M3 Macbook Pro -14 Price and Specification

The night before Apple just held their scary M3 Macbook Pro fast launch event here in well the Big Apple Apple the Big Apple.

Which we don’t see very often M3 Macbook Pro and we got new Macbook Pros we got a new 24in iMac still no 27 sadly and of course.

How much is the MacBook M3 2024?

How much is the MacBook M3 2024
How much is the MacBook M3 2024?

The real highlight was Tim Cook saying good evening good evening but ahead of my reviews which will be coming soon I do have a few thoughts about the event.

The new Macbook Pros uh some buying guide tips perhaps and also maybe there’s a couple things that you may have missed for example did you know M3 Macbook Pro.

The Magic Mouse hasn’t changed at all the keyboard and mouse still lightning no change there at all also the event itself all the a-roll Tim Cook was doing.

All shot on iPhone pretty impressive stuff but first things first let’s pay our respects to the 13-in MacBook Pro the M1 Pro.

Which has been discontinued so no more touch bar in any of the MacBook lineup but it has been replaced by the new entry-level MacBook Pro 14.

The bass M3 the only downside of that nice new cheap entry level model is that it only comes with 8 gigs of RAM unless you spec it higher.

Is there an M3 MacBook Pro?

Is there an M3 MacBook Pro
Is there an M3 MacBook Pro?

Which is a bit unforgivable for the price but we’ll come back to all that and also RP to the space gray color well except for the base model 14in with the M3.

Which does still have space gray along with silver as the two color options however for 14 in with the M3 Pro or Max and all 16 in it’s now space black or silver.

Which I must admit I really do like it kind of makes the laptop look more powerful but also more understated and maybe even more professional especially.

The bigger 16in and also if You’ ever used a Macbook particularly the silver model outside or you know by a window with the sun on it it can actually reflect in the screen.

The sort of bright aluminium chassis can reflect back so space black should proove that and yes we do also get a color matched mag safe cable M3 Macbook Pro.

I am a little bit worried about fingerprints Apple said that they added an extra anodized anti-finger printy layer but only on the lid not.

The keyboard or the palmrest so we’ll have to see so except for the space black color the design is identical same as last year same as the year before M3 Macbook Pro.

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Is MacBook Core M3 good?

Is MacBook Core M3 good
Is MacBook Core M3 good?

That which is fine it’s still a terrific looking laptop one of the best on the market I’d say I don’t really mind the notch I think we’ve all got past M3 Macbook Pro.

That I would have liked to maybe a small weight reduction particularly on the 16in but alas no same speakers same keyboard same trackpad same ports of course.

Including HDMI 2.1 which was added last year and almost identical screens we do have the same 14 and 16in liquid retina xdr displays the same 120 HZ Pro motion.

Same mini LED panels so no OLED yet and also the same Max 1600 nit HDR brightness the only change is they’ve bumped up the brightness from 500 to 600 nits M3 Macbook Pro.

So a 20% boost Bo which is nice and so it M3 Macbook Pro actually now matches the same brightness as the studio display although not the same refresh rate.

The MacBook Pros have the 120 HZ per motion all Apple’s displays are still stuck at 60 HZ but the extra brightness is certainly welcome and that applies to the whole desktop.

So everything in SDR not HDR which of course can still get brighter although I would still suggest downloading the Vivid application which basically unlocks.

That full, 1600 nit brightness across the whole desktop regardless of whether you’re watching or looking at HDR content that sort of goes for everything.

I’m not sponsored I don’t even have an affiliate link I just think Vivid is definitely worth downloading so this year like last year is really just a spec bump although M3 Macbook Pro.

It’s a pretty big one and Apple’s introduced the whole M3 family now normally we just get the regular one so the M3 and then the pro and the Macs come later although.

When was Apple M3 released?

When was Apple M3 released
When was Apple M3 released?

Now it is just the MacBook Pros and the iMacthat have been updated we’ll have to wait for an M3 powered MacBook Air and also probably an M3 Ultra Mac Studio and Mac Pro probably.

M3 Macbook Pro Next summer but crucially this family of M three chips represent the first 3 nanometer architecture design that we’ve had on a PC or a laptop so ahead of Intel or AMD or qualcom meditech.

That 3 nanm smaller uh design means it can be more efficient and also more powerful so we have the usual faster processor faster M3 Macbook Pro neural engine for AI tasks.

The big story it seems is around the graphics with a next gen GPU which they say represents the biggest Leap Forward in graphics architecture ever on their apple silicon.

A big part of this is thanks to their new Dynamic caching feature which allocates the graphics memory in real time for each task so only.

The exact amount of memory for M3 Macbook Pro each task is used which leads to better utilization of the GPU and therefore significantly better performance.

Now I don’t want to dwell too much on Apple’s numbers and figures I’ll test all this for myself very soon but they’re promising some pretty serious or should.

Is it worth buying MacBook Pro M3?

Is it worth buying MacBook Pro M3
Is it worth buying MacBook Pro M3?

I say scary fast speeds now they did seem to mostly focus on the improvements versus the M1 family from two years ago obviously the jump M3 Macbook Pro.

Last year’s M2 is going to be less significant but it still seems to be a decent upgrade the topspec M3 Max can also now be spece with 128 gigs of their unified memory.

Previously topped out at 96 and it now matches what you can get in the Mac Studio they’re also really pushing gaming this year they had a whole room dedicated.

It there’s a specific game mode on Mac now and they were showing off Boulders Gate 3 Life of Pi stray and others all running on M3 which does also now support Hardware.

R tracing and other features like accelerated mesh shading which can improve performance it just might even run City skyline too smoothly maybe.

It’s one thing to have a lot of M3 Macbook Pro performance that’s great but doesn’t really matter if the games don’t actually run on Mac and of course.

The mac’s game library is significantly smaller than a Windows PC but with the significantly boosted graphics performance with the new tools and with this focus on gaming hopefully.

We’ll see more developers actually optimize their games for Mac so your very expensive and very powerful MacBook Pro can also be more.

A gaming machine as well as a workstation but it’s still early days now my reaction is you know wow that performance seems fantastic I can’t wait to test.

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When can I expect my MacBook M3?

When can I expect my MacBook M3
When can I expect my MacBook M3?

It and benchmark but also there’s nothing it can do that my M2 Mac can’t do or even my M1 MacBook Pro couldn’t do really just you know faster because.

We’ve just hit this crazy level performance with apple which is not a complaint it’s just like do you need M3 Pro or Max and I think it’s getting harder for Apple to really show us.

You need this level of performance unless you’re rendering a game and running blender and editing 8K in file cut all at the same time but I guess M3 Macbook Pro.

The flip side is yes you can pay ludicrous amounts of money to get this crazy high in performance which is fantastic if you are a proper high level professional or your business is buying.

It for you but it also means that you can get away with just buying the cheaper versions whether it’s you know last year’s M2 discounted or just the base M3.

That’ll be more M3 Macbook Pro than fast enough for most of us times. while Apple are promising roughly the same battery life as before and it’s worth noting.

The M3 14in will get you 22 hours whereas the M3 Pro will get you 18 hours so going up to the higher performance will have an impact on the battery also one thing you may have missed.

How fast is MacBook Pro M3 Max?

How fast is MacBook Pro M3 Max
How fast is MacBook Pro M3 Max?

Is that the 14-in now supports the high performance mode which previously was only on the 16in models with the um Pro and Max variants of the chip.

Now it’s on the 14in as well so you can go between low power automatic or high performance which basically allows the fans to run higher therefore being louder.

The temperatures increase a little bit but it will give you better sustained performance so that’s one disadvantage of the 14-in versus the 16.

That’s now gone away so let’s say you are tempted to upgrade to one of the new laptops which one should you go for what spec well it all depends a on how much money you have in your bank account and be also.

What you’re going to be using it for obviously they’re the usual questions you ask what I would say is looking at the different specs and configurations.

That I think the base MacBook Pro 14 with M3 the cheapest one is the one to go for the downside of that before you press.

I was going to say press play before you press buy what I would definitely do is pay the extra 200 to upgrade that to 16 gigs of RAM then you’ve got 16 Ram 512 storage and M3 MacBook Pro 14.

For just over1 1800 or $1900 which I think will probably be the best bang for buck unless you need the pro or the Mac chip particularly for graphics performance.

How fast is Apple M3?

How fast is Apple M3
How fast is Apple M3?

If you are rendering games doing 3D CAD design or you know super high-end professional video editing as I say for 95% of us the bass M3 should be enough but I carry out.

That saying I haven’t tested them yet we’ll have to see just how much of a bump the pro and Max do offer anding more applications to get a better understanding of sort.

What makes sense for you now looking at M3 Macbook Pro the 14 versus the 16 it is quite a lot more expensive but the difference is it starts with an M3 Pro there’s no base M3 for the 16in so of course.

It’s a bit more expensive it is definitely worth going on Apple’s website and doing the sort of model comparisons to see what each one can get because.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that if you want the M3 Macbook Pro crazy 128 gigs of unified memory that is only if you go with a topspec M3 Max and I think.

A fully speced out MacBook Pro 16 now cost like £7,200 which is a good deal more expensive than last year’s top spec model but that is because we do now have that 128 gig of memory option.

Although quick tip if you’re not quite sure what model or spec to go for maybe order pre-order a couple of different options and then M3 Macbook Pro.

When the reviews come out you can see the compare you can cancel the one or return the one that you don’t want at least that way you get ahead of the crazy shipping times.

Which have already started to push M3 Macbook Pro out to like the end of November but what do you think are you tempted to upgrade or do you think.


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