Charlie Munger Death What Caused

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What caused Charlie Munger’s death? How did Charlie Munger get rich? start off with his legacy uh we were just talking with our radio colleagues and you know we’re kind of fondly remembering just how Frank uh Monger can be and Buffett for that matter to just about economic conditions about politics.

About whether he thought a stock was worth something or just completely worthless here uh it was a level of transparency and a level of honesty quite frankly that you don’t always get on Wall Street yeah you don’t always.

 Get it on Wall Street and you don’t even always get it from Berkshire Hathaway you saw him at every annual meeting sitting next to Warren Buffett and they would almost answer each other’s questions the one time he wasn’t there in fact Buffett even brought.

What caused Charlie Munger’s death?

 a cardboard stand out of him and so he in a lot of ways was the confidence of birkshire Hathaway he was a key part of the investing philosophy importantly even kind of helped nudge Berkshire.

What caused Charlie Munger’s death? How did Charlie Munger get rich? when they were uncertain to buy certain assets like Seas candy for example which is such an iconic brand and I’m fascinated by the Seas candy thing cuz I mean I mean this was pretty much his idea I mean Buffett was really against.

 it he thought it was too expensive and Munger was the one who said you really have to rethink what value is and Buffett kind of cites this right in his uh I think it was the 2015 book right where he kind of talks about.

 this idea of how he was wedded to the philosophy of Benjamin Graham but he kind of came to the realization at at monger’s urging that things have just changed the world had changed and some of that philosophy just no longer.

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What did Warren Buffett do to Berkshire Hathaway?

What caused Charlie Munger’s death? How did Charlie Munger get rich? applied and you saw both of them kind of play off each other in that way even in more recent years in the way that they’ve thought about what they knew and didn’t know about the technology industry another thing about this to your point.

On the colorful language because that is really something that everyone will remember him for he really did call out bad behavior on Wall Street he criticized banks for gambling at different times and Bitcoin and crypto Industries for being like poiso.

Is Warren Buffett’s wife still alive?

He really had strong words and those are the kinds of sentiments that when you are looking for the opposite of value froth growing in markets who is going to call that behavior out again yeah well he was in a position.

What caused Charlie Munger’s death? How did Charlie Munger get rich? Where he wasn’t beh holding to anyone or anything when talking about the possibility of investing in different companies um I’m just looking up a couple of most his most famous quotes and there are a couple here that are really great knowing.

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What you don’t know is more useful than being brilliant something that I think everyone can understand when it comes to investing there’s a lot you won’t know but you have to go with what you do know and what you don’t know and under being humble about.

Where did Warren Buffett get all of his money?

That right having the humility to move forward with that take a simple idea and take it seriously for instance um in the story that our Noah buhay wrote on Charlie Munger uh he described Munger as a cervic which I really like because it’s it’s kind. What caused Charlie Munger’s death? How did Charlie Munger get rich?

The balance to Warren Buffett and how excitable Warren Buffet can get sometimes yeah absolutely and you have to think about just how far they’ve come in building Berkshire haway if you think about Berkshire and of itself how many businesses.

On Wall Street are now essentially birkshire copycats you think about that even with Apollo the way that they bought insurance companies and use the float to make the businesses um more profitable to be able to kind of lower.

The cost of capital across the businesses this wasn’t just about uh what they did in terms of how they invested in certain stocks. What caused Charlie Munger’s death? How did Charlie Munger get rich? the way they built the burer business model by the end of it was supposed to be the the best view of the American economy.

How old is Charlie Munger? Charlie Munger’s death

That you could have the most ability to invest in those value trades but invest in it in Charlie Munger’s death a way that you can operate them well and remember Munger who was also a lawyer by training a real estate lawyer was kind of a critical part of that practical way of thinking.

They made birkshire what it is today you know as we talk about, What caused Charlie Munger’s death? Charlie Munger’s death How did Charlie Munger get rich? what happens at Berkshire hathway the succession plan that everyone is always reading into how much did Charlie Munger come up in those conversations it really felt like.

Everyone was looking for the successor to Warren Buffett and less um understanding what Charlie munger’s role was within that think about it in two ways right because he was Buffett’s right-hand man and you have Buffett himself who is now 93 you have AET Jane.

Who is the famous billionaire investor?

Who is the mines behind the insurance operation now he is 72 you have really Greg Abel here who has been anointed as the AA parent for many years he is only 61 and that the future of Berkshire Hathaway.

The succession planning every year comes into question has slowly been brought into the planning atmosphere of this but really the idea of Berkshire having Munger as the vice chair was really a matter of checks and balances and building.

Does Berkshire Hathaway own Apple?

A broad-based business with a lot of put into leaders that have grown together for such a long time and who trust each other exactly and so it’s not that Munger was going to take over Berkshire how way that was never.

What caused Charlie Munger’s death? How did Charlie Munger get rich? Really the thought Charlie Munger’s death here but you know the Next Generation how do they lean on that partnership and uh discourse that monger and Buffett bought to each other and talk a little bit though about just the discipline.

Because that was always kind of the Hallmark whether it was sort of a maybe a little exaggerated but we talk about the cash pile that they’re sitting on today but we’ve been here before in other cycles and Buffett’s been very vocal about that is that.

You don’t really jump until you really do see value if you have the cash it doesn’t mean Charlie Munger’s death it’s burning a hole in your pocket yeah I think that’s an important part of this whole story isn’t it because they’ve been criticized over time.

Who is the Warren Buffet of India?

On having that much cash and how they’ve used that cash and remember I think the private Equity part is very important of this the copycats you’re seeing in the Apollos of the world for example because they have competition these days.

That they didn’t have back then in terms of other cash piles that are now sitting around too uh to the point that you’re making here they have been very disciplined they’re sitting on your record cash hordes today.

They themselves both B Brookshire and Munger have gone back and forth on the opportunities they’ve missed but they’ve also said that if you don’t know you don’t jump in anyways.

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