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The Apple Vision Pro is official. I’ve had a demo, and wow, there’s a lot to talk about. I’ve got lots to tell you. Now you probably already know that in the demo.

Apple launching a vision pro, We couldn’t actually film. So this is more about my experience. I have been very impressed at how accurate the eye tracking was, how detailed everything was as well. But let’s break it down in terms of the initial comfort.

So you do need to do like a bit of a face ID scan to get the right fit, and it is modular. The initial fit that I had wasn’t quite right, so we had to do that again. Now usually, from what we’ve seen mostly is just straps around the sides,

Apple launching a vision pro But there was also a bit that goes through the front. Apple launching a vision pro, So I guess that’s going to be there, makes it a little bit more comfortable, but it does mess up your hair, so that’s just something that I found.

But anyway, once you’ve found your right fit, Apple launching a vision pro it is generally quite comfortable, although I’m not sure how we’ll be using it for longer periods of time, but once you’ve kind of got it on, you can do a short exercise to make it familiar with your eyes.

When was Apple Vision Pro launched?

Apple launching a vision pro, Then the eye tracking is so good, it’s so accurate as well. And then as soon as you want to select something, you can just look at it, and then just tap like this. You don’t have to have your hand up or anything, you can just have it down here and tap.

Apple launching a vision pro
When was Apple Vision Pro launched?

The Vision Pro, Value at $3,599 launched in June, available by early 2024 in the U.S. And it’s so, intuitive, and it was something that I thought was going to take a little bit of time to get used to, but pretty soon, I was just going around the whole interface so easily.

It was just really, really good, launch by February, Now, there were a couple of times, because I’m somebody who like has my hands together when I’m sitting down, it did get confused a little bit. And also,

When I was kind of swiping across, there were a couple of times, but this is like pre-production, and, you know, I’m sure this is going to be getting better, but just the fact that it can track your eyes

With the four cameras and a bunch of sensors, and all of your different hand motions and things is super impressive. They’ve got something like 5,000 patterns. Now, you can use Siri with voice controls.

How much is Apple Vision Pro?

Apple Vision Pro Price with starting at $3,499 This is something that I didn’t get to test, and there’s also a virtual keyboard, so you can look at the different keys and tap like this or you could actually type as well. But this is something I didn’t get to test.

Apple launching a vision pro
How much is Apple Vision Pro?

The good news, Apple launching a vision pro “Launch in 2024 in U.S and All Global” is that you can actually connect a Magic Keyboard and trackpad if you wanted. So the way I kind of see this is if you’re out, and because this is running with the M2 chip,

You could have things like Microsoft Word, Excel, and things like that and you wouldn’t have to carry a laptop with you which would be pretty cool. And that brings me onto the uses.

Now first thing I want to talk about is the resolution. So it’s more than 4K per eye and it’s very, very crisp. The one thing that I did notice is initially, we saw some panoramas that were shot on the iPhone.

Now, although the iPhone shoots great panoramas, they were blown up quite a bit, so I was initially thinking, is it the resolution of the panoramas or is it the Vision Pro? But it was the resolution of the panoramas.

As soon as I started seeing some of the environments and some of the different content that was on there, it was so, so crisp and clear, and especially the user interface, all the icons and everything, super, super crisp.

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Is Vision Pro safe for eyes?

Yes, safe your eyes 3D content So, you know, watching “Avatar” in pretty much a cinema setting was really, really cool. And also seeing some of the different demos where it almost looks like things are really close. Now I know 3D gets a bit of a bad name, but with this 3D experience was some of the best that I’ve seen.

Now you could also use it for gaming. You can connect a Bluetooth gamepad. This is something, again, that I didn’t get to test, but I can really imagine how immersive that would be using the Vision Pro.

Apple launching a vision pro
Is Vision Pro safe for eyes?

Use in an over 10 hours a day, Now one of the things Apple launching a vision pro I was really interested in was the fact that you can just look at your MacBook, and it will bring up the display large format, you can make it as large as you want.

One thing I was interested in was would you be able to have multiple screens? But that’s not something that’s going to come initially. Maybe it’s something that will come later on.

But the way I kind of picture this is here’s my MacBook Pro, I have the main screen, but then I can extend that, have my timeline of editing or something like that, which would be absolutely awesome. But again, that’s not there right now.

How powerful is Apple Vision Pro?

By the way, if you’re enjoying this video so far and you want to see more like it, then maybe consider subscribing so you don’t miss future coverage like this. Now of course, because this is WWDC, it’s the developed conference,

Apple launching a vision pro
How powerful is Apple Vision Pro?

We will be seeing 4K TV for each eye and 23 million pixels “apps developed specifically” and more content developed specifically for the Vision Pro early next year when it is released.

But for now, you’ll be able to see all of Apple launching a vision pro the content that you can normally see on Apple TV and other streaming platforms.

Apple launching a vision pro And we also saw Disney. So, I mean, I can really see live streams like if you are watching a game of football or basketball or something where you can really feel like.

But also if there was like a documentary like I can just imagine seeing Planet Earth in 3D and beautiful view of the world. like you’re fully immersed and some of the demos that we saw, you know,

How does Vision Pro work?

Vision Pro work? use is a 3D cameras and sensors and better experience. There was like rhinos coming right close to you. It was super, super impressive. Now one of the things that’s really interesting about the Vision Pro is that Apple wants it to be as immersive as you would like.

  • So you can actually have passed through Apple launching a vision pro and you can see the environment around you which is absolutely fine, but if you turn the digital crown, you can actually blank everything else out
Apple launching a vision pro
How does Vision Pro work?
  • So it’s almost like you’re in a different place and this is perfect if say, for example, you’re in a plane or something and you Apple launching a vision pro don’t want to really see much of your surroundings.

And the other interesting thing as well is that other people can’t see what you are looking at. So if you’re working on a private document then they’re not going to be able to see

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Which technology is used in Vision Pro?

Vision pro design “AR-first device”, That which I think is really cool. And while you are immersed, if a person comes near you, then it is going to slowly fade and you’ll be able to see them.

Apple launching a vision pro
Which technology is used in Vision Pro?

It currently is only going to be working with humans pass-through technology but I’m sure a lot of you are wondering what about pets, cats, dogs, if they come towards you?

Well for the production model, that might be the case. Let’s see. Now if somebody does walk over to you, then they will be able to see your eyes. And this is something that Apple are calling eyesight.

What’s interesting is it’s actually going to be your Apple launching a vision pro digital persona that you’ll be seeing on the front, not your actual eyes but they’ll be reacting as you would be reacting.

So once you get the Vision Pro, you can do a scan of yourself. This will also be used to FaceTime. So this is something that a lot of people were wondering that if you are using FaceTime with this on,

How long can you wear Vision Pro?

Apple launching a vision pro, “Battery is a better” up to two hours of use. Then people will actually see your digital persona. Now I did have a FaceTime call test and it was interesting ’cause it was really good and it was also 3D because you can have that stereoscopic effect with this digital persona,

Apple launching a vision pro
How long can you wear Vision Pro?

Vision Pro is a better battery, But it still wasn’t fully natural, like you know, it almost feels like you’re talking to somebody that’s made from AI. Now obviously if that’s somebody that you know, then it might be a little bit different but I’m still not 100% sure about this.

  • And one of the things I forgot to mention was that the Vision Pro does have two cameras, so you can record stereoscopic 3D video and it can really take you back to the times when you’ve recorded that article.
  • One of the examples we saw was on a birthday party and it really makes you feel like you’re there. However, I’m not sure how it would especially.

With kids that’d want to actually use that. I don’t know if you’d be able to record 3D video with a different device or something like that. It’s quite interesting.

Will anyone buy Apple Vision Pro?

Buy Apple Vision ProNow, All time buy “10-15 million worldwide” when you are immersed, like it is almost like you’re in a different place, honestly, like after a bit, you sort of forget where you are and you have this environment around you and you’ve also got spatial audio.

Apple launching a vision pro
Will anyone buy Apple Vision Pro?

So spatial audio worked really, really well. Say for instance the FaceTime call was on my right side, I could actually hear it and it all just felt like this is where it’s coming from. It was really, really good.

But also one thing to consider Vision Pro is very high is that because you have the speakers, if you are on a plane, on the keynote when Apple showed this example,

It is best to have something like AirPods on. I’m not sure if you’ll be able to get your AirPods Max on as well as the Vision Pro. That’s going to be a lot of stuff.

Now one thing that a lot of people talk about is motion sickness. I did not have any motion sickness. It was a very comfortable experience.

Is Apple Vision Pro battery powered? Apple launching a vision pro

There is very little lag, something like 12 milliseconds, which means everything is very, very smooth. And in terms of the refresh rates this is something that again, Apple hasn’t disclosed,

But I think it is per motion, Vision pro battery external, high-performance battery I think it’s 120 hertz because everything did seem very smooth. Right, now in terms of the comfortability, so it weighs just over a pound so it’s not heavy but it’s not light either.

And having it on for about half an hour, it’s pretty comfortable but I think I’d only be able to use it for a couple of hours at a time Apple launching a vision pro and you know that’s how much the battery lasts as well.

Apple launching a vision pro, And speaking of the battery, this is Apple launching a vision pro external so you have a cable going down and the battery pack is separate.

Now this actually makes sense to me and some people were Apple launching a vision pro criticizing it but having that battery weight on your head as well would be a bit too much.

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How to buy a Vision Pro?

So easily buy a apple store and other platform I actually think it’s good Apple launching a vision pro that it’s separate. Apple launching a vision pro Also, I mean you could just disconnect it and have a fully charged battery with you if you want it,

Apple launching a vision pro
How to buy a Vision Pro?

I mean I’m not sure how much it’s going to Apple launching a vision pro cost and I’m not sure if there ever will be third-party versions, but you can plug this into a power socket but

  • Then just have a Apple launching a vision pro fully charged one which you can just snap on. But no, the cable’s actually attached so you would have to get a separate battery with the cable that attaches on to the Vision Pro.
  • Now two hours is the guide time. We’re not sure if that’s going to be for the different types of content. I mean I’m sure if you are gaming, Apple launching a vision pro if you’re doing something more intensive, it might be less than that,

Might be more, we’ll find out more towards release time, but let’s talk about the price ’cause I know a lot of you guys are going to be commenting about that already.   

Three and a half thousand dollars, yes, that’s a lot of money, but in my opinion this is brand new tech. There’s nothing else really like it that works at this level and it’s also a first gen product, right?

Who designed Vision Pro?

Apple vision is designed by developed by “Apple Inc.” So for me, the way I see it is, yes, you’re going to get some early adopters, you’re going to get some enthusiasts that can have this.

Apple launching a vision pro
Who designed Vision Pro?

But when we do get further in some of the generations, then I see this being a Apple launching a vision pro device that you can buy for say $1,000 and that will be for the masses and it’s also going to get better,

Apple launching a vision pro, Smaller with other generations. Apple launching a vision pro So I think that’s something very important to remember that this is a first gen product and we forget that.

  • Of course in the ideal future, we’d have Vision Pro which would be just like the sunglasses which you could just put on. But we have to start somewhere. Apple launching a vision pro And I think as a first gen product, this is super,
  • Super impressive. It’s some of the most impressive tech that I’ve seen recently and I honestly can’t wait to get it in hand and really use it when it does release which is going to be early next year.

How clear is Vision Pro?

Yes, clear is Vision Pro Do you guys see yourself getting one? What do you think so far? Drop me a comment below, let me know your thoughts. And a big thanks to Michael Josh from Gadget Match for helping with the B-roll.

Its a transparent screen

If you want to read his article Apple launching a vision pro I’ll link that down in the description below. Hope you enjoyed this article, find it useful, if you did, then do smash the follow for me. Thank You.

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