Can i use intel ram on amd

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Welcome to I hope I said that right, intel ram for any German people watching today we are going to be looking at Gill again and it’s going to be on the ddr5.

Front now note intel ram that this isn’t a pure review on the guild ddr5 memory which is the Gil Polaris cl38 5600 megatransfers but what I really want to do is actually compare.

Can you use Intel XMP RAM with AMD?

Can you use Intel XMP RAM with AMD?

The XMP versus the Expo results because this Gill intel ram has been optimized for both of these overclocking measures just as a side note before we actually begin.

I am a little bit hesitant on reviewing ddr5 puny because intel ram it’s changing so much every single day so I say this because we’ve gone from 4 800 Mega transfers.

Pretty much unstable when ddr5 released all the way now to 7 000 stable on Dual Channel and with Torx of eight nine ten thousand on the way.

So what I say today might not be relevant in two three weeks time so please timestamp this something also important to note is that Samsung.

Can I use Intel optimized RAM on AMD?

Can I use Intel optimized RAM on AMD?

Who is a major manufacturer for round eyes have stated their commercial intent into ddr5 versus their current or past Indie approach to it and we can also see this because.

ddr5 for servers has recently I believe a week ago or two weeks ago intel ram been introduced so we can see the commercial viability for ddr5 coming through.

Now now note for these tests this is my first segmented ddr5 data but more data will come along but I have put in pdr4 data so that we can have a side-by-side comparison.

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Can I use same RAM on Intel and Ryzen?

All the testing of this Ram we’re going to go through the normal Suite of testing but before we get too far ahead of us all so let’s just take a look at the specs firstly.

It is a kit of intel ram a 2 by 16 gigabytes it’s CL latency is cl38 but if you need to know the timings it’s 38 44 4484 it goes up to 5600 megahertz or Mega transfers.

It’s a pc5 44 800. intel ram as mentioned before it is optimized for Expo as well as XMP and when setting to XMP or to Expo the voltage is 1.25 lastly with some investigation.

The actual dies are Micron dies design wise not really going to go too much into the design however it was a little bit of a mirror for me on the Gil Orion.

That I did however I will say that the build quality of this did feel a lot more solid to me however the metal just a little bit too thin on igb wise syncs.

Can Ryzen 7000 use DDR4? intel ram

Can Ryzen 7000 use DDR4?

Well with any program and I did check and it does look good when you actually have all four dimms in but looks matters not it’s all about the performance.

When it comes to gaming Ram, intel ram so let’s see what this did when we compared Expo with XMP first up is a mem test latency a lower is better.

Now note that for light blue that will be XMP because XMP is actually intel if you didn’t know and then Expo will be orange because that is amd’s tuning now if you look at the latency from mem test86.

What RAM is compatible with AMD CPU?

What RAM is compatible with AMD CPU?

The best latency that we had there was 31.35 and that is on XMP Expo did have a high latency of a 33.74 which was a little bit odd to me but if we do compare those to the ddr4 versions.

The gear Lorain and the seal Viper those obviously had a 45.61 and a 44.32 so we do have a lot better latencies on mentors on to Ada 64 latency.

Which was a little bit opposite of what intel ram we had in mentist we had a latency of 77.6 from XMP and lower are the 74.4 then we also have the Orion.

The steel vipers there just so that you can make a intel ram comparative boss marks showing pretty identical results they’re 51-51 we do have.

The Gila Ryan ddr4 coming in at 42 but these results a little bit all over the place because these tests do test things a differently but for me a little bit of a one here for Expo onto transfer speeds mentest registered.

Is faster RAM better for AMD?

Is faster RAM better for AMD?

A 52-362 for the XMP result and on Expo was a 55871 I tested this a few times and did get the same results so I did take a median average of around about four or five results.

We can see they’re dropping in the ddr4 segment is the Orion as well as the steel Viper read write copy a little bit more mirrored in that for the read.

We had a 68776 for XMP and for Expo we had a 68676 so pretty mirrored there on the right so we had 73 758 for XMP and on right we had a 73 683 for Expo lastly on copy we had 63 272 for XMP.

Expo we had a 63 509 so overall the Ada 64 read write and copy mirrored across XMP and Expo with negligible differences last is pass Mark overall.

It’s something that intel ram I’d like to include because it kind of treats all Ram equal in that we have Gil Polaris on XMP coming in at 3704 and slightly above.

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Is DDR4 better than DDR5?

Is DDR4 better than DDR5?

At 3726 is the Expo now just some added bonus content if we look at XMP versus Expo in the mentest 86 transfers I actually see that Expo had a little bit of a smoother graph scaling downwards.

They both scale pretty equally but again just noting that there was a lot better taper off for the Expo but XMP did hold its re read and write well rather.

It’s read for longer now the one important thing after testing is we do need to know that it is stable so I ran every single test through men test.

As well as white cruncher and the zero errors on either through all of the tests so on this Ram at least for XMP as well as Expo the gilfolaris did phenomenally.

intel ram Well in that there were zero errors so you can safely XMP intel ram or Expo this Ram when putting it into your system.

Is faster RAM better for Ryzen?

Is faster RAM better for Ryzen?

On to the conclusion and intel ram I’m not really going to conclude talking about the ram because we’re actually looking at x and P versus Expo but.

I will say that I was really impressed with the ramp and will know more as time goes by but I’m currently using it and really enjoying it in my own setup before.

I have to send it back but onto the point at hand XMP versus Expo Intel it had a commanding lead for many many years and xnp has been the staple diet for being able to overclock.

Your memory very effective and very reliable now AMD has come along with Expo and done a phenomenal job I do think that XMP still has a need but if we look at these results.

Just just out of the gate I think that amd’s done a phenomenal job in helping vendors being able to actually get the best out of their Rama for AMD chipsets however.

Does any RAM work with Ryzen?

Does any RAM work with Ryzen?

It is still too early to be able to say one is better than the other because results are going to vary from morale manufacturer to rare manufacturer or rather Ram dye manufacturer to Ram dye manufacturer.

Motherboard to motherboard but just some really interesting food for thought and I think well done to AMD for something really good as my expectations.

intel ram Going into these testings was not to have too high of an expectation for Expo guys I really hope you enjoyed.


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