2024 Best Internship for College Students and Graduates

Best Internship for College Students: Many of you may want to do internships in 2024. The problem is that there are so many internships. We don’t know which ones are the best.

What is their timeline, i.e., when do they open up, and then where to apply? Where are their links located? In this article, you will get all this information in a very concise format.

I’m sure this article will be one that you will watch repeatedly to check which internship is coming up next and for which you should apply Best Internship for College Students.

1. Internship for College Student Source

Internship for College Student Source
Internship for College Student Source

Where they can find information about any upcoming internship. Especially, they can search for reputed internships. The first type of internships we call govt. internships.

The Government of India releases many internships under various ministries throughout the year. Generally, each ministry hires 20-50 interns Best Internship for College Students.

All govt. internships vary significantly in nature, with some being online and others offline Each internship has a different eligibility or criteria.

Some provide a stipend, while others do not. That is why I will provide you with a list of internships along with the months in which they will open Best Internship for College Students.

Make sure to stay prepared at least 2 months in advance to check the eligibility criteria and whether you should apply or not. So, let’s get started; I will tell you about 8 internships.

Let’s start with the first one, NITI Aayog, followed by NCGG, and the third is SECI. These three internships open every month Best Internship for College Students.

2. Govt. Internships 2024

Govt. Internships 2024
Govt. Internships 2024

Specifically for the first 10 days. Best Internship for College Students You can only apply from 1st to 10th of each month. Let me take you to the NITI Aayog website. Here, you need to click on the “Apply Here” button.

In top menu, you’ll see the 2nd option “Apply Online.”If you try to apply after the 10th” on any date until the end of the month, you will see the submission closed.

But if you click between the 1st and 10th, then you can apply here.The same applies to other two internships as well. The fourth type of internship is TULIP Internships.

These internships are open throughout the year Best Internship for College Students and are available at different times for various states and municipalities. Let me take you to their website and after that, you will get an idea.

This appears on the AICTE internships website. When you scroll down, you will find the section for TULIP Internships. When you click on it, select your state, for example, I am from Punjab, then choose your district, like I am from Jalandhar.

It shows that there are no matching results, meaning no opportunities in that particular district currently. However, if I change the district to Patiala, it will display opportunities for which I can apply.

Most TULIP Internships are paid, providing a stipend. Best Internship for College Students Let’s Details about the next internship, NHRC internship. This is a very very good opportunity.

Because it is the only government internship that is conducted online and lasts for only 15 days. This is one of the shortest internships offered by the Government of India.

3. Internship Updates

Internship Updates
Internship Updates

Best Internship for College Students NHRC offers two types of internships one, as I mentioned, is the short internships. The other is a long internship lasting 1.5 months, but it is conducted offline.

The short internships open up every two months, but the long internships are only available in the summer and winter formats. The next government internship is the most reputed one called MEA internship.

Which stands for Ministry of External Affairs. It is offered in 2 terms & that too for different states. Let me show you Best Internship for College Students a table to explain its meaning.

So, it has one term from April to September, during which students from these states and union territories can apply. The second term is from October to March.

Where students from the remaining states and union territories can apply. The next internship is from DPIIT. This internship is also offered in two terms. The first term is from March to April, and

The second term is from September to October. Our final govt. internship is Digital India internship, which opens in the month of May.

Keep checking the link a little before that. So, these are our government internships and Best Internship for College Students.

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4. Tech Internship

Tech Internship
Tech Internship

The next type of internship is tech internships. This is a great opportunity for many engineers as well as non-engineers to work in reputed companies.

For instance, recently, I made reels about Google and Microsoft internships. To give you an idea, I’ll show you the links for Google and Microsoft that I had shared.

This is Microsoft’s website, and I have already applied filters to the link. You will find it in the description as well.

Whenever you check this link, if any opportunity is available, it will be shown directly to you. Similarly, I had created a link for Google internships, but currently, there is no open opportunity.

However, you can keep tracking Best Internship for College Students it regularly to see The internships available. Apart from that, I will inform you on Instagram.

Besides, there are some other tech companies whose names you can note down as they are likely to offer good tech internships Best Internship for College Students 2024.

Let me list their names: Amazon, Flipkart, Adobe, GE India, and TCS. You can keep checking them as well Best Internship for College Students.

5. Public Internship Best Internship for College Students

Public Internship
Public Internship

The next type of internships is public internships. There are some PSU’s or central organizations in India that are quite significant and offer internships.

You can check their websites. For example, there is the Sports Authority of India. Similarly, DRDO, ISRO, and the World Resources Institute India are other public organizations that you can check out.

6. Social Internships

Social Internships
Social Internships

All of these offer internships. Our 4th category of internships is social internships. This means when you volunteer for an NGO or participate in some organization.

You have not a idea its About I will tell you about a website called iVolunteer. On this website, you simply select your location, like choosing “virtual,” and press search.

It will show you various opportunities. Best Internship for College Students From these, you can choose the one you feel like contributing to, check it out, and apply.

Best Internship for College Students Similarly, there are many other social organizations like Teach For India, HelpAge India, WWF India.

Another internship is offered by the National Foundation for India called the Abhijit Sen Rural Internship.

Let me show you its website. When you scroll down on this, you can see the “Apply Now” button, which is visible when it is open.

But currently, Best Internship for College Students the registrations have closed. It generally opens around January.

7. Mix Startup Internship

 Mix Startup Internship
Mix Startup Internship

Will internship starts up in June. Best Internship for College Students Fifth type of internships is called mixed internships. There are many startups that offer various roles.

It’s not necessary that they only have finance or HR roles; there are a variety of openings. So, let me give you the example of Jio internships that I recently shared.

Here, if you check, there are many opportunities open in different domains. It’s not like there’s only one type.

And their deadlines vary; some are in March, some in May, and some in July. There’s a chance The still many opportunities is available.

Apart from that, there are other organizations that offer such internships, such as PhonePe, Paytm, Decathlon, Meesho, Airtel, Grow, HP India & Vedantu.

I hope it hasn’t been too overwhelming for you so far. Actually, I am very excited to share this information because when I was looking for it, I thought it could be really helpful for you.

8. Accounting Internship

Accounting Internship
Accounting Internship

Let me just complete by sharing 3 more internships. Best Internship for College Students This is quite field-specific, such as the next one,

which is accounting internships. When we were in college, I was pursuing B.Com Honors, and there was a lot of craze among people to do internships the big 4 accounting firms.

So, which are these Big 4 companies? KPMG, EY India, Deloitte, and PwC. Now, to secure internships with these firms, it is crucial for you to be well-versed in finance and accounting questions.

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9. Finance Internships

Finance Internships
Finance Internships

It contains many questions that are often asked in such interviews, so you can use it as a resource. The next set of internships is finance internships.

I already know many of you are interested in this. So, corporate finance or investment banking internships are quite good, but they are very rare.

I shared Goldman Sachs’ internship on Instagram. They were hiring for summer analyst and summer associate programs, as you can see on the screen.

Free Rewards

There are some other investment banks or finance firms that offer internships. You can note their names. They include Morgan Stanley, Barclays, Citibank, JP Morgan, HSBC, HDFC, ICICI Bank, Axis, Kotak, and Aditya Birla.

10. Research Internship

Research Internship
Research Internship

The final type of internships is research internships. These internships are quite interesting because you work under professors from IITs, IIMs, and BITS.

Professors write many research papers for which they need assistants to conduct research. So, these internships are called research internships.

And how do you find these? By going onto the faculty pages of these institutes. Like this is the faculty page of IIM Ahmedabad. Here, you can click on the profile of the professor You want to internship and you will find their email here.

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