Should i update to ios 17.3 release

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Welcome everybody to Apple, ios 17.3 release Insider it is Andrew here and Apple has released iOS 17.3 to the masses this is another Milestone update for apple.

There are ios 17.3 release plenty of new changes for us to break down and talk about so let’s go ahead and get into it I’m going to grab my iPhone update it to 17.3.

Stolen Device Protection

Stolen Device Protection
Stolen Device Protection

And walk ios 17.3 release you through all of the new features here I am with my I phone that I have just updated to iOS 17.3 let’s take a look inside one of the first new features in iOS 17.3 is stolen device protection.

Now I have done ios 17.3 release an entire video on this already but just to hit the highle points here so if you go into settings then face ID and passcode.

There is a new option for stolen ios 17.3 release device protection the biggest thing this is going to do is prevent people from peeping your passcode.

Then gaining access to your phone while you’re out and about so say you’re at the coffee shop you go to Apple pay or something your face didn’t work right away.

New Update iOS Wallpaper

New Update iOS Wallpaper
New Update iOS Wallpaper

So you put in your passcode someone ios 17.3 release then would steal your phone phone they could then put in their passcode or your passcode and they’d be able to access your phone access your cards.

On Apple pay they’d be able to turn off you ios 17.3 release know uh find my and all this other stuff that is tied to your passcode now for certain periods of time.

It’s going to require Biometrics like your face or your touch ID to be able to get into those changes so this can be turned on and off from here within settings.

Apple Neural EngineAccelerates machine learning tasks on Apple devices. Enhances tasks like facial recognition and Siri.
KernelCore part of the operating system, managing system resources and acting as an intermediary between hardware and software.
NSSpellCheckerSystem service for spell checking on macOS and iOS. Provides spell-checking functionality to applications.
Mail SearchSearch functionality within the Apple Mail application. Allows users to search through emails for specific content.
Reset ServicesGeneric term, possibly related to resetting various services or settings on an Apple device.
SafariApple’s web browser known for speed, efficiency, and ecosystem integration.
ShortcutsiOS app allowing users to automate tasks and create custom workflows using a visual interface.
TCCTransparency, Consent, and Control. Security feature on macOS managing app access to sensitive data with user consent.
Time ZoneSetting on Apple devices allowing users to choose their local time zone for accurate timekeeping.
WebKitOpen-source web browser engine developed by Apple, underlying Safari, and used by other browsers.

If you want to know more details about this and how it works check out my other dedicated video If we go to our lock screen and our wallpaper.

So I’m going to go down to the end ios 17.3 release and I’m going to tap on the plus button to add a new one you can see here right here under featured.

It’s called Unity Bloom you can also get to it by scrolling down there’s a whole option for Unity but you can choose any of these these are designed by black creatives.

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New iOS Music System

New iOS Music System
New iOS Music System

They’re here to celebrate Black History Month Apple, ios 17.3 release often adds these kind of seasonal wallpapers like this you can swipe through.

Different color options looks really nice I like, ios 17.3 release this one a lot very cool Arty inspired one I love it there’s also a corresponding one for Apple watch.

So if you have an Apple watch there is also Black History Month wallpapers that you can use on Apple watch if we go into the music application.

AppleCare & Warranty

AppleCare & Warranty
AppleCare & Warranty

We go to playlist ios 17.3 release can now be collaborative playlist this is amazing so you can have um playlist that are updated by multiple people.

It’s super awesome so you can hear this is already collaborative playlist that I’ve created you can see how my icon is next to like all the uh songs in here cuz.

So far I’m the only one invited to it ios 17.3 release but if I tap the button at the top for collaboration you can stop making this collaborative but you can also invite additional people.

So you can share ios 17.3 release or you can share a QR code and people then can join that playlist add stuff there’s also this option to approve collaborators first.

So that way like if I turn this on put a QR code on the screen and all of you tried to add songs.

I would be able to approve or deny any of those people so not just anybody can join but this will also work in carplay too it’ll show who put that song in there if we’re listening to something like.

Apple Airplay Update ios 17.3 release

Semi charms uh you can see Andro Hera right at the top is who added that song to the playlist but yeah full actual collaborative playlist are now part of iOS thanks.

iOS 17.3 by the way there’s also Emoji reactions to any songs inside a collaborative playlist as well so that’s just a kind of cool little addition.

The collaborative playlists finally Apple did actually add AirPlay to hotel rooms so as you can see here we pull this up I go to my AirPlay options whether.

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Battery Health & Charging

Battery Health & Charging
Battery Health & Charging

You’re mirroring to the screen or just playing audio to the screen that can all be done through AirPlay and now certain hotels will start start to support AirPlay.

On their built-in TV so you don’t have to like take an HDMI cable or anything you can just use airplay and cast up to the television similar to having an Apple TV.

At home this is rolling out very very slowly so don’t expect this right away but it at least is included here in 17.3 if we go into settings one more time.

We go to settings then Apple Care and warranty this can now show warranty information for all your devices so here’s my iPhone.

iOS Update New Watch

iOS Update New Watch
iOS Update New Watch

At the top has Apple Care Plus but things like my airpods Pro too they just have a limited warranty they are not under Apple Care so we can show that on each device.

Finally Apple has crashed CR detection has been further optimized for iPhone 15 and iPhone 14 devices that’s huge and should hopefully prevent errant misfires going out.

Calling emergency services when it’s not always needed so that covers it that is what is new in iOS 17.3 have you spotted any other changes be sure.

Let me know Down Below in the comments if you did or what your new favorite is you can also let me know on Twitter at Andrew U or on threads at Andro Hera 941 otherwise stay tuned for a lot more videos on iPhone IOS and tips and tricks.

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