How to Make Student $10000 Dollars a Day Online

Welcome, absolutely Make Student $10000 Dollars everyone wants to know how to make ten thousand dollars a month as a student.

The only issue is there’s a lot of BS out there there’s a lot of misinformation and there’s a lot of people making it seem a lot easier than it actually is so in today’s article.

How to get $10,000 fast?

How to get $10,000 fast
How to get $10,000 fast?

I’m gonna break down the Make Student $10000 Dollars three main components you need to focus on in order to make ten thousand dollars a month as a student now in this article.

The seven to eight most popular Make Student $10000 Dollars online business models and will help you break down and figure out what will work.

The best for you this year now the first thing you need in order to hit ten thousand dollars a month as a student is the right vehicle and let me tell you.

What I mean you see the thing is you need Make Student $10000 Dollars a means you need an opportunity that is big enough but not too risky you can actually achieve ten thousand dollars a month.

As a student now I will say that ten thousand dollars a Make Student $10000 Dollars month and I’m really not trying to be insensitive here I understand that I was a fringe case.

I hit ten thousand dollars a month when I was 17 years old but I’m gonna talk about that a little later on in this article.

How can I turn $1000 into $10000 fast?

How can I turn $1000 into $10000 fast
How can I turn $1000 into $10000 fast?

And how I actually got to that place I had ten thousand dollars a month when I was 17 years old and by the end of that year before I turned 18 I was hitting 30 to 40 000 a month.

So I’m speaking here from experience you need Make Student $10000 Dollars a vehicle a way that you can make that sort of money but a way in which you’re not gonna risk losing.

All of the money that you do have so the first thing that I will tell you is trading is out the window I’m gonna be very honest with you there’s a lot of Traders out there that are trying to sell.

That’s actually where they make money they don’t make money on the little ten dollars or twenty dollar sign up that they get when you join they make money.

When you lose they’re literally incentivized for you to lose and listen that’s just the honest truth of it even if you have a thousand dollars for you to take a thousand dollars.

Turn that into ten or twenty thousand dollars in a single year is actually very difficult the amount of success successful trades.

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How to get $20 000 fast?

How to get $20 000 fast
How to get $20 000 fast?

The average of all those successful trades is very very difficult whereas for you to take a thousand dollars and invest that into starting a very lean online business.

I mean by the end of the year you’re talking Make Student $10000 Dollars tens of thousands of dollars I don’t think realistically you’re gonna hit hundreds of thousands of dollars in your first year.

It happens sometimes but it’s very unrealistic Make Student $10000 Dollars but definitely by the end of the year you should be making more than your average salary.

If you were just working a traditional nine to five and Make Student $10000 Dollars the best part is you should be able to do it remotely so in order to make money you need something that spits out free flow.

What I mean by that is profit that you can actually Make Student $10000 Dollars use because here’s the other thing I’m going to tell you people always look at net worth.

They go he has 100 million dollars net worth but his entire net worth is in his company and he can’t take out money out of his company because he may have investors.

How to make $1,000 a day?

How to make $1,000 a day
How to make $1,000 a day?

This or that or you have certain people for example a lot of people in the property game where they have a lot of money their portfolio is worth a lot they’re not very cash Rich.

They don’t actually have a lot of cash laying around they’re Make Student $10000 Dollars wealthy but their money is tied up in places and that’s not the place that you want to be at when.

You’re first starting a business so a lot of businesses like for example building a proper e-commerce brand and by the way when I say proper e-commerce brand.

Once again I’m speaking from experience Make Student $10000 Dollars I’ve had an eyewear company for a few years and the thing is the packaging Everything Is Beautiful.

We’ve got this beautiful black velvet finish on the inside so this business is okay it’s my smallest business it makes around 1.2 to 1.5 million dollars a year.

That sounds great Until you realize that Make Student $10000 Dollars we have 50 margins so I’m only keeping 50 of that money and it’s even worse when you realize that any of my profit.

How to turn $5000 into $20000?

How to turn $5000 into $20000
How to turn $5000 into $20000?

That I make I can’t keep I have to roll that into New Stock because especially a product like this is actually very difficult to make so for me to put in an order now of another five thousand to ten thousand units.

I may only get that in three four five months Make Student $10000 Dollars depending on the time of the year so even though someone would look at him go that’s a 1.5 million dollar a year.

Business at 50 margins you never actually get to keep that profit because you always have to reinvest into the business and that is very different to for example.

A service based business so if you’re offering a service to clients whether that be building their marketing funnels whether that be doing their short form content you know.

Little short form tick tocks and Make Student $10000 Dollars and doing lots of those and creating many accounts for them and distributing it all over the internet.

All the way to doing forexample their Google ads and focusing specifically on Google ads for e-commerce Brands as an example listen whatever.

Is $20 000 a month good?

Is $20 000 a month good
Is $20 000 a month good?

The service is it needs to have one of two things Make Student $10000 Dollars High perceived value to the client and what I mean by that is it needs to be something.

That they’re like this is actually worth it I’m more Make Student $10000 Dollars than happy as a business to pay this external consultant or service provider a thousand dollars.

A month three thousand dollars a month you name it or it needs to have high leverage and what I mean by that is listen you can still be an online personal trainer.

If you want to make ten thousand dollars a month you Make Student $10000 Dollars need to hire people below you who work as coaches and that way you’re an online personal trainer.

You do some of the coaching but then you may have coaches Make Student $10000 Dollars underneath you you know personal trainers that work with local gyms and you just pay them a small fee and they do the rest of coaching.

So that’s leverage or let’s say you have an agency that creates YouTube thumbnails for people thumbnails on YouTube are such an important aspect.

Brazil Romania India for a thousand dollars a month which is a great salary there especially remotely and their work is able to produce three four five thousand dollars a month in terms of business.

How to make $100 dollars?

How to make $100 dollars
How to make $100 dollars?

Business whatever you want to call yourself the point is is that that is leverage that’s you being able to take something off your plate so either you need to offer.

A service or guidance Consulting on something that brings so much value to businesses that you can actually make 10K a month just as a solopreneur or more realistically.

You’ll be able to do it solo until three four five thousand dollars a month and then you need to start using leverage and you need to maybe make.

A little less on the margin but make far more money at the end of the month because you have people who can deliver these things for you so just remember with the business models.

That I’m talking about you’re not going to make 100 million dollars I’m gonna be very honest with you but the other thing that you’re not gonna do.

You’re not gonna go broke and that’s the unfortunate Make Student $10000 Dollars thing with a lot of these other businesses for example I’ll give you my main business.

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How to flip 10k into 100k?

How to flip 10k into 100k
How to flip 10k into 100k?

My software company that is business that gets into Make Student $10000 Dollars the multiple nine figures and that’s all cool and fine and well but you need to realize.

There’s a big chunk of money needed that I had to put forward to start the company and that’s number one but then I had the massive competitive advantage.

A massive audience and even me it took me four years to be like listen I’m not ready I’m not ready I don’t feel like I have the skill set the understanding.

The sort of influence to start a business worth hundreds of millions of dollars so what did I do I started a service based business back in 2016.

I ran that business for six years so just remember the business model that gets you to ten thousand dollars a month and by the way I actually managed to get my service based business up to 150 000

A month in profit can never get further than that I tried I’m sure someone else has been able to do it but for the way that I wanted to run it.

Which was lean remote no office I was pretty happy with that so as I was saying the business that gets you the 10K a month will not necessarily.

How to turn $1,000 into $10,000 fast?

How to turn $1,000 into $10,000 fast
How to turn $1,000 into $10,000 fast?

Get you to a hundred million dollars but that’s steps here choose the right vehicle for the right career stage.

You’re at and then the next component to making ten thousand dollars a month once you find the right vehicle is stretch out the timeline.

Here is the very unfortunate thing about social media you see 20 years ago if you were let’s say 21 years old and you were making four thousand dollars.

A month without having to go to a traditional nine to five you would think that you are a king you would think that you’re a baller you would think.

That you are killing it and we live in such a up world where now you look online and you think I’m 21 years old and I don’t work a traditional nine to five.

I have location freedom and I have time freedom I can wake up whenever I want but I’m only making four thousand dollars a month I’m not making ten thousand dollars a month.

How can I turn $100 000 into a million?

How can I turn $100 000 into a million
How can I turn $100 000 into a million?

You feel depressed because of it how up is that and by the way I even know that I have a part to play in that because what I’ve been able to do in my career.

At my age is not normal but that’s why I always like to tell people that listen what I’ve done is very unrealistic and a third of it was incredible dedication.

Hard work a third of it was timing creating the right Make Student $10000 Dollars businesses at the right time ans the last third of it was luck or God or whatever you want to call.

It whether you’re a person of Faith or not up to you so Make Student $10000 Dollars I like to make that very clear to people and then I also like Point people back to 2015.

When I was broke and I was starting a business to take Make Student $10000 Dollars care of me and my single mom and I was going to the gym every single day and recording.

It I was reading a book a week and putting out on YouTube so you need to understand I started my first business my first Venture and at that point you know I was really more of a side Hustle.

Still I was making a few thousand dollars a month back in 2014 and granted I only did that for a few months and then that business model stopped working.

How can I flip $1,000 dollars?

How can I flip $1,000 dollars
How can I flip $1,000 dollars?

Then I moved to the next thing but really the point is I was putting in work between 2014 to 2017 and it took me three years to have my first ten thousand dollars

A month and that’s totally fine that’s actually pretty cool if you work as I did do I think it will take you three years no because it’s so crazy.

The internet moves so quickly the back in 2014 I didn’t Make Student $10000 Dollars have the opportunities that you can have today even things like getting payment processors.

Were so difficult back then it was it was such a struggle to even just try to do business being a 14 year old whereas these days you have so many more options.

So do I think it will take you three years if you really dedicate pick the right vehicle follow all of the advice that I give you in this video do I think that it will take you 3 years no honestly
but even.

If it does who cares I really cannot stress how vital it is that you set your expectations to making ten thousand dollars a month set your expectation not in months.

But in years don’t think how many months it’s gonna take me think how many years now here’s the thing if you achieve it quicker Bless you that’s amazing.

I’m over the moon for you and listen try to get rich faster of course do it wealth needs to be built slowly and Welfare is built over time but try to get rich try to make as much money.

As you can ethically and morally that is but at the end of the day I’m trying to seexpectations for you because here’s the thing many of you guys will try.

Let’s say you’re giving your absolute best for six months and if your expectations are oh within six months you know I was expecting to be doing seven thousand dollars already

You’re only doing twelve hundred dollars from your online business dude you’re making twelve hundred dollars online do you realize how amazing that is and here’s.

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Can you turn 500k into a million?

Can you turn 500k into a million
Can you turn 500k into a million?

The beautiful thing when it rains it pours and Make Student $10000 Dollars by the way that also applies negatively and positively in life and the point here here is this is usually how business works.

And this is what I can tell you now coming up to Make Student $10000 Dollars 10 years since I started my first side hustle and getting to a point where I.have a conglomerate of businesses and over 150 employees.

The way it works is usually something like this it goes like this and you Flatline for the longest time and right as you’re thinking like am I just gonna be stuck here forever.

It shoots up and then you Flatline it shoots up and by Make Student $10000 Dollars the way within these points you have little down moments and stuff like that but the point is there’s a lot of flat lining.

There’s a lot of you getting to a new level in life and then really cementing it really setting that foundation so I wanted to make this clear

I wanted to make this one of the other components just so that way your expectations are clear they’re in the right place and so you don’t quit.before.

You even properly try now the last component to making ten thousand dollars a month and it’s kind of like if you’re running a marathon I would much rather tell people.

That hey on Mile 18 that’s really going to be the tough mile that’s really where things are gonna get rough because.

Does 1000k mean 1 million?

At least when you face something if you have context beforehand it makes it a little easier and you feel less alone so I want to give you guys context not only for how to get to 10K.

Does 1000k mean 1 million
Does 1000k mean 1 million?

What happens once you hit 10K you see the third component is not just getting there it’s staying there you see making 10 000 a month and once again I’m really trying.

My best not to be insensitive here I get it I have done it I’ve witnessed thousands of people do it even in my close proximity so I know that for me.

It may seem easier than for you guys for some Make Student $10000 Dollars of you guys you may be looking at this and going okay well it’s easy for you to say but trust me.

You’ll understand in due time making ten thousand dollars a month is the easy part continuing to make ten thousand.dollars a month.

That’s where it gets difficult and also keeping Make Student $10000 Dollars that money and then multiplying it growing your wealth over time and rather than acting like some new money idiots learn from old money.

Even in my situation even though I am new money I knew from day one that I would make it but I always promised myself that I would study old money to understand.

Do $5000 into $20000?

Do $5000 into $20000
Do $5000 into $20000?

How to actually keep it and multiply my wealth so the third component of making ten thousand dollars a month is understanding that once you get there.

You’re not done that is actually simply just the beginning now it is time to cement your place have that as a Baseline and the crazy thing.

We all have Financial baselines you know Make Student $10000 Dollars for me I remember when when my Baseline was a thousand dollars a month

This around six years ago I was still in school Make Student $10000 Dollars at this point and that doesn’t mean what you’re trying to make what you’re aiming to make it just means.

I you go below that point it will keep you up you’re like this it doesn’t match your identity you’re like this isn’t me and I remember when I went from a thousand dollars.

I went to five thousand dollars and then Make Student $10000 Dollars went to ten thousand dollars and listen since then I’ve been very blessed to have an amazing career.

It’s gone up to a hundred thousand dollars a month and now a million dollars a month and you know God willing at some point it’ll be a few million dollars a month.

Where to invest $1,000 right now?

That’ll be my absolute Baseline I can’t even Make Student $10000 Dollars conceive a reality where it’s less than that so the point I’m trying to make is once you get to 10K a month.

It’s more than about making it an identity it’s Make Student $10000 Dollars more than about making that as your Baseline as I said your financial identity is not what you’re aiming.

It’s where anything below that and you would just feel off you’ll be like this isn’t me I’m I’m better than this so number one is get to 10K a month and once you get.

There make it your financial identity and once that is solid and that’s locked in then you can keep working your way up the ranks so ladies and gentlemen.


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