Adsense New Update 26 February 2024 – Changes to your AdSense Policy Center and Ad Review Center

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All of you are doing well. Today is what we are and we are going to Write about a topic because what is tomorrow will happen to all or some users.

This update has come till now and some are getting it now – Along with this, a new update of AdSense has come, it is written in it that changes to your AdSense Policy Center and the Review Center visibility.

Adsense New Update 26 February 2024

Now let’s see what is said in it. Hello as a part of our efforts on improving AdSense for our users. We have some Updates to share with you For those of you who are users of our partners with Ked Sense.

We have an update that we are sharing with you. Some of your inventory is serving ads together with AdSense has many partners.

Changes to your AdSense Policy Center
Changes to your AdSense Policy Center

Changes to your AdSense Policy Center and Ad Review Center

Within which AdSense’s partner is also IE, whose partner is AD Ek, all the companies are also partners of AdSense, so they are saying that your inventory is being served by AdSense which are the partners of some of its platforms.

We are in collaboration with them, but from March 27, your policy violation data and all the data of your ad review center will also be shared with your parent platform.

Now what is the purpose here that if AdSense has If it is linked then whatever data will be there about your platform, including if there is any copyright policy violation or if you have any review.

If there is an ad center, then whatever data will be there in it, it will be shared with those platforms so that Adsense. Can provide value to those platforms because they are displaying their ads.

It is written at the top and bottom of your website that please note that the data associated with the inventory that is not monetized with the parent platform will not be shared with the partner parent.

Platform It is written here that the data of such a site which is not linked with that parent platform, its data will not be shared with the parent with which one of your websites is already linked.

For example, you have two sites a. com is maintained independently from any platform and is associated with the platform. In this scenario the platform will be able to access the data associated with the site

For example, what you see here is saying that if your A is a website and b is also your website.

The one which is is linked with Adsense whereas the one which is is also linked with eBay or any other website, so the data that will be.

It will be shared only with that company and not all your other websites which are not associated with that platform. If their data is shared then only the data of that site will be shared which will be monetized through that platform.

Here are some features, What’s in the description The Policy Center helps you discover and policy issues that impact ad serving on your sites You can read more about it.

The Review Center gives you more transparency and control over the data that appears On your site you can read it more Here are some options.

That what happens inside your policy center shows those pages of yours on which ad serving is done and where it is not being shown.

Whereas the Ad Review Center provides transparency to the parents and your parent partner about the ads appearing on your website.

Data shared with the parent platform URL Site Violation Topic Question of Queries Date Impacted This The data was shared inside the Policy Center.

Whereas the creative domain was served on the Creative of Curiosities inside the Review Center. Now the difference between the two is telling you what in what way is your work on both these platforms.

The Review Center is basically for the Manager and the Policy Center is basically for the AdSense so both are displayed here as read write access provided to the parent platform read only access.

Okay, if you have to write something then its access is that policy. It is not in the center, it is only for you to see, whereas in the Ad Review Center, it is read only in the access at the moment. In the future.

The platform may be able to block creatives. The parent will also be able to block the creatives that you have created.

It is okay if You say that I don’t want to make this, if there is any violation in it, then it will block your creative, so these things are told to you here.

It does not have any link with us, it is just One is telling you that whatever data you have of the website on which the violation is coming, we will share it with your parent partner.

Respect it is fun and something else, okay so this was the email, after this AdSense thanks you. Thank you very much for taking the time to read this and this is a small update from AdSense.

I thought I should tell you this because many people were confused that maybe there is some problem with their AdSense. Or their AdSense is not going to be disabled.

Sothis was a small update which has nothing to do with us, but in a way, inside the Policy Center of our website, we were able to see the URL on which our ads would be displayed.

Serving was disabled temporarily for 24 hours but if you don’t fix it then it stays on for a longer time. Okay, so the data that will be there is now with your parent partner Joic or whatever else I have.

No, this much will be shared with them and this data will be shared, you can neither control nor stop it and if you are an AdSense user.

Who is only hosting the AdSense inventory then its data is It will not be shared again, only the data of that website will be shared which will be linked with the third party platform.

You people know better how jokes are used, how media net is used, then you can see all these things, okay.

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