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Texting from Android to iPhone is changing in a good way I can’t believe Apple’s doing it but there’s a catch until now if you send a message from an Android phone to an iPhone.

The iPhone you will see what’s called the green bubble a lot of Apple users enable RCS on my iPhone really hate that but Android users not so much cuz you don’t really see any colors when it comes to Android.

How do I enable RCS on my iPhone? Is iPhone switching to RCS, How do I enable RCS on my iPhone? Is iPhone switching to RCS?

Is Apple implementing RCS?

Now why does this even matter on the iPhone they use What’s called the iMessage and if you use an iMessage then your notifications will look blue on the Android you will see the same color all.

The way however if you text someone on an iPhone that has an iPhone then you will see a blue bubble the blue bubble allows you to have a couple things first of all when someone’s texting.Y

You can see that they’re texting you text message or texting notification second of all you will see read receipts see this one says red and you will also be able to send stickers and other cool stuff and also one of the bigger complaints.

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Is RCS better than iMessage?

How do I enable RCS on my iPhone? Is iPhone switching to RCS? That when enable RCS on my iPhone I to work at Telecom even now as well a lot of you guys complain that if you have an Android phone and every time you send multimedia file such as a video or a picture the picture.

Get really compressed they look really bad and videos also look really bad this enable RCS on my iPhone was sent from an iPhone to this Android user and I want you to take a look at it really quickly tell me that it doesn’t look really bad it looks pixilated. Is iPhone switching to RCS?

Are RCS and iMessage compatible?

It drops frames now the reason for the St difference between the two systems is that the Android uses What’s called the RCs system and then the iPhone uses its own proprietary iMessage system both of them have their advantages and disadvantages for a lot of people.

  • It shouldn’t matter because you can use WhatsApp and you have a unified system however people use an iPhone you log in your phone becomes part of the social network and you can just message anyone you can find people.
  • You can see their pictures profile pictures s them stuff really cool stuff actually in vacuum it’s a really amazing system especially considering the fact that it’s encrypted now speaking of encryption here’s a problem every time you send a message from an iPhone to an Android.

Is RCS good or bad?

  • It gets sent as an SMS because it’s got the green bubble and the SMS or MMS is not encrypted well today things have changed changed iPhone will support RCS in 2024 well does that mean that everybody’s going to be super happy.

We’re now going to be all part of the blue bubble thing and we’re going to live happily ever after I don’t think so let’s take a look at the statement of their spokesperson We Believe RCS will offer better intercompatibility experience when compared to SMS.

This will work alongside iMessage which will continue to be the best and the most secure messaging experience for Apple users of course folks like I said in EV vacuum if you look at the system that Apple uses itself. How do I enable RCS on my iPhone? Is iPhone switching to RCS.

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What is better than iMessage?

Really robust and amazing system it works absolutely effortlessly between iPhone users but it doesn’t mean that everybody’s going to meet under the blue bubble I think Apple will keep their blue bubble thing and they will just upgrade. Is iPhone switching to RCS.

  • The green bubble and what kind of upgrades are we talking about well remember enable RCS on my iPhone I was talking about read receipts and texting notifications and much better picture and video quality but I think that’s exactly what everybody who uses Android.

Will get with the iPhone and vice versa but they will still be under the green bubbles enable RCS on my iPhone but I’m really happy.

What business is RCS?

Let me know what you think and I will see you in the next on so Apple finally announced that there going to allow RCS messaging into the iPhone you know what that means that we’re going to be able to send full quality videos and pictures to Android.

  • People Android peeps that is for you oh my God you guys it is here does that mean that this is the end of the green bubble era absolutely not nope I guarantee you Apple will never get of the green bubbles until.
  • They are forced to I’m sorry but it is what it is the blue bubble is such a brand Builder right now it’s like not even a builder it’s already it’s established the the blue bubbles are here to stay and if I was Apple I wouldn’t want to get rid of the blue bubbles either but at least.

It’s small one for us for the people who have friends with Android phones enable RCS on my iPhone finally we’re going to be able to show them the amazing pictures and videos that iPhone can take directly in full quality but like hey look at this come over to this side just so. How do I enable RCS on my iPhone.

Who bought RCS?

You know it’s not just about green bubbles blue bubbles right it’s even though the stigma is going to exist for a really long time and I understand that there’s two advantages to enable RCS on my iPhone iMessage one is the end to endend decryption of iMessage.

  • Whenever you use iMessage your information is safe and secure all your dog pictures all the dog pictures and cat pictures that you send to your friends secure nobody else is able to see them if you send um if you send messages through actual messaging networks.
  • Well you know what any government any government or you know just entities they can pick and choose and they just take your information they just take they just take your information.
  • But when you use IM message nobody can see your information it stay secure that’s not a small thing in the age of where everything is leaking all over the Internet and we’re just fighting so hard to keep our personal life personal having Security in your messaging system.
  • It’s kind of a not a small thing it’sn kind of a big deal you know what enable RCS on my iPhone I mean it’s kind of a big deal and the other thing is continuity like I can literally start a message on the iPhone continue it on the iPad and finish on the computer.
  • That is so convenient people forget how convenient when you in enable RCS on my iPhone the Apple system you’re a little locked down I’m not going to lie you’re a little locked down but it’s okay you’re a little locked down actually a lot locked down they don’t want you going anywhere.

We’re not going anywhere but on the other side there’s some perks finally we’re going to be able to send videos and pictures in full quality to Android users but don’t worry the green bubbles are not going anywhere they’re going to be Android forever it is what it is all right until somebody.

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