When is like a dragon infinite wealth coming out?

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How’s it going everyone dragon infinite wealth now I really think that this video is going to be met with a tiny bit of backlash just because we are going to be talking negatively about.

A game that I feel like can do no wrong it’s a game dragon infinite wealth that a lot of people are excited about as am I it’s from a studio.

That’s absolutely beloved we are of course talking about like a dragon infinite wealth coming from rgg Studio the Yakuza franchise judgment those games.

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth pre order bonus

dragon infinite wealth
Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth pre order bonus

Have all been some of the most consistent gaming experiences on the planet every game has been pretty damn good seemed like everybody loved Yakuza.

A dragon seemed dragon infinite wealth like everybody loved judgment lost judgment was great everybody loves Yakuza zero.

It seems like everybody is excited for the expansive experience that like a dragon infinite wealth is going to be and you know what games moving towards.

A $70 price point yes it’s an expensive price point to go towards that I don’t think every game uh can justify I don’t think in Immortals of aam can justify,

A $70 price tag a for spoken $70 is going to require quite the level of game for you to get invested into and Sega is going.

Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth pre order bonus reddit

dragon infinite wealth
Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth pre order bonus reddit

The $70 route with like a dragon infinite wealth and I have not once pushed back on that because this is one of those games.

That’s going to be worth your $70 however dragon infinite wealth just because rgg has a lot of Goodwill Sega I would say has a decent amount of Goodwill.

As well I’m not going to let everything slide and even as excited as I am for this game and and how much I’ve talked about this game and have just shown.

A lot of love for rgg titles as a dragon infinite wealth whole how many times in our deals videos do I talk about Yakuza zero judgment etc etc.

Dragon infinite wealth offical tralior

Some of you guys want me to shut the hell up about the games but they are such good games and whatever I can do to get more people to play those games.

I will do but we’ve noticed a little bit of a trend in gaming recently $70 that’s great Publishers for the most part are moving towards.

A $70 price that you know it’s not great for the consumer but from a publisher standpoint hey they’re spending more on the game they’re going to charge $70 for this game.

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Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth New game plus

dragon infinite wealth
Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth New game plus

If you notice a lot of Publishers are also getting pretty dragon infinite wealth crafty in how they promote various Deluxe editions and various ultimate editions.

What has been one of the most popular things that a lot of Publishers have been doing they’ve masqueraded this idea of you get quote unquote.

Early Access into games that are single player games that are completely finished and you have to buy the deluxe edition Prince of Purge of the Lost Crown.

Just a little while ago did this you got 3 days dragon infinite wealth early access if you paid the $10 more expensive and bought the deluxe edition a lot of games.

Have been doing it a lot of Ubisoft titles have done it a lot of games across the board every Microsoft published.

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth Master Vacation Bundle

dragon infinite wealth
Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth Master Vacation Bundle

Litle does it it’s a way that they can monetize games that are going to be on Game Pass anyway they can sell you a special edition for like $30.

On top of your game pass subscription and you get access to the game early it’s a crafty thing to do a lot of people are like wow I get early access to it.

Hogwarts Legacy another game that did it totally single player a lot of people were like wo I get Early Access and I get to play this game early.

dragon infinite wealth Guys you don’t get early access at anything those people that dare to spend only $60 or $70 they’re the ones that get late access into the game.

It’s a crafty thing these Publishers do and I’ve been calling it out for the last year year and a half and a lot of other people have as well but it’s just a way to monetize these Deluxe.

And ultimate editions but like a dragon infinite wealth isn’t doing that oh they’re doing something even a little bit more crafty the deluxe edition.

Gets you the Master vacation bundle, dragon infinite wealth we hadn’t been exactly aware of what was coming in the master vacation bundle.

What are the difficulty levels in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth?

dragon infinite wealth
What are the difficulty levels in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth?

Until now where they have the breakdown of all the content in the game and what you get in every Edition so there’s the deluxe edition that’s $85 it’s $15.

More than the base game you get to explore a bonus dungeon get special summon Resort guest outfits and the thing that is causing quite.

The Cur fluffle today New Game Plus New dragon infinite wealth is locked behind a $15 DLC this is one of the more nonsensical things I’ve seen being locked behind.

A special edition we’re locking New Game Plus behind a $15 DLC pack this master vacation bundle what are we doing here is $70 not enough.

I’ve been saying yo games they’re going to be $70 whatever I just saw Avatar frontiers of Pandora have like a $135 $130 whatever it was special edition.

Whatever you don’t have to get that however core features like a new game plus something that has been so so standard in gaming for a long time.

What languages are in infinite wealth?

dragon infinite wealth
What languages are in infinite wealth?

That’s going to be locked behind DLC what are we doing so many times you’ll see games just come out with a free update baking in New Game Plus.

Into it because they couldn’t get it at launch Spider-Man 2 is going to add that for free Allan week 2 added.

That for free so on and so forth New Game Plus being baked into a master vacation bundle that’s locked into the deluxe edition a $15 DLC pack whatever.

Even if you love these games I love like a dragon, dragon infinite wealth as a franchise yaku as a franch you got to be aware of nonsense.

This it’s just like you know the Early Access nonsense but this you can make an argument is even more egregious.

The Early Access stuff I think is just comical because they promote it as Early Access but if you can utilize like two brain cells you can realize.

Is Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth a sequel?

dragon infinite wealth
Is Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth a sequel?

That yo it’s not really early access they’re just pushing the game away for people that are paying the regular price and you’re not getting.

Early Access into anything they can promote it how they want to but nonetheless in this case we’re locking out gameplay fundamentals.

That have been in RPGs forever forever in action games forever New Game Plus like being locked behind DLC is just absolutely crazy.

If you let this slide and ultimately and like let’s be honest who am I I’m just a schmuck on YouTube giving my opinions on game releases.

Whatnot you guys like my videos that’s great I appreciate it but it’s not like you know I’m going to make that much of an impact but I can do.

What I can to bring awareness to stuff like this stuff like the Early Access thing and it’s about getting a bigger return on the investment I understand.

What they’re doing here how do you monetize your hardcore fans how do you get more dollars out of them because at the end of the day no matter.

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How long is Yakuza Infinite Wealth?

dragon infinite wealth
How long is Yakuza Infinite Wealth?

How good a game, dragon infinite wealth is you are going to hit a ceiling there is going to be a ceiling that every like a dragon game is ultimately going to have.

And then you are going to have your foundation of players and how do you get more out of them.

Well it’s by doing stuff like having these digital Deluxe editions, dragon infinite wealth and doing stuff like Early Access New Game Plus.

You can make the argument that the season pass content is just content that’s locked away from the game anyway and they’re just creating getting.

A season pass out of it and it’s content that should be in the game uh game anyway like you could debate that forever New Game Plus on the other hand.

That this is why like this is something that has been just a core feature in gaming for as long as I can remember.

So many games have had new game plus, dragon infinite wealth and now we’re locking it behind DLC look I’m still excited for like a dragon infinite wealth.

Is Kiryu dying in Infinite Wealth?

dragon infinite wealth
Is Kiryu dying in Infinite Wealth?

I have so much hype and anticipation towards these games, dragon infinite wealth we know that we’re going to get 5070 100 hours of gameplay.

Out of this but even with that even as excited as I am for it I do do have to try to remove my fandom for this franchise.

Call it as I see it look I’m happy Sega hasn’t gone the route of doing the Early Access gimmick into their games but they are pushing.

The envelope when it comes to these Deluxe editions I mean Persona 3’s digital Premium Edition which they are also publishing that includes.

A digital art book a digital soundtrack and the Persona 3 reload DLC pack that’s 100 bucks includes a bunch of costumes and purchasable content.

That stuff’s not anything crazy for me until I hear the actual specifics the Persona sets I I am a little bit cautious about but at the end of the day.

That’s not too crazy and it’s 100 bucks like I feel like that’s fine um as that being the content like it’s optional content that’s not a big deal New Game Plus on the other hand.

What’s the longest Yakuza game?

dragon infinite wealth
What’s the longest Yakuza game?

That’s a big deal and I think people should make a big deal out, dragon infinite wealth of that because guys they’re just going to continue to do stuff.

This um and I get it they’re trying to figure out ways to get more money for the games because every game is whether or not.

It gets more expensive returning a profit is the biggest element to this and how do you get more money out of the individual purchases.

Well you get them to buy these Deluxe editions, dragon infinite wealth and whatnot the ultimate edition I believe is $110.

And that gets you um an assorted outfit bundle sujiman and Resort bundle and Yak a CD collection set.

That stuff don’t really care about New Game Plus on the other hand absolutely egregious for this to be in a deluxe edition.

As excited as I am for this game and uh even though it’s one of my most s SP games of the Year guys I got to call it.

I see it and I do not like this whatsoever and I need to bring attention to it PC Gamer was the one that did a full article.

Is Like a Dragon longer than Yakuza 5?

dragon infinite wealth
Is Like a Dragon longer than Yakuza 5?

On this and how this came to my attention so credit to them but had to give my two cents on it because.

I think it’s absolutely whack and I’m still super excited for this game look I’m going to be a sucker and play the game anyway like.

What can I do but I can at least you know get vent my opinions and thoughts on the situation and that’s coming from somebody.

As you guys know I talk about these games and how rgg is one of the best Studios on the planet however you know to defend rgg a little bit usually decisions.

This come from the publisher they’re looking and focused on making the biggest return on their investment and I don’t know who ultimately made.

Is Yakuza: Like a Dragon successful?

dragon infinite wealth
Is Yakuza: Like a Dragon successful?

That decision of locking New Game Plus into a deluxe edition but yeah whoever it was absolutely whack that’s my two cents definitely want to hear.

Your guys thoughts am I making this too much of a big deal um that’s just this is just not a sign that I like to see I just think the these ways that these Publishers.

Are going in terms of monetizing these Deluxe and ultimate editions not a fan of this whatsoever you guys know.

I hate the Early Access gimmick and I absolutely hate this as well well so your thoughts down below sound off.

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