Apple Watch 9 Series in usa In 2024 Feb.

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Bandwork yo do you think I should buy the series 9 or the ultra 2 just get the ultra 2 Double the battery life plus it’s super durable.

Just get the series 9 it’s almost twice as cheap plus it’s pretty much the same Apple Watch Series 9 watch just go for the ultra one dude it’s almost the same price as the series 9 just get a normal watch.

Get it over with I shouldn’t have asked given the upcoming holidays and inevitable discounts I get a lot of Apple watch they should buy the Apple watch Ultra 1 the ultra 2.

Or the Apple Watch series 9 to clear the air let me quickly the first and second Apple Watch Series 9 generation Ultra as the most expensive Apple watch out there the ultra is of utmost interest to people.

Who is the CEO of Apple?

Apple CEO Tim Cook, Knowing they can grab the first generation with a pretty decent discount so we have a brighter display on the ultra two the S9 processor that allows.

Apple Watch Series 9
Who is the CEO of Apple?

The on device Seri and of course the double tap interface feature does that justify picking one Ultra or the other nope sure double tapping is nice and all but it is a feature.

  • That many will find use of sporadically furthermore it is something that most Apple Watch Series 9 older Apple watches can simulate as well with the help of an enabled.

So right now I’m wearing the Apple Watch series 4 which doesn’t have the Apple Watch Series 9 double tap feature but if you go to accessibility first of all settings then accessibility.

Why is Apple halting Watch sales?

You can enable where are you, blood oxygen monitor is a best device oh there it is Assistive touch on and now you can do clinching and then you can do pinching to move around in terms of Speed and Performance as well as battery life.

Apple Watch Series 9
Why is Apple halting Watch sales?

Both Ultra watches act pretty much identical they are carbon copy in Apple Watch Series 9 terms of weight and looks to the point that if I place them next to each other without any bands.

You’ll have really hard time distinguishing which is which by the way because why Apple Watch Series 9 not other than that on dev Vice Siri is quicker on the ultra 2 yet equally clunky so it’s not worth considering.

It as a reason to upgrade with all that being said if you’re into larger watches and you want the best that Apple has has to offer feel free to grab the first generation Ultra if you find a decent discount.

Is the Apple Ultra 2 worth it?

So far I’ve stumbled upon prices, Apple Ultra 2 Worth is another $800 Watch is a Big Upgrade of the ultra 1 similar to the series 9 which leads me to that very topic should you pick the ultra 1 over the series everything from both Ultra comparison supplies here.

Apple Watch Series 9
Is the Apple Ultra 2 worth it?

As  well where we have identical brightness levels between both devices 2,000 nits sure the nine has on device Siri again and double tap feature but it can’t really compete with the battery life and ruggedness.

The ultra personally I’d go for the ultra if that is my dilemma and your choice here should be based on looks and Aesthetics alone as long as we’re talking you know decent prices on. The ultra 1 so let’s talk about series 9 versus Ultra 2 the series 9 with GPS and cellular is $529

while the ultra 2 is $799 the reason I didn’t pick the standard GPS without cellular series 9 is to make the scale equal as.

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Did Apple stop selling Apple Watch Series 7?

All Ultra models come with cellular option in that case we have about 35% price difference the question is do 35% price difference justifies watches that share over 90% of their internals and features well let’s see.

Apple Watch Series 5,6,7 & 8 Apple no longer sells

Where they overlap both are perfect companions to the iPhone and even the Mac you Apple Watch Series 9 can take calls glance and interact with notifications reply to messages take notes unlock.

Apple Watch Series 9
Did Apple stop selling Apple Watch Series 7?

Your Mac authenticate pay and so much more in terms of sports features things are very Apple Watch Series 9 similar as well with the exceptions of diving.

Where the ultra isn’t a League of its own with the help of new and improved internals Apple Watch Series 9 there are Now options to Precision find your iPhone 15 just like an air attack.

How many Apple watches are out?

That works on both watches regardless of which Apple watch you go for only the band choice will help you stand out as an Apple Watch Ultra user Apple Watches sells are currently 3 Apple Watch and series 9 and ultra 2 myself most of the time.

Apple Watch Series 9
How many Apple watches are out?

I move around with band Works model g1s which is a metal bracelet built to Perfection it gives the ultra the extra presence making it look much more substantial it comes in a darker version called anthrit.

Which on the other hand matches the the series 9 ideally another Masterpiece is any choice from bandworks art line collection like this handmade one based on an artwork corn players by the artist Jean Michelle.

Baset from more subtle choices to special edition drops like this Carrera band that is one of 649 Apple Watch Series 9 made from the interior leather of a 1977 Porsche 911 Carrera band work offers products.

That you can be sure you won’t see elsewhere rather than offering conventional discounts Apple Watch Series 9 on Black Friday bandwork decided to celebrate neon Friday shining at a spotlight on German craftsmanship by introducing a neon Friday collection.

How many Apple watches does Apple sell a year?

53.9 million in 2023, 50 million mark in the first time. It will be available in the first link in the Apple Watch Series 9 description below and on November 24th only on that day so go ahead and grab one or pick a Timeless one from their other collections.

Apple Watch Series 9
How many Apple watches does Apple sell a year?

So what are the differences between the series 9 and the ultra 2 well the most obvious difference Apple Watch Series 9 is of course the size the ultra basts a 49 mm case versus 45 or 41 mm version on the series 9.

If you want a smaller Ultra that won’t be an option Al I’m a big fan of women wearing larger watches for example so if you indeed need something smaller the series 9 at 41 mm is the way to go.

The ultra feels a you’ll know you’re wearing a large watch pretty much the entire time while the series 9 can blend in a lot more seamlessly especially.

If you pair it with a lightweight band a while on the topic of size and casing the ultra is made from titanium just like the iPhone 15 Pro which makes it a lot tougher.

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What is Apple’s best selling product?

Being able to with stand the occasional bumps and scratches in fact my ultra one has been through a lot compared to most other watches I have and it has shown almost no signs of wear and tear of course that is possible also.

iPhone Statistics, iPhone accounts for 50% of the iPhone company’s revenue.

 With the inclusion of sapphire front glass compared to ion X on the series 9 Apple Watch Series 9 where if you do heavy workouts you know climbing or something else I’d recommend either a bumper or at least a screen protector on the ultra.

The screen is not as Exposed on the series 9 plus it’s Sapphire and titanium so you’ll care less about you know damaging it in terms of display and size both the 45 mm and the 49 are equally comfortable to interact.

Where the ultra gets a slight advantage in my opinion thanks to the flatter profile and a Apple Watch Series 9 tat few additional pixels something you can further appreciate in the ultra’s additional complications.

Is Apple ECG accurate? Apple Watch Series 9

Yes, Apple ECG Accurate and it’s a very helpful, it’s a perfect Apple Watch, The ultra is also brighter reaching a peak brightness of 3,000 nit compared to 2000 on the series 9 which Apple Watch Series 9 in reality will make no difference to most people both watches.

Get bright up for 99% of occations unless let’s say you are a lifeguard that works at the beach all day and you’re constantly under bright sunlight wearing sunglasses aside from casing another physical difference between.

The two watches is the existence of the action button on the ultra which is very similar to the action button on the iPhone 15 Pro this button is mappable and can serve multiple purposes like you know stopwatch making a waypoint starting a workout or triggering.

A shortcut while on the topic of shortcuts ultimate iPhone home screen episode where I show you how you can create your own action button menu on the iPhone I’ll link that video at the end of this one the button also works with some third party apps.

What is Apple’s upcoming product in 2024?

By the way while working out if you want to pause your workout on the Apple watch all you have to do is pinch the two buttons and then pinch them again resume to resume on the series 9 it is very similar you just use.

Apple Watch Series 9
What is Apple’s upcoming product in 2024?

Vision Pro, watch and AirPods in the upcoming product in 2024, Those two buttons right here at Apple Watch Series 9 this point for me by far the watches is the battery life the series 9 is marketed to have 18 hours.

 While the ultra is up to 36 in reality you can think of it this way the series 9 is a 1day watch while the ultra is a 2-day battery life watch both watches come with USBC fast charger in the box.

 Which especially on the series 9 is the way to go if you want to have the watch tracking your Apple Watch Series 9 data for the most part most other third party Chargers.

Take forever so choosing between the two watches comes down to five factors in my opinion Apple Watch Series 9 price looks B life comfort and durability so I created this little table to help you make the right choice.

What are the rumors for the Apple Watch in 2024?

Apple Watch Series 10 in 2024, If we consider the price point as a leading Factor based on your taste and comfort level things are very much favor of the series 9 as you can equip.

It with a bumper or protector to bring it close to the ultra in terms of durability if money is not of concern and you’re looking for a smaller watch altogether then the ultra is again out.

Apple Watch Series 9
What are the rumors for the Apple Watch in 2024?
  • The question as it only comes in 49 mm and it is significantly chunkier and heavier to wear if you like larger watches however you’ll appreciate a lot more how the ultra feels on the wrist.
  • While wearing it hassle-free knowing that it will withstand the occasional accidents on top of it the ultra will change your charging habits having to charge it every 2 2 and 1 half days Apple Watch Series 9 I prefer to keep the always on display on my ultra off.
  • Because first of all I like the looks of it and second of all it adds additional Maybe 30% more battery life to turn the always on display off all you have to do is go to settings then display in brightness and always on is right here personally I’ve always been a fan of larger watches so.

 The ultra is the choice for me however I had a moment in time when I had a stainless steel Apple Apple Watch Series 9 watch which I think looks classy AF but if we talk stainless steelprices are very much equal.

To the ultra by the way with the latest version of watch OS the swipe up gesture from the home Apple Watch Series 9 screen is replaced with something called smart stack.

If you have double tapping enabled you’ll be able to trigger it by pinching your fingers the smart stack can come in very handy but only if you customize it to your needs to learn how you can customize.

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