Apple Macbook Pro 14 m3 Max Review and Features

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Apple Macbook Pro 14: I wasn’t going to buy an M3 MacBook Pro but I had to buy one to see if I was wrong here and to see.

If I’m going to dislike it or I’ll end up loving it well today I want to tell you my thoughts on this M3 MacBook Pro that I have bought now first of all.

Is MacBook M3 Max worth it?

Is MacBook M3 Max worth it
Is MacBook M3 Max worth it?

I’m going to say this it looks amazing this MacBook Pro it looks like all the other MacBook Pros but I’m going to have to say again Apple Macbook Pro 14.

I do have a lot of issues with it but before we dive into all those issues and those problems I have with it let’s actually talk about the specs of this M3 chipset.

So the M3 inside of this MacBook Pro is the normal one so this is the one with the eight core CPU so this is four efficiency cores and four performance cores.

It also has that new 10 core GPU it do raid tracing and all of those great stuff as well and that Graphics caching Apple Macbook Pro 14.

It also comes with 8 GB of RAM in a pro machine but we’ll talk about in a second but the main thing is you can go up to 24 GB inside of this and also.

I have the standard 512 GB of storage Apple Macbook Pro 14 2 but let’s now go over the actual body design and this is all the nice bit so as you can see here we’ve got.

Is Mac M3 Pro worth it?

Is Mac M3 Pro worth it?
Is Mac M3 Pro worth it?

That lovely mini LED display a 14.2 in display it’s the same as the last two generations of the 14-in MacBook Pro it also has just two USBC ports has headphones.

HDMI and SD card slot inside and also the sound is pretty awesome too just have a listen here pretty cool right and from what I can tell the battery life with this.

Free paired inside this body is really, Apple Macbook Pro 14 really great where Apple have claimed that you can get up to 22 hours battery life out of this I completely believe.

That to be honest so there’s lots to love about there so like I said that display is fantastic the nits brightness it’s 20% faster than the last Generations Apple Macbook Pro 14.

We’ve got mag say got the last touch bar MacBook Pro didn’t have and yeah overall the design is fantastic we love this design of this MacBook Pro.

The big question is why do I dislike it so much well let me reveal to you why I dislike it so much with a bit of an analogy here so if you know the car brand called BMW.

I’m sure you do now BMW what they have is you can actually buy a car trim for that car called The M Sports now if you know anything about this trim.

What it gives you essentially it gives you all those sporty looks on the outside of the car also on the inside you get some great gadgets some great material and things.

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Does MacBook Pro M3 get hot?

Does MacBook Pro M3 get hot
Does MacBook Pro M3 get hot?

This and it looks really really Apple Macbook Pro 14 really cool and on the outside you can give it away that it’s like a proper like kind of sporty version of the car.

The only one thing is though with the M sport you can actually choose what engine you want so you can actually choose the sort of most slowest.

The most crappiest the most Apple Macbook Pro 14 rubbish engine petrol engine or diesel engine side of it yet get that sporty look with it essentially this is what this MacBook Pro.

It looks gorgeous it’s got great looking display it’s got great sound but under the hood it’s only got 8 GB of RAM it also doesn’t have the fastest sort of SSD and also.

It just has the basic M3 chipset what’s Apple Macbook Pro 14 going to go into the likes of saying the MacBook Air in the future and also it’s in the likes of the normal.

iMac 2 now don’t get me wrong I am not saying the M3 chipset is any slouch or it’s rubbish or it’s bad or anything like that in fact yesterday I made a article.

About how good the M3 chipset is for a lot of people’s case scenarios and in fact if you look here you can actually see that I said if you had say.

What is MacBook M3 good for?

What is MacBook M3 good for
What is MacBook M3 good for?

Office open and then also at the same time you had Safari open you had a good number of tabs open and then also did some light photo editing inside.

The actual photo app like what I have open right here and then also if you did some sort of light video editing from your nonpr iPhone as you can see here.

I did Final Cut Pro edited around a bit and exported the video in HEC or h265 I can’t remember here but if you have a look here you can see.

Here with that export obviously the M3 Apple Macbook Pro 14 was faster than with the standard M1 chipset and then looking here at this geekbench score here you can actually see.

How much the M3 is faster than an M1 chipset 2 it’s come Leaps and Bounds over those two years and like I said I’ve not even checked out say Ray tracing and also.

That Graphics caching ability and that sounds really really really awesome but the thing is though what gets me the most is that this chipset is also in the of that iMac.

We’ll also end up in this and also end up in Apple Macbook Pro 14 this and if you didn’t know what these two are this here is the 15in MacBook Air and this here is the smaller 13in MacBook Air.

Come summer next year both these models will have the exact same chip what’s inside this inside this and yet will cost you far far less in fact.

It’ll actually cost you around about $300 less for this MacBook Air that you’ve got right here what is a larger model than this here it’s got a larger screen and also.

How powerful is M3 Pro Apple Macbook Pro 14?

How powerful is M3 Pro
How powerful is M3 Pro?

A about the same sort of battery life inside of it yet it’s bigger and actually lighter than this then also this one here too this is the smaller version Apple Macbook Pro 14.

The MacBook Air and yet this cost $500 less or it will cost $500 less than what we have right here and to me that is a bit of a problem but I know Apple Macbook Pro 14.

There’s going to be people screaming at me going well Matt you’re forgetting the obvious you’re paying for that mini LED display you’re also payin for that SD card slot.

And that HDMI port and also you’re paying for that slightly better sound quality coming out of this MacBook Pro.

Compared to the MacBook Air but come on guys $500 that is a lot of difference here and also the joke of it like I said 8 gab of RAM in a pro machine.

This is called a MacBook Pro 8 gigabytes in 2023 HH not going to cut it we have a lot of people and people hear in the comments even saying.

That even the standard like the iMac and the MacBook Air with the M2 coming with 8 GB of RAM is a shocker but to put.

It inside one of the latest Pro machines it just doesn’t make sense for me and it’s another reason why I’m just annoyed with this that it’s like I said it looks gorgeous has lots of kind of pro features.

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Who is the M3 MacBook Pro for?

Who is the M3 MacBook Pro for
Who is the M3 MacBook Pro for?

Underneath the hood it is definitely to me not a pro machine in performance wise and to prove a bit of a point here or maybe not proving the point but let me just show you anyway.

What I want to talk about look at this Dell Inspiron machine I found it’s benchmarks for single core and also for multi-core obviously if we look at this chart here is less than M3.

It’s very similar to what we had with M2 and what you got to remember is that obviously this chips is the Raptor Lake and obviously the new mea Lake Apple Macbook Pro 14.

The 14th gen Intel is more going to be rivaled towards sort of the M3 sort of chipset Series so I believe that obviously when the new version of this laptop comes out.

Probably around about same sort of Apple Macbook Pro 14 price as you can see here by the way this is about $800 before tax I believe that this machine is sort of capability is going to actually reach.

The sort of equivalent of a normal M3 but the big thing as you can see right here like I said it costs about $800 and on top of that you’re getting 16 GB of RAM and also.

A 1 terabyte hard drive this here has only got 8 GB of RAM and only 512 GB of storage now I know people are going to go well Matt you need to test and buy that inp on to see how fast.

What’s better MacBook Pro or Air?

What's better MacBook Pro or Air
What’s better MacBook Pro or Air?

That Ram really is it’s ddr4 whereas this one here ddr5 and also that SSD but that’s the point it’s just you know even though you’re getting more of it thing.

This the flexibility of it I still just don’t see why this is called a pro machine if anything people are actually going to be saying well Matt actually.that Inspiron is probably more.

This machine here the MacBook a even its larger brother instead because obviously you know it’s not the better quality it doesn’t have that mil LED display.

Obviously the sound’s going to be better but yet still even comparing it to like I said the M2 MacBook Air will cost a lot more it’s on par more of that and it costs $800.

You can actually buy two of these inspir machines at the price of one of these and that is where I think it’s just going to annoy me loads that if they do bring out.

This Mia Lake and they bring.out a chipset what matches M3 in performance before M4 comes along is that whole situation that you could be paying $800.

A machine and essentially it’s going to be the same power as this obviously display is not going to be as good sound’s not going to be as good but half.

Who actually needs a MacBook Pro?

Who actually needs a MacBook Pro
Who actually needs a MacBook Pro?

The price guys it’s just ridiculous in my opinion but there’s one more point that I want about what bugs me probably the most and it’s literally.

This have a look at this Benchmark here what I’ve got this is the M1 Pro with the normal acore and this is also that lower cord M2 Pro that only came out like about 89 months ago Apple Macbook Pro 14.

If you look at the score here compared to M3 obviously Apple Macbook Pro 14 the M1 Pro is just behind it but the M2 Pro is ahead of it and guess what guys the M1 pro version.

You can actually buy a little bit less than this M3 MacBook Pro we got here and in fact it’s essentially the same maybe the brightness is tiny bit more dimmer.

You do get an extra USBC port and also that M2 Pro you can actually get it for around about the same price as this here.

Why is the M3 so good?

Why is the M3 so good
Why is the M3 so good?

You can them up for around about $11,600 and yet it does come with that extra USB port and the M1 Pro and the M2 Pro both come with 16 gabt of ram inside.

Them in my opinion I think this is the point you might as just buy one of them cuz like I say the performance is only going to be slightly less with the actual chipset.

The M1 Pro but you get 16 GB of RAM Apple Macbook Pro 14 and that extra USB port or you can pay slightly about the same amount of price as this machine brand new for that M2 pro version.

Yet you get that extra USBC port and also Apple Macbook Pro 14 you get 16 GB of RAM and yet it’s actually faster than this machine here it just doesn’t make sense.

Why thises exist with an M3 in my honest Apple Macbook Pro 14 opinion what I think Apple should have done is they should have made a hybrid machine so essentially.

Which Apple MacBook is best for students?

Which Apple MacBook is best for students
Which Apple MacBook is best for students?

They should have got this kind of design and this design here and made another design again maybe that was with a 14in display maybe it was a 13.6 in display.

I don’t really care to be honest but essentially I think the problem with this Mac here is its price at $1,599 US dollar for just an M3 inside Apple Macbook Pro 14.

It we Apple Macbook Pro 14 moaned before about the touch bar with an M2 and M1 in it and the cost of that and this cost more money now for this I think maybe Apple Macbook Pro 14.

Which Apple MacBook is best for students
Which Apple MacBook is best for students?

Apple made should sacrific the mini LED display I don’t know maybe they could kept it maybe changed the design a little bit but I think personally.

This machine should have Apple Macbook Pro 14 come in at a starting price at more like about $1,399 or 1350 you know4 50 sorry at its absolute maximum.

The good news Apple Macbook Pro 14 is that obviously the price of this will go down in time over the next year or so but so will that M2 Pro machine too and personally.

Even though you might get an extra year of support out of it I’d still vouch for one of them guessing one of them then buying one of these.

Which is better M2 or M3?

The other alternative personally like I said is that I’d actually probably buy one of these in about 6 to 8 months time with the M3 inside of it I feel.

At its end now now you get my point I just don’t like this MacBook Pro like I said I love the idea of what this MacBook Pro has in it in technology should.

At least feature just the M3 Pro it should have a bit more of a water down design for the M3 personally in my opinion or that the price should be a bit more lower.

I’d love to know what your Apple Macbook Pro 14 thoughts on this too do you think I’m barking mad in what I’m saying or do you agree or do you have a different opinion.

On what Apple could do as a Apple Macbook Pro 14 different strategy instead let me know in the comments below and do remember Guys these are my own opinions.

Apple Macbook Pro 14, So if you do want to go buy one of these yeah go ahead and buy it but my point is there are other options too that you can do right now or maybe in 6 to 8 months time.


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