Finance with the dealership in U.S

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Finance, All right folks you cannot do this when you test drive a car that’s right I’m Ray Chef’s I spent 43 years in the car business.

I’m gonna teach Finance you where I used to teach my sales people when it came to the test drive all right and when you teach us.

What they what when Finance you teach us what you taught them you’re also going to explain to us the things that we should and shouldn’t do.

How does a car dealership work in the US?

How does a car dealership work in the US?

When we are on a test drive let’s kick it off pops you’re at the dealership you’re excited about buying a new car you get in that vehicle or maybe it starts even before the vehicle.

What did you train your sales Finance people to do when someone was gearing up to go take a car for a ride the first thing.

I taught myself people to do was was be excited and land the customer on a car once you have them landed on a car then it’s you want to take this car for a test drive.

So you Finance make sure that it’s exactly the car that you want don’t you and then the customer would say yeah yeah I think I think I do or as the customer.

You should say I have some interest in the vehicle and I really would like to go for a test drive so that I can affirm whether or not this is the right vehicle for me.

How does car finance work in USA?

How does car finance work in USA?

All right so the selling starts before you’re even getting in the vehicle for the test drive don’t you is your way of leading them into taking.

The test drive got it yeah the showing actually started at hello but you didn’t realize that okay now when you’re on a test drive when when you get back to the dealership.

The sales person I I trained them to say three things to the customer this was the first you loved the car and the way it drove didn’t you okay.

If the customer would answer no well then I train the salesperson and say well what was it about the car that you didn’t like because you have to get as.

A Finance salesperson you want to get a yes to you you loved the car didn’t you now as the customer knowing that the salesperson is trying to get that yes out of you.

If you want to get to the next step you should say yeah I I think I think it was a pretty solid car and I think I could have some real interest in it yes yes.

Finance Enough to take it home I’m not 100 certain yet but uh you know it very well could be the second question.

I trained the sales person the sales people they asked was this car is equipped the way you want your next car to be equipped isn’t it and the reason.

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What is dealer finance scheme?

What is dealer finance scheme?

The sales person would ask that is they need to flesh out any objections you might have about equipment level on the car if it’s not then they need to say.

Well what’s missing if it is equipped the way you want it to be equipped and you say yes yeah pretty much is then then the salesperson is going to go to the third question.

The most important question Finance of the salesperson and the one that you have to treat with great care and that question is assuming.

We can work out all the details of your satisfaction you would want to drive home in your new car today wouldn’t you okay now if you say yes to that then.

The salesman’s pretty sure that if he can work everything out he’s got a sale for today which well let’s face it that’s the only reason he came into work today was to try.

Get that sale your response Finance should be you know we very well might be on the right vehicle but it’s all going to depend on the numbers.

Who owns the most dealerships in the US?

Who owns the most dealerships in the US?

On the out the door number so assuming that we could get to the correct out the door number I very well might want to take the car home today.

That’s the way I trained my sales people and this is the way I’m trying to train you to to give them enough reason to want to continue but not necessarily.

Give them a hundred percent conviction that you’re going to drive home with that vehicle today the way it drove the right equipment we get the right numbers.

You’re taking it home you should be playing cautious offense I guess is how I would describe it as the customer when you hear those questions.

You should expect to hear those questions what about Dad on the actual test drive are there certain things you should and shouldn’t do as a customer or things.

You should and shouldn’t expect that the sales person is going to do when you’re out there in the car if if I were driving the car as a customer.

How many US dealerships are there?

How many US dealerships are there?

I would I would notate any negative things that pop up which which is gonna create a little issue for the sales person oh what’s what was that rattle.

What’s that noise coming out of the right rear is is that a is that break noise that I hear it seemed a little rough when we were whatever it is you want to highlight those things not necessarily.

Go oh my God this is the greatest car Finance I’ve ever driven I’ve never been more comfortable in a car if you give off.

Signals like that then the salesperson is going to think I got work to do to sell this car it but if you give off the signals that it’s the greatest car.

You’ve ever driven the salesperson’s thinking well I gotta lay down I got somebody that’s going to say yes to whatever the first proposal is so you want to have the salesperson be excited.

That there’s this that there’s a deal to be had but you don’t want them to be so excited that he thinks there’s not going to be any work that.

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How many dealerships are in us?

How many dealerships are in us?

He’s going to have to do to get to that deal so you play it a little close to the vest you give off enough signals that yes assuming everything were to work out.

You would probably want to take it home today and Finance so that the salesperson is thinking that they’re there very well could be a deal there.

And but you know you have to concentrate on that out the door number and we have to make sure that that ends up being acceptable what about.

The actual drive and I don’t mean the conversation Asian per se Finance that I’m having with the sales person are there certain things I should not do or certain things.

I absolutely should do on a test drive new or used vehicle what do you recommend you should on a test drive you should drive the car the way you would normally.

Expect to drive the car which means you take it on your local local roads and you drive locally you you find a Highway close by and you take it.

On the highway and you see how it accelerates when you try to get onto the highway when you’re merging or if you’re trying to pass somebody.

Which product dealership is best?

Which product dealership is best?

You just and you want to listen for noises you want to listen for all those unusual noises that might pop up and if the salesperson is doing a lot of talking just ask them.

To be quiet because tell them you want to take in the full surround sound of the vehicle not necessarily his voice but but the way the car.

The vehicle is talking to you but to drive it like you would normally expect to drive a car and that means more than I don’t know a three minute drive around.

The block quick one little red flag that you should watch out for that you’ve told me about that I think we should share with everyone else.

You do not need to fill out a credit application to go to a test drive so if that comes up as a blocker to doing a test drive for a certain vehicle.

Just find another dealership to go test drive the vehicle so that’s not during the drive or after the drive that’s before the test drive do not make.

Can I get car finance in USA?

The mistake of filling out a credit application in advance you can be you can test test drive a car you don’t need to fill out a credit application.

Do you have to give them your driver’s license absolutely do you need to fill out a credit application heck no no no a a credit application is just.

So they have a better understanding of who they’re dealing with and what you might be able to afford you need to share with the with the sales person.

That you’ve already figured out what your budget is and you’re only allowing yourself to look at cars that fit into that budget that you’ve set back.

Deal school we have a 100 free course on how to buy a car trade in excuse me trade-in test drive is part of that process that we walk.


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