Macbook 2024 Have Intel Processor

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This is the infamous 16-in Intel MacBook Pro from 2019 it’s crazy to think that this computer is 5 years old this year and truly marks.

The end of an era for Intel MacBooks a moment of silence please all right that’s all I have to give is this computer still fit in a world of Apple silicon Maxs.

Do Macbooks still have Intel processors?

Do Macbooks still have Intel processors
Do Macbooks still have Intel processors?

Let’s find out this Mac so happens to be the base model configuration with a hexacore i7 radon Pro 5300m 16 gigs of RAM and a 500 GB SSD.

I don’t know about Macbook you but I still find Intel Processor those specs pretty reasonable but maybe I’m just hallucinating here anyway this MacBook was the first and last of its kind.

Which were crazy popular when they came out because Apple fixed a ton of problems this area ER of MacBooks had then they announced Apple silicon.

Will there be a new MacBook in 2024?

Will there be a new MacBook in 2024
Will there be a new MacBook in 2024?

A year later regardless this laptop is 5 years old and honestly it really doesn’t look like it the design and build quality has aged really well and you could really say.

The same thing with the retina display as Macbook well in terms of productivity this Mac holds up pretty well of course any of the basic stuff like desktop.

Usage casual web browsing media consumption etc etc is really Snappy but that’s to be expected with its dedicated graphics.

It isn’t incredibly powerful these days it also does do pretty well in Macbook photo and video editing along with a few games albeit at lower Graphics options using.

Will macOS 14 support Intel?

Will macOS 14 support Intel?
Will macOS 14 support Intel?

This computer for school or any task that requires heavy use of typing is perfect paired with the magic keyboard that has good key travel and is overall pretty satisfying to type with not to mention this massive glass trackpad with haptic feedback.

Which is absolutely amazing amazing to use for anything definitely does not disappoint and one of if not the best trackpad in the industry.

The retin display here gets nice and bright with vibrant colors and most certainly enhances the experience with its 3072 by1 1920 resolution of course.

All these positives are great and all but not everything is perfect unfortunately the battery in these Macs is the biggest let down even when this computer.

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Is M2 better than Intel?

Is M2 better than Intel
Is M2 better than Intel?

New it’s battery was at best and unfortunately this particular computer has taken a beating over the years with over 400 charge cycles the battery has degraded down to 80% maximum capacity.

Which gets a good hour to 2 hours before it needs to be charged thankfully a battery upgrade is possible it’s of course ranked most difficult on iFixit website and takes hours to replace by yourself.

Multiple complicated steps this very thing is the biggest advant Advantage the new Apple silicon MacBook Pros have over this lastly the cost I think the cost of getting.

One of these right now is an absolute steel which goes well under $550 but these Macs solely have had the worst depreciation in Mac history seriously of course.

What to expect MacBook Pro 2024?

What to expect MacBook Pro 2024
What to expect MacBook Pro 2024?

It isn’t surprising since M3 has been out for a few months now I bought one of these a little under a year ago for $900 and now they’ve dropped over4 $100 in less than a year that’s crazy.

I don’t know the exact percentage drop but it’s definitely massive regardless taking into consideration its horrible depreciation and battery life.

I still think it’s a solid MacBook Pro it’s still anMacbook incredibly well-built machine that is still supported by Mac OS updates and has years of life left in it so.

If it isn’t obvious already yes I still recommend this Macbook MacBook it’s got a decent screen size it’s reasonably powerful and the speakers sound really good on these overall.

I’ve really enjoyed using this Mac you know it’s it’s it’s aging but I love it it’s it’s been good and if you enjoyed this video feel free to check out.

What is Apple making in 2024?

What is Apple making in 2024
What is Apple making in 2024?

Well Intel’s latest numbers on their newest CPUs are out and it’s not looking so good 3 years ago when Apple launched the M1 sooc or system on chip their own Apple silicon.

They booted Intel out of their computers it showed the world how getting a bit too comfortable in your dominance is not a good idea.

Ever since then Intel has been playing ketchup or trying to play ketchup hiring Apple talent and rearching and rebranding their CPUs.

While the hot and inefficient core I 9 and i7 are still around and have just been updated to the latest 14th generation Intel simultaneously announced.

How long will macOS support intel?

How long will macOS support intel
How long will macOS support intel?

The new line of core Ultra processors these are supposed to take a page out of Apple’s Playbook and focus on efficiency and also AI cuz you got to put that in everything.

Now right did you see the new Dells they have a dedicated AI co-pilot button so these new chips are Intel’s largest architectural shift in 40 Years of Chip making.

That’s how long they’ve been sitting comfortably hey Macbook I don’t know about you but if I was told I was brushing my teeth wrong all my life and had to change it.

Wouldn’t be an easy change either use an electric toothbrush speaking of Dell they’re already including this new line of chips in their latest xps1 14 and XPS 16 machines.

Which I’d like to get my hands on as soon as possible so I Macbook can test them out the newest lineup of Intel chips is called meteor Lake and includes core Ultra 5 7 and nine.

Is M2 faster than Ryzen 7?

Is M2 faster than Ryzen 7
Is M2 faster than Ryzen 7?

The nine having 16 cores total and a built-in G CPU just like the latest M3 Max chip from Apple which I’ve been testing along with these other ones for software developers the difference here is that the M3 Max.

A ridiculous 12p course or performance course while the core Ultra 99 has just six we don’t have any test info yet on the ultra 9 which is the biggest and baddest house cat.

All the processors but Tom’s Hardware just posted some pretty disappointing numbers about the core Ultra 7 which actually by the way has the same number of P cores and E cores.

As the flagship Ultra 9 just a little less power now this Tom’s Hardware data actually comes from David hang’s blog he’s a Microsoft researcher.

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Is M2 faster than AMD?

Is M2 faster than AMD
Is M2 faster than AMD?

Who used this spec in 2017 single-threaded performance Macbook test which is compiled using GCC targeted for the current platform of the test to this down below.

So you can check it out according to this test the ultra 7’s peor scored lower than both the 30th generation core I9 and core i7 worse than amd’s ryzen 9 ryzen 7 and ryzen 5 and way.

Than Apple’s M3 Pro and even M2 Pro and even the plain M2 Macbook what are your thoughts on this performance gap between Intel and Apple’s latest CPUs do you think.

The efficiency should be prioritized over raw power drop your opinions in the comments below I’m curious to hear your perspectives and also you might notice.

That this is a single threaded operation and you might wonder why should we care about single core stats in a world where we keep adding more and more cores to our processors because.

Multi-core performance matters as well well it’s simple many applications especially in the coding world still rely heavily on single core efficiency.

How many years would a MacBook last?

How many years would a MacBook last
How many years would a MacBook last?

I’ve shown thismany times on the channel we’re doing JavaScript Macbook applications not just compilation but also the snappiness of your environment.

The IDE all that relies on single core operations as I was looking through the Tom’s Hardware post it indicates a caveat to Hong’s test is that the ultra 7 is being compared to a core i7 with ddr5 Ram.

As opposed to LP ddr5 ddr5 memory is the regular double data rate Macbook Ram while the lp ddr5 is the low power version of DDR which is a bit slower but.

It’s more efficient and it targets mobile devices some laptops have DDR memory While others have LP DDR but guess what all the Apple M series chip suse lpddr and they seem to be doing.

More than okay in this test so while memory might be a good excuse I don’t think it flies here the post also goes on to presume that perhaps Intel is not really focused on CPU performance.

Will Apple go back to Intel?

Will Apple go back to Intel
Will Apple go back to Intel?

More focused on their in-house GPU that they built into the chip which will Target the latest in machine learning and AI landscape for software developers.

The inclusion of AI focused improvements is a huge deal think about running complex machine learning models or AI powered code analysis tools this could be a GameChanger in our workflow so perh perhaps.

The new Chips will do well in that area it’s too early to call it because we still need to have the real world test done and also look at the ultra 9.

Which gets fed a little bit more power according to Intel’s tables that’s why you need to stay tuned for upcoming tests and reviews actually rooting for Intel to do well here.

Is it worth buying an Intel Mac now?

It can’t be only Apple that makes the most performance perat machines out there because if that goes on for too long who knows what they will start charging for the next set of MacBooks yikes competition breeds Innovation.

And keeps prices in check Intel and Qualcomm are playing catchup here and 2024 is going to be interesting to see who gets ahead.

Who stays ahead I recently made a on what Qualcomm is doing to catch up to Apple so check that out right over here thanks for watching and I’ll see you in the next one.


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