2024 in year TCL QM8 Specs

We are here at CES 2024 TCL QM8 and this is my favorite time of year and I am so hyped because right now.

I’m in the TCL booth now TCL is the official TV partner of the NFL which brings me to the reason that I’m here right now.

The Charles TCL QM8 Woodson the legendary NFL Hall of Famer I’m going to be taking him through the tour of the TCL booth and showing.

Him all of the TCL QM8 awesome televisions and you guys may have seen my review of the 98 in that I recently just did.

It’s here and we’re going TCL QM8 to check it out so come on let’s go find Charles all right Charles we are here at CES at the TCL.

Booth on the field here I feel like this is kind of your home tur I’m kind of at at home on the field when I see all the lines and the numbers it takes me back to my playing days.

Does tcl qm8 specs 2024 release date usa

Does tcl qm8 specs 2024 release date usa

But actually TCL QM8 being out here amongst all the tech I’m out of place so you need to help me out a little bit all right.

We’ll go from your TCL QM8 Turf to my turf there we go I like let’s go let’s go check it out there’s so much fun stuff to see I can’t wait all right.

We’re cruising through the booth here I’m in all and I don’t know where my eyes should go next real question though we’re not going to go there.

Now but are you a gamer to play games at all I’m not a gamer great my son is a gamer so maybe you can help me learn what he’s doing.

So you’ve learned a thing or two though yes okay so this is the QD mini LED TV wall like this is just so beautiful is that actual water no.

It’s just a television oh okay I me that’s the crazy thing is how expansive the technology has gotten also for consumers too like the price point has come down.

Why TCL QM8 Specs

Why TCL QM8 Specs

These things are actually affordable now yes they want this to be accessible to everyone so the pricing is key sure.

It’s so beautiful and look how realistic it is yes I mean imagine this like in your home uh you know what I am imagining it and I’m going to have some in my home.

So I can’t wait it’s so great I love it so this is kind of the start of our tour it’s the entrance to the booth but there’s something else really cool.

That I want to show you it’s a it’s a movable couch a movable couch yeah you’ll see you’ll see okay I’m following you I’m following you all right so this is actually a 98 in television.

Which back in the day TCL QM8 like I would have thought this was tooo large but I I recently just got one in my living room.

It’s surpris wait we’re moving oh we are moving we are moving oh my goodness they say we don’t need seat belts but apparently we do.

I love this demo TCL QM8 because it’s kind of showing you that even if you think that the TV might be too large for your living room no matter.

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Why tcl qm8 specs 2024 remote

Why tcl qm8 specs 2024 remote

The distance that you are from it it still looks crystal clear and it is such an immersive experience yeah well what’s amazing about.

It is that you do think that 98 TCL QM8 is too big but now that as I see it in contrast with its surrounding it doesn’t seem like it’s too big.

It’s a per perfect fit for any room you hearing like a 98 television like years ago you would think that’s like something you would only see.

He where you going TCL QM8 to put it exactly but now they’re so thin they’re super lights and obviously like the viewing angles too.

I mean we’re sitting pretty close and it’s still is crystal clear all right let’s see what else is in the booth all right let’s go oh my good oh here it is this is the 115 in QD mini LED.

This is the world’s largest one this is what I’ve been hearing about now the thing that is so fascinating about this is this has 20,000 local diving zones.

What is the refresh rate of the QM8?

What is the refresh rate of the QM8?

Which is going to give you super TCL QM8 clear picture the contrast and like just the colors I mean look at this it is it honestly feels like real life well.

All I’m doing right now is imagining myself sitting in my theater room and looking at that let’s just take a walk around it first because I this is the first time.

I’ve seen this and it’s surprisingly thin such a massive TV I mean the thing that they’ve done you know with televisions nowadays is just mind.

I think I have to get this one all right there’s more to see all right let’s go all right so I wanted to show you the TV that I have in my home I have the 98 in version.

This the best part about this too is it does have like a game mode as soon as I turn on my Xbox or whatever console I’m playing it’ll automatically switch.

The refresh rate everything is just set up so that I can start gaming so it’s it’s really cool so you love this television let me blow your mind with a fun fact okay TCL on Black Friday.

Decided that they were going to give away a mill million doll worth of 98 in televisions if there was a 98 yd touchdown return a 98 yd touchdown and guess what was there one somebody did it zon Holland from the Miami Dolphins returned.

What operating system does the TCL QM8 have?

What operating system does the TCL QM8 have?

Interception back 99 yards for a touchdown and TCL gave away a million dollars worth of Television well I so excited that all those people get to enjoy it.

Because honestly This TV has been it’s literally been a game changer like I keep saying that but it it has just changed not only being able to watch content.

Gaming everything and TCL QM8 it’s just been so such a fun addition to the home well we’ve been talking about how real everything looks on.

This television how scared are you when you’re playing Call of Duty when somebody’s aiming that gun right at you it’s a little scary cuz I move like a massage chair.

Right in front of it and then I’m just sitting there I mean it’s like a scene of a movie I mean I just sit there and just game and it’s just it’s great.

I don’t think there’s any massage chairs in the v of fil so yeah that’s we’re we’re we’re alone in that well I got to get the Call of Duty because I want to experience.

That on on this as well oh do you TCL QM8 I do I got to get it I got to get it I believe that might be possible today today I think so you’re going to show me.

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Can i operating system does the TCL QM8 have?

Can i operating system does the TCL QM8 have?

How to you’re going to show me how to play we’ll see please do okay we got more to see all right bye TV I’ll see you at home all right so this is the new flagship QD mini LED TV.

And this ranges from the 55 to the 98 that we already saw and what’s really exciting about this is it’s going to be really great for consumers.

Because this could go up to 2400 nits of brightness which especially if you’re in a well lit room it’s going to be super bright it also has 1,500 local dimming zones.

And this is really cool see TCL QM8 this is actually a great example so if you see all of those blacks like the lights on the panel actually turn off.

So it really gives you that true sense of the depth and the Blackness and the color so I was I was wondering what the dimming zones meant.

And so you just explained to me so anytime I see any area where there’s black they turn completely off exactly it’s literally exactly.

What it means TCL QM8 local dimming so this is uh entry level and so what does that mean to the consumer more about price point.

What OS does TCL smart TV use?

What OS does TCL smart TV use?

But also what I love about tcl2 is like the quality is I mean TCL QM8 obviously like you’re looking at these compared to some of these other ones.

It still looks so fantastic still got great quality yeah so no matter what level you come in that quality is going to be there but it might be a little lighter for your pocketbook.

We love that we love to see it love okay we’ve got more things to see come on man let’s go let’s go we’ve moved on from televisions but these are so cool.

So this is tcl’s next paper and okay TCL QM8 pick this up and tell me what you see like it looks a little bit different than a normal tablet right.

It does not so much uh not as much light yeah emitting from the screen and it’s almost like you’re looking at a picture like a print out so they’re using this layered LCD technology.

To make it so there’s like no glare TCL QM8 like you can take this outside in different conditions which I I love reading and like using my computer at the pool.

It’s usually too sunny so with this that’s going to give you such a better viewing angle and everything you’ll actually be able to see it I’ve seen a lot of things.

Is TCL an Android or smart TV?

Is TCL an Android or smart TV?

I’ve used a lot of different types of tablets TCL QM8 but this is on honestly like it it’s it’s super Innovative and it actually is really easy on your eyes.

There’s also two other modes on here so we have the next paper mode which it’ll turn it all into like black and white so it looks like it’s an e-reader and then there’s another mode.

Where it’ll give it a little bit of color so you can still watch videos but it filters out all of the blue light so it’s it’s really great if you’re you before you go to bed.

If you want to watch something and you don’t want to kind of trick your brain into seeing too much for that blue light I think TCL tried to think of everything.

I think they have they have they have this is so cool I love all right so we just saw the next paper on a tablet now it’s also coming to the phone check this out phone too.

This actually going to be coming out later this year so this is not a prototype like this is this is something real intangible this so it does all the same same features.

That’s so strange to see it’s so like TCL QM8 I don’t even know what I’m looking at right now what what am I looking at right now that’s inredible w wow.

I’m looking forward to checking out this Tech so fun should we take a selfie on it let’s do it we the first to do this.

How do I update my TCL TV software?

How do I update my TCL TV software?

We the first to take a selfie on this phone it ain’t even out yet so what’s a great TV without Great Sound this is their 2024.

Lineup of sound bars and subwoofers and you’ve got lots of options I can’t wait to experience it we’re going to right now actually this is going to be the best of the best.

This is going to be cool so we can see what each thing sounds like the TV TV plus the bar or the bar so right now this is just the sound bar just bar.

Which sounds so good TV plus bar [Music] oh yeah and what’s cool about that is it’s actually using the television as the center speaker and then it’s able to use the left and right from the Soundbar.

Is TCL a good brand for TV?

Is TCL a good brand for TV?

So here’s just the TV I mean it still sounds really good well let’s go back I want I want the other sound though let me get the other sound.

Let me get that oh man yeah come on so good I mean can you imagine imagine watching a game on this like it would actually feel like.

You’re there yeah I think you know you’re watching the game and you see these guys running to each other and all of a sudden it.

Comes from back here and you you might jump you feel like you’re actually in the game like that sound is amazing.

I’m not going to lie this actually sounds better than I thought it was going to like this has exceeded my expectations.

What I know I can’t I can’t hear you what’ you say so great no that is awesome man I love that can they even hear us yes probably not it’s cool hey this sounds.

A Vegas nightclub this where we at we’re here so I think it’s finally time to do some gaming I don’t know.

Does anyone still use TCL?

Does anyone still use TCL?

What we’ve been waiting on I we’re waiting on you well let’s do it let’s go okay it’s finally game time you’re at home over here I am at home actually.

What’s really cool about this too is you can change the game picture mode so again I play a lot of first person.

So I would keep it there but depending upon the type of game you can change the Picture Style to fit your needs and it’s also got Shadow enhancer.

So you can see the different levels here so there’s so many different game types and with this it just really lets you kind of customize to exactly.

What you like I think that I need to coach you through are you going to you’re going to let me play and all you’ve been talking about is gaming well.

I’ll say afterwards I’ll play but uh yeah so this we’re going to be playing it looks like we’re playing a mission in the campaign so uh to aim we’re going to hit.

Here to shoot oh okay we actually we’re throwing a molotovs right okay oh my God I’m lost okay here you go just just go just go okay keep going all right.

What is the lifespan of a TCL TV?

What is the lifespan of a TCL TV?

you’re Square sorry you’re right but you’re getting shot so just run you got a kill you saw that yes.

All right you ready yep let’s go oh that was terrible the important thing is you caught it we’re going to try one more time okay okay okay now.

I’m ready this is it what’s your sister’s name Jenna Jenna for you oh no that’s that’s what I’m talking about man just caught the ball if you’re a TCL partner.

You got to learn how to catch because they’re a partner of the NFL look what she just did should I try to throw it or why not hey why not okay let’s try.

You going to put your fingers here you want have a couple of your fingers on this thread cuz that’s going to help you spin it all right all right.

All I want you to do is try to keep that elbow here in front know you boom nice Easy Motion okay all right got it okay I’m going to go out for a pass you got here you stay here.

I’ll go out for a pass it’s going to be set hut I need you to just put it right here in my basket all right all right ready set hut oh god oh oh that was actually good all.

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