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Microsoft control OpenAI It’s it’s hard to emphasize how amazing or shocking the sacking of Sam Altman’s is he’s he’s a golden child of AI in Silicon Valley he’s spent the last year traveling.

The world and becoming synonymous with his technology he is um very much a techno optimist he helped negotiate um a deal with Microsoft in 2019 and so Microsoft invest $1 billion in open Ai.

And that really kind of um was Microsoft control OpenAI the first big um big Tech investment in openai and then just this year another $10 billion from Microsoft so he’s been pushing open AI.

Towards this um this this certain future of of um commercialized products like chat GPT and he’s just at odds with another Camp within the company.

Microsoft Controlling ChatGPT?

So now the staff are in open Revolt as well what does that expose about how the company is run this company behind really crucial technology Controlling ChatGPT external service.

Microsoft control OpenAI

Lives yeah so the staff have signed an open letter Microsoft control OpenAI more than 700 um saying demanding that Alman is reinstated the board is sacked and threatening to um join Microsoft.

If that doesn’t happen what it’s exposed is open isn’t like any other tech company um it’s not like Facebook and not like Google that’s because it’s governed by a nonprofit.

It has this founding principle Microsoft control OpenAI to pursue artificial general intelligence super intelligent AI for the benefit of all Humanity so the staff a lot of the staff are idealists.

Elon Musk still own OpenAI?

They’re not there to amazing technology, Musk in 2015 that will be the savior of humanity and I think the events of the past week or so of the past few days have really showed people tech company.

Microsoft control OpenAI

When they use chat GPT or Microsoft control OpenAI when they rely on these sorts of service services and it could have gone either way this weekend it could have been that the board reinstated.

Then I think open AI would have gone down Microsoft control OpenAI the path of becoming another big tech company like Google or Facebook but it’s taken a different path and uh it’s going to focus more on the research and on kind of long-term development.

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Who created ChatGPT?

created ChatGPT November 30, 2022 This goal and probably Microsoft control OpenAI Microsoft is going to pursue the path that open AI would have taken yeah and that’s where Sam Alman.

Microsoft control OpenAI

Now finds himself what are Microsoft control OpenAI the legalities though James of Microsoft running with this technology under Sam Alman um are they going to be able to do that given their multi-billion dollar investment.

I think micros Microsoft next few days how many open AI employees come across if a lot of them quit open Ai and join Microsoft essentially open AI might not exist next week.

Which case they would have just kind of transplanted open AI into Microsoft Microsoft control OpenAI and would have full control and that would be a great outcome for Microsoft if a lot of the employees.

What is Elon Musk’s new AI software?

Don’t quit then Microsoft’s in a difficult, new company xAI  position uh well it’s not difficult but it’s it’s a it’s a complicated one it’s got this big investment.

Microsoft control OpenAI

It’s invested over10 billion in open AI but it doesn’t have control and we’ve seen that over the last few days at the same time it’s hired Sam mman and a few other.

The main leaders from open AI just today the last few days Microsoft control OpenAI and um it’s going to try and build up its ownyou know research AI research laboratory within Microsoft.

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ChatGPT cost money?

We’re likely to see a lot of the open AI technology cost is costs $20/month kind of Incorporated more rapidly into into Microsoft products like Word and Excel and the search engine and so on so uh legally.

Microsoft control OpenAI

It it’s in a pretty good position Microsoft control OpenAI because it now has um access to this amazing AI talent and it still has um you know a lot of control at open AI.

But it would be in an open AI essentially folded next week and the entire staff came across yeah which many of them are contemplating but that they have put a new CEO in place who’s got experience in the tech sector.

Which AI company did Elon Musk invest in?

This is open AI, AI company did Elon Musk invest in xAI in Nevada in March this year do you think he can rescue this can they work their way through this and stay this altruistic company uh rather than go down the corporate path.

  • That’s M sheia the um former CEO of twitch the gaming service game streaming service so he’s had an amazing uh 24 hours he he he tweeted 22 hours ago that um you know he’d been given this sort of once in take it to become the CEO of open AI.
  • He’s made some you know Microsoft control OpenAI the noises that you’d expect he’s trying to stabilize he’s saying I partnership with Microsoft is very important um we’re going to investigate.

Is ChatGPT owned by Microsoft?

What happened that there was bad communication Microsoft doesn’t own ChatGPT and process around the sacking of Sam mman um and we’re going to continue to commercialize our product at the same time um the board has showed its power.

Microsoft control OpenAI

That it showed that open AI isn’t going to be a for-profit company in the mold of of Google and Facebook so we’ll see what happens there he’s in a very he’s in a tough position I think because really it’s up to where the employees stay.

That’ll really become apparent in Microsoft control OpenAI the next few days it’s interesting Sam Alman is one of the sort of whistleblowers in a way he’s come out and talked about the dangers of AI if it falls into the wrong hands.

How does he then juggle it at Microsoft is going to want to capitaliz on it in every way well that’s the great the great question um Sam mman was one of several who founded open AI in 2015 with the goal of stopping AI technology falling.

Who owns OpenAI?

OpenAI started in a 2015, and the board controls

The hands of big Tech and now you know les than 10 years later he finds himself working for Microsoft um which is you know synonymous with big Tech um so yeah I I I’m not sure how he’s going to do Microsoft control OpenAI that I There’s a certain amount of optimism maybe around uh perhaps naivity around whether Microsoft will um develop uh AI technology in an open and transparent way.

Microsoft control OpenAI

 I think they’re going to try and they see the potential to make a lot of money here and they’re going to pursue that and uh they’re going to try and beat their Rivals like Google so uh don’t know how Sam mman is going to achieve that at.

Sam Alman has been a major face of AI from Washington hearings to conference appearances as recently as yesterday but now he’s suddenly out as CEO of chat GPT parent open AI.

How much of OpenAI does Microsoft own?

At the Apex CEO Summit here in San Francisco AI was the topic dour President Biden up there spoke about the importance of the technology.

Really was all we heard about on stage Sam Alman was seen as really the face of this industry especially on regulation testified in front.

Microsoft control OpenAI

What he said yesterday on stage about global cooperation Microsoft control OpenAI at probably not even for the next couple of generations but at some point when the model can do making.

So he sat up there he was with Chris Cox of meta the chief product officer over there James Mana of Google at the end guys he sort of hustled off knowing.

What we do know today was he rushing off to talk to the board he could have also been a coincidence but sort of interesting color and uh he was he didn’t have many fireworks.

What is Elon Musk’s version of ChatGPT?

Grok AI On stage he um was sort of softspoken and and thoughtful but was very forward-looking in terms of the the uh future of the industry so no indication at. That point that he was going to be out of the company his 80 billion company that he started.

That’s after the board said Microsoft control OpenAI they no longer had confidence in his ability to continue leading open AI but uh really the face of the industry no longer at his company John big implications.

There for artificial intelligence all right Tate Rooney thank you and joining us now on the newsline Brent Phil of Brent how much does this matter to Microsoft stock hey John I don’t believe.

It’s going to have any impact uh you know was at the recent user conference and I think the excitement around around the product strategy continues to drive uh a big uplift for Microsoft but I I don’t believe.

What is Elon Musk’s AI called?

 ‘Grok,’ This is going to have any bearing in the near term uh on Microsoft clearly you know the news is just out and trying to figure out the trickle down effect but I don’t anticipate given.

The Deep partnership that Microsoft control OpenAI they have on technical level that that this is going to have a dramatic departure and anything changing for Microsoft Bren I thought it was interesting.

That Mira moradi the inim CEO Chief technology officer was doing a decent amount of press since the spring some major pieces fortune in time so people have been getting to know her she’s been speaking publicly and she’s been there for 5 years.

What is Google’s AI called? Microsoft control OpenAI

Bard – Google Bard is a best How important is Microsoft control OpenAI that I think the durability of having someone at a company like this is is is really important and clearly you know you’ve seen a lot of situations like this in the past.

Microsoft control OpenAI

Where you have the founder who gets to a point and effectively outgrows their capability and that it feels like this is what happened uh ultimately what drove that is still to be determined but.

I think that they’re in good hands Microsoft control OpenAI the technology is sound the the leadership that’s in at open AI uh I don’t expect Microsoft to have any hiccups uh from their perspective it’ll be to be seen in terms of what happens when uh the leadership shake up.

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