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Happy the game awards Eve tomorrow is the big day it’s arguably one of the biggest years for the game awards because of all.

The huge titles that came out but yeah tomorrow 4:30 p.m. Pacific time the game awards will happen about some of my thoughts on the game awards overall.

The Game Awards 2023 This year some of my predictions and feelings about the game awards I think I’ll kick it off by just doing a general look at some of the what I think will be the biggest winners.

At this year’s Awards they all have the most amount of nominations uh they’re like a I picked four games that I thought would be.

Who won 2023 Game of the Year?

The best the best “Baldur’s Gate 3” and  “Alan Wake 2” ones that I think have the most chances of winning starting off big obviously Boulders Gate 3 awards and it’s welld deserved honestly Won the game.

The Game Awards 2023
Who won 2023 Game of the Year?

They have a great chance at winning the game of the year award and then a lot of their nominations as well it is my personal pick for Game of the Year this year.

It’s the sound design it’s the the voice acting storytelling it’s the game design it’s everything made by an indie developer no less going after that we’ve got of course Spider-Man 2.

Also The Game Awards 2023 loved loved to bits that game and Spider-Man is just a sheer winner after the success of the first one it’s got seven nominations.

I think it’s going to win a lot of those nominations if not all and uh following that we’ve got Super Mario Brothers wonder which was kind of a surprise.

What has been announced at The Game Awards 2023?

“RPG Baldur’s Gate 3” Hit I haven’t played it yet but I think it’s going to win top prize at the Los Angeles at least one or two nominations that’s my prediction following.

The Game Awards 2023
What has been announced at The Game Awards 2023?

That the game that I had to pull myself away The Game Awards 2023 from playing just to make this video is uh the Legend of Zelda tears of the Kingdom.

Which amazing going off of breath of the The Game Awards 2023 wild with tears of the Kingdom uh breath of the wild being one of the best games of all time.

At this point uh very much loved in The Gaming Community including myself it’s a it’s a huge Contender for for winning potentially game of the year.

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What is the number 1 game in 2023?

No 1 Game Award is  Zelda, Tears The Kingdom, But I think it’ll win at least some of their five nominations I think it also should be mentioned mentioned that all the game of the year nominees.

The Game Awards 2023
What is the number 1 game in 2023?

This year are sequels I don’t know what that First Announced 2022 and second accounced is 2023 says about our industry probably just that when we love a game we’re very vocal about it.

  • Developers just take that and say all right let’s make a bunch of iterations of the game that people are obviously madly deeply in love with now Allen wig 2 great game.
  •  It also has eight nominations it might win it might win a few of those nominations personally don’t think it’ll win game of the year even though it is heavily nominated this year.

When Game Awards start?

The game award is live on “Thursday, Dec. 7” We’ll just have to see with that one my prediction is Boulders gate will take a lot of those in the categories that you’ll see atan WG to in but.

The Game Awards 2023
When Game Awards start?

We might get some surprises which I’m really excited to The Game Awards 2023 see and fun fact actually about me with the game awards I was in attendance.

At the very first one back in 2014 in Las Vegas I think I still have a photo of me there that’s on my Instagram somewhere but yeah game awards, close award  ET. 4:30 p.m. PT.

Always a big time for us Gamers and it’s no surprise that this year might get a little bit more eyeballs just because you know not only has it been a huge year for games.

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Did Spider-Man 2 ps5 win any awards?

Jeff Key’s very um very he’s very vocal on his social channels, spider man is the best award in 2023 about numbers and viewers and all that stuff and you know trying to of course grow.

The game awards to its biggest potential now to touch a little bit on the controversy around the best independent game nomination.

  •  That was announced on November 13th right out the gate I will say that I don’t think we should BL blame Jeff key for this particular list.
  • Nominations you know he has released a statement after the controversy kind of blew up he did mention that you know there is over 120 media Outlets.

Did Spiderman win Game of the Year?

Yes, “Spiderman win Game of the Year” Who do vote in choosing who the nominees are yeah it’s unfortunate that Dave the diver was nominated and is clearly not an independent game.

The Game Awards 2023
Did Spiderman win Game of the Year?

And but I think it was a necessary evil ‘ Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is the best 2023 game award so that we could really take a moment and a pause to say hey what what is what is an independent game.

You know we don’t want to go the route of kind of the music industry The Game Awards 2023 how they went where like Indie bands or Indie groups or Indie artists are sometimes categorized.

As Indie just because of how they sound because of their music style The Game Awards 2023 and Jeff did mention in his uh reply his response back to this controversy.

Did Spiderman 2 win any Game awards?

He actually listed a lot of different criteria that we should look to uh to really Define and really hone in on when it comes to what we think an indie game.

The Game Awards 2023
Did Spiderman 2 win any Game awards?

“spider man 2” is not Didn’t Win the game award It the budget of the game personally I think yes that should be a huge Factor does it mean that its fin where its financing.

Comes from is not any of the big three or any of the big AAA Studios just because The Game Awards 2023 it’s small independent game doesn’t mean that it’s independent.

  • I think that’s where Dave the diver kind of fell into kind of weird area The Game Awards 2023 that just hasn’t been defined yet and I think it’s up to those 120 media Outlets.
  • To just reexamine for next year so that these sort of things don’t The Game Awards 2023 happen because it does make it a bummer for a lot of the Indie Studios

Who is the 2 best Spider-Man?

Who didn’t have a leg up in the way that Dave the diver did it just it really is a bummer for independent Studios out there especially.

The 3 best Spider-Man:

13 – Tom Holland.
22 – Andrew Garfield
31 – Tobey Maguire.
The 3 Best spider man

The ones who made great games this year I think I would be remiss to not The Game Awards 2023 mention any of those games so I just want to say.

That I see you and and I’m going to list off the games that I think The Game Awards 2023 um deserve an honorable mention and deserved that spot over Dave the diver Pizza Tower.

Who won the Game Awards?

I see you developer Tor to Pizza you guys are awesome I know you guys already have a debut in DET title game nomination congrats on.

The Game Awards 2023
Who won the Game Awards?

That I think it’s really cool I think you guys will take it home I think you’ll win it the game kitchen who made of course Blasphemous 2 I saw a lot of love.

Won the Game Awards:

1.Baldur’s Gate 3
2.Honaki: Star Rail
3.Cyberpunk 2077
4.Sea of Star
5.Alan Wake 2

 For that uh you guys deserve a shout out for sure congrats to everyone out there The Game Awards 2023 who made made an amazing killer game in this crazy year of video games.

Like truly truly the fact that you came out with a winning game with an amazing 10 out of 10 very loved indie game in the year of our spaghetti monster 2023.

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How long is Game Awards?

The previous year’s 3.5 hours, You guys deserve an Applause I think there should have been an executive decision made to remove Dave the diver from that category The Game Awards 2023.

Just because of the backlash and just because we do need to revisit what uh these 1220 milia Outlets Define as Indie title congrats to the nominees.

I’m actually really excited for this year’s game awards I hope you all have an amazing time watching if you are watching from home or if you’re even attending.

Ihope you have an amazing time let me know in the comments which game The Game Awards 2023 you hope wins this year or wins the most or that you love the most doesn’t even have to be nominated.

Is The Game Awards over?

Yeah I’ll see you guys in my next video next week and thanks for watching as always all right bye all right I just got back from a walk and I forgot to mention.

The Game Awards 2023
Is The Game Awards over?

The last game award is the last over The Game Awards 2023, This in my article when I was recording so I want to hop on here real quick and mention that it does feel weird to be celebrating video games this year.

After so many layoffs in the industry so much suffering so much unfair treatment and I would be really disappointed if Jeff makes no mention of this during.

The award ceremony so I’ll probably do another video where I talk about this and that’s all I wanted to say all right for real, Thank You.

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