy Thursday I am back oh my goodness what has Bath and& Body Works done they have put the candle day candles online as a teaser for tomorrow.

Which is kind of good because, What day is the candle sale at Bath and Body Works? now it’s going to make it a lot easier to make your candle Day wish list because you’ve got the scent notes and the candle names not all of them.

What day is candle day 2023

That have been teased out are on this list like that food collection the pink hot cocoa one uh the Brios French toast um I think those are coming a little bit later remember.

I said some of them come a little bit later so here’s what is supposed, What day is candle day 2023? to happen tomorrow candle day starts and um you can order online in store app rewards members only tonight I am going.

Is Bath and Body Works candle worth it?

Bath and Body Works does the official candle day price by then because I want to have that in front of me because I want to know if there’s a Code I can’t really do a tips article.

Until I find out all of the information but right now I wanted to talk about What day is candle day 2023 the new bcandles that have showed up online so I gotta say um I’m G to put up my firs  screenshot right here. What day is the candle sale at Bath and Body Works? What day is candle day 2023?

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We have the perfect Christmas Tiki Beach caramel drizzle and Dalia I gotta say um the perfect Christmas with those ornaments yeah that’s like my style I think that is so cute I love it I definitely am G to get those like I want that whole collection okay.

Next screenshot I’m going to put up we have the uh oh cinnamon sugared peans I didn’t even know that one was on then list white tea and Sage mahoganybcoconut and strawberry snowflakes I gotta say I love.

How long can a candle burn?

That strawberry snowflakes with the Snowman on there and the pink I think that is absolutely adorable um next up we have pink apple punch black Teakwood here we go you guys top shelf e.l.f and cranberry pear bini I don’t like.

What day is candle day 2023

That one but I’m getting it for the jar so topshelf elf. now has scent notes uh the SC What day is candle day 2023 notes are energized orange muddled raspberries with, What day is the candle sale at Bath and Body Works? a cherry on top which these are not what I was like thinking at all based on the descriptions.

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I  gave yesterday it’s a fruity concoction that keeps the elves puppy for What day is candle day 2023 president pres for presidents for presents I thought for sure this was going to be a coffee SC no it is someone said it smells like um Red Bull I don’t know look at that energized drink.

What day is candle day 2023?

12th year, Annual Candle Day, I have no idea these are going right in What day is candle day 2023 my cart because I want to make sure I get these uh let’s see what else do we have my table is shaking uh next up we have uh in the stars. Dec. 2 and Sunday, Dec. 3, 2023.

What day is candle day 2023

The perfect Autumn pure Wonder cinnamon spiced vanilla those are all What day is candle day 2023 good uh next grouping is uh candy cane colada the perfect spring butterfly and Eucalyptus rain okay so candy cane colada.

I thought that might be um coconut colada the SC notes on candy cane colada are I haven’t even looked at them yet it say trending already though peppermint schnaps peppermint schnaps. What day is the candle sale at Bath and Body Works?

Creamy coconut milk sweet pineapple juice garnished with a candy What day is candle day 2023 cane I’m like this is really really intriguing to me because I’m like what the heck is candy cane colada now I don’t know this is very interesting with the peppermint schnaps and um the pineapple juice uh coconut.

Can I burn a candle for 2 hours?

This is extremely uh exciting I feel like it’s a skoy mystery those What day is candle day 2023 are going to be popular uh next up we have laundry day vanilla Blossom, candle  2 inches burn for 2 hours.  that’s Tops on my list Cherry uh Japanese cherry blossom watermelon lemonade is a lot prettier.

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Person those stars are gorgeous I got to say I saw those yesterday What day is candle day 2023 in the store um next up we have the peach Bellini pineapple mango check out that strawberry pound cake that looks like a Valentine’s Day doesn’t it look like the strawberry pound cake.

What day is candle day 2023

That holographic collection it just looksbpretty I’m like oh my gosh Strawberry Pound Cake uh and then ocean ocean and then next up we have uh Mary Mimosa fresh cut lilacs Paris Cafe which is going to be super popular and Sweet Pea.

We have lavender marshmallow which I reviewed last night uh What day is candle day 2023 Island Margarita the perfect winter and sweet whiskey so the perfect winter I’m trying to figure out if that’s a repackage that one is winter pine needles frosted eucalyptus and icy Pepperman it smells really good.

Why is candle Day celebrated?

I’m trying to remember if it smells familiar uh, Candle Day is was started 2013, What day What day is candle day 2023 is the candle sale at Bath and Body Works? this of course is Le marshmallow oh my gosh this is going to be popular it smells really really good uh someone yesterday commented that these kind of look like a Harry Potter honeyduke style.

They do they’re cute I love them they’re absolutely adorable What day is candle day 2023 uh okay next up we have um Cosmopolitan saltwater Breeze the perfect summer and raspberry Mimosa yeah uh for mimosa is excellent uh cosmopolitan.

I got to do the S Notes of clausmopolitan another surprise this one is sweet black cherries fizzy seltzer water and cane sugar I’m like what the heck these are all different than I want what I thought they were going to be so um yeah.

 I’m kind of curious to see uh what these are I got to get my hands on those I got to get up like really early tomorrow and order these so they’re not sold out um next up we have black tii blueberry lemon sour candy porum and bergamont Waters.

How do you use 3 wick candles?

So let me get my screen up here remember Lenny, Candle least 3-4 hours. and I were trying What day is candle day 2023 to figure out what black Thai was I could remember Black Tie is Green Sage sandalwood and tonka bean it’s totally like an odd different candle and then yeah yeah I got this one blueberry lemon sour is in fact let me grab.

What day is candle day 2023

It like right up on the screen there uh these are the same candle uh total repackage however they’re really really good um I think it’s even the same scent now it’s uh sugar lemonade and blueberry sugar uh well sweet blueberries fresh lemon juice and sugar crystals.

These are the same these are totally, What day is the candle sale at What day is candle day 2023 Bath and Body Works? the same but you know what it’s okay cuz it’s good and then candy eorum which is the green one that one is fruity candy sweet Confections and pillowy mints that one smelled really.

How long do Bath and Body 3 wick candles burn?

It’s not my favorite but I want, Atlest 25-45 hours, it because it’s What day is candle day 2023 candy eorum I’m like Bring, What day is the candle sale at Bath and Body Works? it on I got to have the whole collection so I’m excited about that one so uh like I said what’s funny is uh fast and Body Works all loaded up for candle Day online I’m like Oh my goodness seriously.

What a tease out because now we’re all like oh we can see them online and then today um 10 off 30 the men’s care is 5.95 uh which is definitely a good deal because it includes.

The men’s care products like the beard and Scruff cream uh that’s normally $4.95 it’s on sale for 5.95 the shave cream all of that good stuff um on sale uh for 5.95 so great day for men’s care additionally pocket backs are a dollar.

How tall is a 3 wick Bath and Body Works candle?

The spring refresh mix kit is in there holiday traditions the storybook, Approx  25 – 45  lots of good pocket bags so if you’re shopping for men’s care today it is a super good deal because you could also use.

What day is candle day 2023

4″ wide x 3 1/2″ tall measure, After this cut of go over the price because this is like incredible on the men’s care and the pocket backs because loading up for pocket backs as gifts is always a good.

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