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CES 2024 officially, Samsung first look and CES unveiled and so in this video we’re going to go over everything interesting.

That I saw at these two events starting off CES Live 2024 with Samsung and it’s first looked at its new products and Innovations for CES Live 2024.

This year Samsung came out hot with some beefed up Tech in its TVs and monitors now we have a new anti-glare OLED TV.

Which honestly one of the biggest issues with oleds in general is brightness levels and then like the brightness in the room can impact.

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CES Live 2024, The glare on the screen and uh yeah it’s an issue with olets but Samsung has seemingly solved all of that here with this anti-reflective coating on these new OLED TVs.

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So as you can see here there’s a simulated window on a non uh anti-reflective OLED and you can see the reflection inside of the TV and then on this one over here.

You can see that that reflection CES Live 2024 and the glare is completely gone so pretty cool and something that I definitely am keeping my eyes on because.

I have a lot of glare in my living room and this could really solve that problem Samsung has also announced the world’s first 8K projector with a wireless onec connect box.

CES 2024 Floor Plan CES Live 2024

So now you get “CES Live 2024” this big beautifully projected 8K image and then any devices that you want to connect to the projector you no longer.

CES 2024 Floor Plan

Need to do you can just put it on this one connect box and that will wirelessly transmit the signal to your projector it’s amazing Samsung also made.

This really cool transparent micro LED and LCD displays for some reason it’s really hard for me to explain how weird this looks but uh I’m sure the article isn’t really doing it justice either.

You’re seeing here an image and the text at the Forefront of One display and that display is transparent and there’s another image so with the soccer.

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ces 2024 exhibitor list

Here you’re seeing CES Live 2024 the words goal and any kind of stats and stuff pop up that’s the first part of the image that’s transparent that’s the first display and behind that.

25G Technologies
3Smart Charging Plug Simulator
4American Association of Retired Persons
8High-Tech Retailing/E-Commerce
10John Deere
And More ces 2024 exhibitor “CES Live 2024”

Is the actual CES Live 2024 soccer that’s happening and the players running around that’s a different image that’s behind it so you can see just how transparent.

ces 2024 exhibitor list

It is and uh here with the newspaper behind all of this kind of uh uh animation that’s going on so this is the transparent display with the animations then the newspapers to kind of give you the idea.

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What’s behind CES Live 2024 it see-through displays never thought I’d see that not sure the use case but pretty interesting nonetheless we also saw a new 2d/3d monitor.

How many people attend CES 2024?

That does not require you to wear glasses while gaming in 3D this is another thing that probably won’t showcase CES Live 2024 a pretty amazing thing to see in real life.

The monitor uses the cameras to track the person in front of the displays eyes and the movements and everything that might happen and some how this Tech.

CES Live 2024 Can adjust the 3d effect based on your position and your eye movements it’s wild it certainly wasn’t perfect especially with everyone standing behind me.

It was starting to pick up other people but when it does work it works really well and if you want to you can easily switch back to 2D if you want to get some work done then switch back to 3D if you want to continue.

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Gaming it’s pretty cool another random product CES Live 2024 that I absolutely love is this music frame it’s fully customizable you can put any picture or album cover that you want on this Frame you can easily swap.

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It out if you need to and there are two tweeters and two subwoofers behind it uh two mini woofers and honestly it delivers some pretty insane sound for this form factor.

CES Live 2024 And you can group multiple frames together for music or you can also group multiple uh together with a soundbar so you have a very discret Soundbar like surround sound setup.

Which is really really cool CES Live 2024 then at CES we saw a few interesting new products that are going to make its way to the market here in 2024 and starting with narwhal.

This company has a new robot mop and vacuum combo that’s honestly perfect for pet owners like myself whose dogs shed a ton and that hair gets Tangled in the brushes happens to all of my vacuums.

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Can anyone go to CES Las Vegas?

It’s really frustrating this new narwhal Frio X Ultra has the ability to suck up pet dander without it getting caught or Tangled in the brush thanks to some great.

Can anyone go to CES Las Vegas?

New design Innovations and there’s also the bag in which all of the dander and dust and dirt and everything goes into which can be automatically compressed.

CES Live 2024 So that you can actually fit more inside and then just easily throw away Balon is going to be launching some new ch2 Chargers this year that’s going to be kind of the new thing over the next year.

or two is a lot more ch2 Chargers and its popular 3in1 doc now has a swiveling iPhone Mac save holder faster charging for your Apple watch.

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Your airpods as well along with these ch2 chargers there’s also a new stand do pro which is the world’s first product.

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That works with CES Live 2024 Apple’s dock kit and the process is really simple you pair it via NFC and then any Mac safe enable iPhone.

Will go on CES Live 2024 the Mac safe Dock and you’ll launch the camera app and it’ll begin tracking your face all around full 360 rotation.

Can even pan or tilt to make sure CES Live 2024 that you’re always in the frame charge had some old retro Mac inspired Gan Chargers.

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That honestly CES Live 2024 look really cool if you’re into this sort of stuff it reminds me of the old Macintosh computers.

CES 2024 tickets price?

You know it can also charge your iPhone or any product via USBC which is nice and uh yeah lastly I found this curig like pod machine for ice cream not really something.

That’s related to Apple in any way but I mean you just kind of stick one of these cold snap can looking pod things into the machine and then you uh get fresh ice cream without like any mess.

Whatsoever it’s actually pretty fantastic I even sampled the ice cream it was really really good uh so this could be incredibly to own but it’s still a really cool machine.

No pun intended and that’s it for now CES uh showroom floors will open up on Tuesday but there will be other little micro events like this along.

CES 2024 las vegas location

The way we have pepcom and showstoppers like usual so be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss all of our CES content for 2024.

CES 2024 las vegas location

The Sony pration has been the leader in gaming Innovation for decade today we are happy to announce.

A new solution for special content Creation with a Cris viewing experience and intuitive interaction for 3D design.

We are enabling creators to shape and edit 3D models we expanding the creation space Space by overlaying virtual objects into physical spaces.

With seamless access to Virtual objects creators can work in real space with an immersive development experience.

Las vegas convention center

There is another space with an opportunity to bring more creativity the mobility space first iow me to bring the latest prototype on stage.

Las vegas convention center

Today I will using this this is a PlayStation controller de [Music] sense I’d like to talk about two topics AI for AAS and Mobility.

As a creative entertainment space and here uses Advanced sensing devices with image sensors Rider and rater here we compare object detection using a traditional CNN.

Computional neural network and vision Transformer as you can see it’s difficult to see hidden people behind the vehicle in back right.

The truck in front of you at night we are developing the Ed simulator utilizing gaming technology of Epic Games.

CES 2024 las vegas schedule

Although it looks real everything is recreated in the viral space from here I like to talk about our initiative to involve Mobility.

CES 2024 las vegas schedule

As a creative entertainment Space by combining the a simulator with ar in addition map data can also be used to broaden the possibilities within the development of gaming and entertainment.

Features we utilize the gaming engine on engine files we support the latest un Engine 5 5.3 to do so we plan to establish diverse development environments.

Create Community creative Community among users and creators allowing access to vehicle data driving data and other related information in order to realize UniQue Ideas.

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So we’re going from buttons on a screen to conversational and multimodal from siloed apps and manual Integrations to integration by default instead of the in vehicle experience.

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feeling like a separate State you can now bring your digital life into the vehicle with you for Mobility Safety and Security for the customer and their data.

Are top of mind we believe that AI systems must be responsible by Design today I have shared two topics AI for aers and Mobility.

As a creative entertainment space we will continue to redefine the relationship between people and Mobility so the power of Technology aiming for for the transformation of Mobility lifestyle please stay tuned thank you thank you for we us with us today enjoy CS.

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