Recall Tesla Car in March 2024

Eventually it will be but I’ve never had faith in it even though I have it on this vehicle I’ve never kicked it into autopilot.

So and I know it’s a personal preference be that person that you know Tesla cars have been recalled hits a person because I was putting faith in some automated thing.

So I think it’s a happens well it’s very safe because I use Tesla cars have been recalled it almost every day and sometime like I said in stop and go traffic.

You see sometime people get an accident and autopilot Tesla cars have been recalled prevent that you know and uh if they say it’s not safe it’s probably somebody who just neglected.

What Happened to Tesla’s Autopilot?

This is actually just a a warning here this is new from the latest update um but to to enable uh autopilot it would.

Tesla cars have been recalled
What Happened to Tesla’s Autopilot?

It does a lot of ghost breaking so basically if you’re on the freeway and if you’re in like the Stow Lane and a car is trying to come onto the freeway.

It’ll slam on the brakes for you and uh if your foot’s not on the gas and uh you’re Tesla cars have been recalled not fast enough to react then um you might get into an accident.

They once they figure out the software then they just push it out and you Tesla cars have been recalled it um over Wi-Fi we’ve seen all these crashes with autopilot uh taking place.

There was it was just recently the third time that someone was killed by Tesla cars have been recalled hitting a semi and it’s always the same crash they’re not paying attention.

What Tesla’s got recalled?

The Tesla just Model S, X, 3, Y Recall doesn’t see the semi- truck runs under it and and you would think if they were paying attention they would have avoided.

Tesla cars have been recalled
What Tesla’s got recalled?

It you know that’s that’s what you expect so they weren’t paying attention  and yeah you can say the driver.

Should have been paying attention but after the third fatality I think telling drivers to pay attention isn’t going to stop the fourth fatality that we need more aggressive driver monitoring.

That’s what this recall is about but the real thing these things need is an effective dver driver Monitor and most people think you really need a dedicated camera for that and Tesla.

Doesn’t have one in most if any of its Vehicles so Nitsa did not require them to add a camera and and we’ve seen these software patches can only do so much.

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Did all Tesla’s get recalled?

Tesla’s get recalled- “The road in the U.S.” You know you can’t can’t create Hardware at a thin air with a software patch so this is going to be a a it will be an improvement in safety.

Tesla cars have been recalled
Did all Tesla’s get recalled?

How much it improves safety we don’t know uh but it’s not going to be the Improvement “company’s Autopilot system”. you would hope based on what other manufacturers are already doing for safety.

Since 2016 the national highway traffic safety administration has investigated autopilot 17 people were killed in those crashes five on your sides key Arthur joins us now with the problem.

And why experts say the fix need scrutiny key yeah this is a really big recall it covers Tesla cars have been recalled more than 2 million Tesla.

We’re talking about models ys3 and X made between October 5th 2012 to December 7th of this year autopilot can steer accelerate Tesla cars have been recalled and break automatically.

How many Tesla recalls are there?

Tesla Recall is more than 2 million vehicles In Recalles in USA, its Lane but autopilot does not drive the car itself despite its name independent tests have found to ensure the driver is constantly paying.

Tesla cars have been recalled
How many Tesla recalls are there?

Attention while using autopilot Model S, X, 3, Y Recall is easily fooled Autos safety Advocates including our partners at Consumer Reports have been calling for stronger regulation of this system in Tesla.

4 years now Tesla says it has agreed to software upgrades that will add driver alerts to make drivers pay more attention and other groups are going.

To have to put the car through its paces and make sure that this change actually Tesla cars have been recalled does what it’s supposed to do and make sure.

That this change actually provides the kind of safeguards to prevent Tesla cars have been recalled the kinds of crashes we’ve seen now this is an over theair software update.

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Which car has most recalls? Tesla cars have been recalled

That was expected to start rolling out yesterday Tesla owners should look for software version Elon Musk Tesla is recalling more than 2 million in the electric an vehicles.

On the United States the move comes after concerns raised by the national Tesla cars have been recalledhighway traffic safety administration about potential misuse of Tesla’s autopilot system.

The 25 Most Recalled Cars:

S.No. ModelExpected 30-yr Lifetime Recalls
1- Tesla Model Y63.3
2- Tesla Model 358.6
3- Porsche Panamera61.5

The nhtsa has been investigating Tesla for over 2 years focusing on whether autopilot system ensured sufficient driver engagement in its recall filing.

Autopilot controls may not be sufficient to prevent driver misuse which could increase crash risks however Tesla disagreed with the nhtsa’s analysis prompting the company to address.

How many Tesla’s are on the road?

Tesla plans to deploy an over theair software update this update aims to incorporate additional control and alerts in the affected Vehicles.

Tesla cars have been recalled
How many Tesla’s are on the road?

The focus is on reinforcing drivers 910,145 vehicles in 2021, 1,326,203 vehicles in 2022 continuous responsibility especially when engaging the auto Seer feature this development underscores.

The ongoing challenges and scrutiny surrounding Advanced Driver assistance systems how this will affect. Elon musk’s ambition of entering the Indian market is yet to be seen.

Uncensored we’re outside on the fox lot and we’re talking about Tesla cars have been recalled Tesla and their company recalling nearly 2 million cars.

As a result of an autopilot issue that could put lives in danger this is Tesla cars have been recalled after 2-year investigation and joining me now here on the factor on senson Vladimir pow.

Which Tesla is made in USA?

Who owns a Tesla and right now your car is in the shop uh getting some repairs done is this related to the recall vad here um it’s not related to the Recall yet I’m just having some other problems.

The computer but I’m sure the recall is next as soon as Tesla cars have been recalled this problem I get us fixed and when you hear about this recall.

Tesla cars have been recalled
Which Tesla is made in USA?

The Model Y, 3, X and S How concerned are you about uh the recall and auto pilot um it is concerning I’ve had a couple of issues it’s called Phantom braking I was an autopilot cruising at 75 milph.

Then it just break all the way down to 30 at 75 yeah and I was lucky there was no cars behind me cuz they would have hit me and that’s happened twice

So that was a little scary but other than that I’ve had a good experience with autopilot okay and are you concerned when you hear about this problem.

What are the 4 types of Tesla?

That a problems uh it’s my understanding the problem can be fixed through a software update so you may not actually have you.

May not have to actually go to Tesla right um well I think we have to go to Tesla no matter what uh what I’m concerned about is I read online.

That there’s been about a thousand deaths from this problem that is autopilot so more car accidents and people getting in danger with Tesla.

Let’s bring Dr Dietrick Von beatfi from the University of Houston downtown into this conversation specifically what kind of problems are they having at Tesla.

What is the top 4 Tesla cars?

With these vehicles well a lot of this deals with some of the rapid fire expansion that they’ve seen so some of these safety protocols.

This has a lot of parallels to some of these unveilings with the 737 Max where some of the Tesla cars have been recalled testing hasn’t been done.

So we’ve had problems with the battery flammability we’ve seen Tesla cars have been recalled problems with potential weight uh distribution and of course.

Top 4 Tesla cars:

S. No.Car Models
1.Model 3 sedan
2.Model Y SUV
3.Model X SUV
4.Model S sedan

We’ve had deaths associated with the auto driving function even here in the Houston area over the past few years so I mean we have documented.

That uh some of these recognition aspects in the technology this dependence and Reliance on musk wanting to be at the front of the herd has sort of caused.

Them to overshoot their expertise now one of my good friends Dr donish Ali who is here on the factor he received an email.  

Where are Tesla factories?

That he sent and shared with us saying that you don’t actually have to bring your Tesla cars have been recalled car in it’s a software update.

Would you feel comfortable with that if you they don’t physically lay eyes on your car and it’s something that’s sent through the internet absolutely not.

Tesla factories:

Gigafactory Nevada
Gigafactory New York
Gigafactory Texas
Kato Factory
Megafactory Lathrop

Model S, Model 3, Model X and Model Y The challenge is you want to have these things inspected so even if you do something digitally you would want if when you’re talking about.

A multi pound vehicle very low Center gravity that could cause great harm to people in your community and potential liability to you as the owner.

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Is Tesla 100% American?

Tesla is 100% is American You definitely want somebody to come in a mechanic or in this case probably a technician to at least certify and say okay.

Tesla cars have been recalled
Is Tesla 100% American?

This update has appropriately taken hold it’s uploaded appropriately and so Tesla cars have been recalled forth you would want that personal certification.

We have you’ll always have a person, Most cars in a united state USA, piloting planes for commercial aircraft we want that security Now You’re an expert at everything.

We know Dr Von befell but how damaging if at all is this to Tesla’s reputation at present a lot of the people.

Why is Tesla recalling a 2023 Model X

Who are enamored are still enamored and the people who have started to have Tesla cars have been recalled that buyer remorse often times have sunk costs that means.

That their reputational value the resale value of their vehicles if they badmouth the brand too much they’re not going to be able to resell.

The car for very much later on so I do think that this is a problem but it goes along with a lot of the personality and rhetoric.

That musk has had in the past so I don’t think it’s going to be as big a hit as it otherwise would be with some of the other major brands.

Now you have been Vladimir disillusioned when it comes to pricing on on the Tesla you paid a little bit more than the average person.

How many Tesla’s have been sold in the US?

Why is that yeah so I actually got a Tesla um almost two years ago I traded in a big lifted Tesla cars have been recalled truck to get this now I’m a local realtor.

many Tesla’s have been sold in the US, So I drive all across the city and you know Houston’s tired of paying a lot on gas right so that’s why I got the Tesla and just this year alone musk has dropped.

The price 30% on almost all the models I’m so upside down on the car right now I can’t even get Tesla cars have been recalled out of it and most dealers.

Year, Sales and YOY Change:


They’re not even taking Teslas right now because the prices keep getting cut now are you familiar with that Tesla dropping the prices by 30%.

That hurts someone who’s bought the car and and that’s part of the strategy we were talking about maximizing profit.

So when you see the rebate yeah you’re going to sell that rebate for as long as it’s valuable oh we can get up to $7,500.

What is the price of Tesla car in USA?

the price of Tesla car in USA, The federal government on a tax credit non-refundable tax credit fantastic but they’re not necessarily going to facilitate.

Tesla cars have been recalled
What is the price of Tesla car in USA?

“USA Price is $78,490” You getting that you’ve got to go out and get it yourself in the same sense now that they’ve got this market share if they can undercut other EV people such as.

 Volkswagen or Ford this can increase their uh ability to saturate the market and then Tesla cars have been recalled when you get into that $5 $220,000 battery replacement cost in 10 years.

They’re going to have cornered that market it’s very much like Walmart model Tesla cars have been recalled and you’re the first person on the factory to say Volkswagen properly instead of Volkswagen.

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