AdSense Update How To Fill Singapore Tax Info In Google AdSense

Friends, you have to understand this update very carefully and correctly, you will have to fill the Singapore tax information.

Before this, let me tell you that you had to fill the US tax information. If you did not fill the US tax information, then your payment would get stuck.

How To Fill Singapore Tax Info In Google AdSense

How To Fill Singapore Tax Info In Google AdSense

Now this is happening for Singapore tax also, in some cases, payment is coming even without Singapore tax, but friends, if you try to see here, this is AdSense India.

When I made the first video. So when I talked to the support team, they said that there is no need to do anything for Singapore Tax, but friends, as soon as I can see here,

It is written that there is an issue with your payment. It was said that it is for youtube0 people but now it is showing for both, here you can see it is Adsense India.

How To Fill Singapore Tax Info In Google AdSense

And if I have it, you will go down then you can see Singapore Tax Info and here you can see Manage Tax Info. That is, the form has come here to fill, now you have to fill it, so let me tell you that we have already filled the tax information, now we have to fill only Singapore tax, okay.

If you want, if you click on tax information, then we will give you the same. You have to go and look at AdSense in India, it is ok, the options have arrived on AdSense India.

The same will open, click on Tax Info, click on Start Form, after that this is the basic information, ok, what is your business type, write Individual here.

Give it here, after that it is saying Do you have permanent established in Singapore, then click on no, after that it says Are you registered for Singapore good and service, then write no here, it is saying that this is optional.

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After that, tax agen is written, Are you eligible for tax agen, then pay no has to be done here, after that, are you eligible for the other agency for the lower tax rate, then pay no has to be written here and click on submit.

This much work has to be done, it is not a big task and your tax information of Singapore will be accepted, it will be in front of you now, okay, so you can see here, it must have been accepted.

It has been accepted and when your The error that was coming will now be gone. There will be no problem. So along with filling the US tax information, you should also fill the Singapore tax.

Okay, otherwise you can see the problem which was showing here and make the payment here. Now you will not be able to see the error that was showing by going to Info. Look at this, both the tax information have been submitted here, so in this way you can fill the Singapore tax information.

If you have any problem, there is a problem.

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