Michigan vs Washington 2024 National Championship on win

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Hail to the victors Michigan victorious in the national championship 34 to 13 missed Michigan vs Washington opportunities and a suffocating defense is the difference.

As Jim Harbaugh perhaps goes out a winner delivering Michigan’s First National Championship since 1997 back here with two-time Super Bowl champ briyan mcfaden.

Welcome to CBS Sports HQ college football analyst Barrett s BAC Michigan and defense still wins championships your reaction is what wow wow.

You talk about a team that was well coached a team that was extremely physical for four quarters a team that slowed down neutralized one of the more Elite passing attacks in college football.

Michigan vs Washington Led by outstanding prototypical quarterback I mean Michigan hats off you talk about a team that got off to a fast start and kind of whether the storm.

Where will the national championship be played in 2024?

When Washington, Michigan vs Washington win a Game started to punch punch back Barrett I mean just the physical nature was the answer for Michigan and that’s what we saw in the second hal.

Michigan vs Washington
Where will the national championship be played in 2024?

That’s that’s been their style of play since Coach Harbaugh uh got there became the head coach I mean you talk about time a team.

That does they don’t mind doing it the dirty way the hard way and that’s what we saw for four quarters tonight and because of that the national champions Washington.

The Joe more award-winning offensive line and Michigan made them look like the Bob Moore award winning finishing offensive line I don’t even know.

Who Bob Moore is but Michigan, Michigan vs Washington owned that line of scrimmage consistently that offensive line for Washington was flat out embarrassed and look we talked about.

Has Michigan ever won a national championship?

Before the game how great Michael pennx is under pressure sliding up in the pocket climbing the pocket eluding that pressure and still delivering deep downfield on.

Michigan vs Washington
Has Michigan ever won a national championship?

Michigan vs Washington, A dime he didn’t do that because there were five dudes in his face almost every single down so credit to Michigan even when they didn’t Blitz it looked.

The offensive line for Washington thought they were blitzing they did a great job disguising things and man it was it was Total Domination by Michigan.

It was close in the second half at times Michigan vs Washington but I mean I with with a with a team like that with a defense like that you know beack you were right defense does win championships.

Talk about a missed opportunity 11 minutes to go there’s a holding penalty on an offensive lineman that negates a 32 yard pass play to Rome adun.

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Who won the national championship 2024?

They just could not connect all night long but that play proved to be so critical as Michigan goes down and eventually scores after an interception.

Won 2024:

Michigan prevails over Washington 2024

But I mean that play right there was sort of what represented this game the missed opportunities for Washington yeah Washington.

Michigan vs Washington
Who won the national championship 2024?

They needed a spark and let me uh first thing I want to say be clear that was the right call it was holding I understand people may say well it was a little bit you know Ticky Tac.

They didn’t have have to call call it yes Michigan vs Washington it was holding and that’s just the way the game flowed for Washington.

They couldn’t get out of their own way Michigan vs Washington you talk about offens lineman you know false starts things like that that was just an a sloppy game from Washington.

When did Michigan last win a championship?

Especially when you look at the quarterback in Michael pennis and you’re right hakee if they could have found a way to complete that pass and kind of jump.

Michigan vs Washington
When did Michigan last win a championship?

Start you know a second half effort who Michigan vs Washington knows how the ending of the game would have looked you know what I mean but that was the telling sign.

If I’m not mistaken guys I think it was wh 10 to 17 or 1713 at that point when it happened in the third quarter 20 to 13 20 to 13 one score game one score game.

You’re down by seven you get opportunity to get that going a 30 plus yard reception and of course you right outside of the red area who knows but that was the right call referees did did exactly.

What they were supposed to do in Michigan and Michigan vs Washington you got to look at Barrett talked about their front the guys rushing the passes they did a great job in keeping.

How many titles does Michigan have?

The office, Michigan vs Washington alignment on their heels because we saw a lot of penalty something that we did not see consistent ly from Washington especially.

The offensive line play in tonight’s matchup yeah the holding call was was killer I’ll go back to the third quarter though late in the third quarter third and eight.

Michigan vs Washington

The Michigan nine yd Line Michigan vs Washington has all the momentum JJ McCarthy runs up the middle for 22 yards now that didn’t lead to any points but it flipped.

The field Washington took over after the punt on the 11 yard line and that all the momentum was on Washington’s side at that point and and that sort of deflated.

I think the entire building deflated the Washington sideline a little bit Yeah they stayed in the game and certainly had a chance up until.

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Michigan vs washington national championship football

The Midway point of that fourth quarter but that game could have been much much different had that 22 yard scramble from JJ McCarthy not happened.

Michigan vs Washington
Michigan vs washington national championship football

So I think those are the two turning points that scramble by McCarthy and then that pass to Odun which was negated by the holding penalty.

Those two things Michigan vs Washington don’t happen it’s a much different ball game well they they force the punt right Washington does and and then.

They’ve got a third and four situation and will Nixon drops the football for a sure first down and that was also another killer for Washington.

Look Michael J yeah a lot Michigan vs Washington of drops and a lot of misconnections and look Michael penx Jr hadn’t thrown two interceptions in a game.

Are Michigan and Washington undefeated?

Michigan vs Washington He he’d only done it once this season way back early in the season like this was uncharacteristic of Michael penx Jr.

Michigan vs Washington
Are Michigan and Washington undefeated?

Why is uncharacteristic because a defense does that putting the pressure on pennx you heard you heard Barrett s say the Joe Moore award giving him time.

You want to talk about Michigan vs Washington the Relentless effort BAC and the tackling from Michigan my goodness put on a clinic if you want to see and understand.

What a good defense great defense looks like watch how they tackle an open space Michigan they had some issues a week ago against Alabama especially guys in the second secondary.

Not really tackling but for the entire season they’ve been one of the best tackling defenses in all of college football.

When did Michigan last win the national championship?

The stats prove that but one thing I like about Michigan vs Washington Michigan when you see their Blitz Concepts it’s not about just showing you where we going.

Michigan vs Washington
When did Michigan last win the national championship?

Where we coming from they Michigan vs Washington do a great job in manipulating their disguise so as a quarterback.

When you think you see and you Michigan vs Washington know where they’re coming from no it’s the opposite direction and for the first time in the entire season.

We felt like we were watching Michael be he was confused he didn’t know exactly where to slide the line the offensive line as you mentioned bar.

The best offensive line in college football Michigan vs Washington they were confused because of the concepts when you just show offensive.

Who is Michigan’s coach?

Where you’re going it’s easy for them to pick it up and slide and what do we see all the time especially in college football quarterbacks.

Michigan vs Washington
Who is Michigan’s coach?

See what’s going Michigan vs Washington on the entire offense looks to the sideline to get the actual check to be able to counter based on.

What they think you’re doing what Michigan does is they show you one thing but they’re coming from a whole another side of the football field.

Often times they’re coming through Michigan vs Washington Scott free we saw so many free hats coming down the teeth of the offense the entire ball game.

We saw Michael pennis for the first time as I mentioned a bit rattled yeah he was definitely rattled and you know what’s interesting bmac is Michigan disguises Blitz.

Who was the best Michigan coach?

Where they’re coming from but a lot of Michigan vs Washington times they just give you a blitz look and I think for Michael pennick.

He was definitely confused he was seeing ghost because where even if he thought he knew where the blitz was coming from Michigan wouldn’t Blitz.

At all and he was still rushing to throw and I think that led to a lot of overthrows in the first half and you know while while while Michigan maybe forgot.

How to run the football in the second quarter Washington after had chance after chance after chance to get back in it but Michael pennet NE Pedic never seemed to get settled even.

When Michigan was only bringing four so he was Michigan vs Washington definitely seeing out there Michigan’s defensive game plan was phenomenal.

Who coaches Michigan football today?

Because even if they didn’t bring pressure it almost Michigan vs Washington felt like they brought pressure because the offensive line was all over the place and fck.

Michigan vs Washington
Who coaches Michigan football today?

Seeing you want to talk about a disparity rushing the football disparity uh 303 to 46 B I have that is not good not good at all for Washington.

Give credit for Dylan Johnson to go out there and keep to in the Rock but he was that that didn’t work man that did not work it was an unfair situation because.

Dylan Johnson came into the game not Michigan vs Washington healthy and he got banged up while playing the ball game.

He tried to fight we’re still mad about that but but against this defense if you’re not 100% you’re playing running back.

You’re not going to have success and if you go back to our Michigan vs Washington pregame show we talked about matchups and which side did we favor and why.

Who is Michigan’s temporary coach?

When you talk about the game in the Michigan vs Washington trenches remember the one thing I said Michigan is a 907 team. They practice 907 drills that’s an inside physical on physical type mindset and that’s something.

That they practice week in and week Michigan vs Washington out at halftime they had 209 yards on the ground average 12 yards they finished the ball game with 304 yards four rushing touchdowns.

If you want to win ball games win the game within the game that’s in the trenches Michigan did so Washington had no answer but I’ll say this though Barrett even though Michigan carved him up running the football in the second half Washington defense.

Were forc they were forcing Michigan to punt the football I mean Michigan won this ball game guys but they were one of nine on third down so third down opportunities Washington played their best football unfortunately.

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What did Michigan get in trouble for?

Their offense couldn’t get things going yeah it seemed interesting because on the first drive two drives for Washington they seemed like they were definitely trying to run the football.

Michigan vs Washington
What did Michigan get in trouble for?

They wanted to establish the run and I think that was so Michael pennick would be more comfortable that Michigan wouldn’t pin their ears back and come after the quarterback.

It it just didn’t work now Dylan Johnson getting hurt and coming back and leaving and coming back probably uh disrupted that script a little bit but I mean I think that really changed.

The entire spectrum of what they were trying to do because after that it was almost like Washington just sort of you know put the put the run to the side and said all right we’re just going to try to do what we do and Chuck The Ball Deep even if M penx has pressure in his face and you look at.

How was Michigan stealing signs?

What that caused two of 14 on third Downs for Washington I mean Michigan vs Washington it just was a a disastrous game plan from the jump and it’s not because of anything.

That Washington did going into the game in terms of formulating that game plan it was just how Michigan completely blew it up from the get-go four rushing touchdowns.

They set the tone with Donovan Edwards a 41 yd touchdown Michigan vs Washington and our own chip Patterson had uh d Edwards to score the first touchdown at plus 13300.

So shouts to chip Michigan vs Washington Patterson on that and shouts to Jim Harbaugh because if this is his swan song pretty good way to go out winning the national championship.

He defeats Washington 34-13 B Ma I’m gonna say two words he gone yes yes yes r Joe muso muso who is a big time Chicago Bears fan.

He’s already you know asking for the Bears to try to go get Coach Harbaugh to become the next head coach heck they they still have a coach currently.

What is Michigan theft?

Joe so I don’t know what you’re talking about but yeah he he’s gone uh when you think about the job he’s done collegiately uh he went out jump started.

Michigan vs Washington
What is Michigan theft?

This program on the recruiting Trail you remember when he was doing the satellite camps and was making big headlines because of that in comes.

All the bigname recruits you know had some some issues against Ohio State but when he found a way to get over that hurdle against the Buckey man good luck.

It was hard slowing this train down uh making it consistently into the college football playoffs you know oneand done situations not winning ball games.

Then answering those questions like he did this year what else is there for him to prove his name is hot he will be the most coveted potential NFL coach.

That would be available if he decides to leave Michigan and I’m sorry Michigan fans you might not want to hear this but this is the reality he will be the most coveted coach.

Which US state has the most championships?

I’am saying that even if Bill bich is a free agent if the Patriots and Robert crafts says you know what coach coach bich enough is enough.

It’s time to go ahead and part ways I think Harbaugh will be a more coveted coach than bill bich yeah Barett what what point would.

I mean what would what would hold him back I mean you just won the National Championship.

What what purpose what do you need to prove defending it I mean it’s harder to sustain success than it is to to to to keep get success.

I mean look at Jee chisik look at Ed oron those are perfect examples but I I don’t know if that’s going to be enough I I agree with BAC I think har Ball’s gone.

I mean the Falcons don’t have a coach but the a of of Jim Harbaugh and Arthur Blank working together does not seem like it would work out.

How many wins does Michigan State have?

So well but I think you know it’s weird because Michigan has always sort of accepted this right he’s flirted with jobs the last couple of years.

Michigan vs Washington

He’s kept his team a breast of what’s going on including last year on national Signing Day when he was talking to an NFL team.

So I think it’s a sort of a different Dynamic and because of that I think everybody would be okay if this is it right because he’s leaving on top Michigan wins.

The national championship he would be leaving Michigan in as healthy of a place as it’s been maybe ever right so I think in some situations it would seem sort.

He’s abandoning the program but I think this would be fine for everybody I think everyone’s sort of cool with it and certainly Jim Harbaugh among potential NFL candidates.

He’s going to have his pick if he’s had the chance to go the last couple of seasons and either didn’t like the job or didn’t get the job.

Who has won more games Michigan or state? Michigan vs Washington

He’s going to get a ton of money thrown at him right now from basically every NFL team that has a vacancy and he’s going to get to pick.

Where he goes so yeah I think this is it and good for him you know like I said he he’s left the program in a place better place than it’s ever been in the past.

He’s walking out on top and he still has an NFL dream to Chase he hasn’t won a Super Bowl been to one but hasn’t won one and think about.

What that would mean if he’s able to win a national Championship in college and win a Super Bowl that would put him as one of the best coaches regardless of sport in the history of of America American Sports.

Who is Michigan’s biggest rival?

Lost to his brother in the Super Bowl and his brother was on the field in Houston one of the first to hug him to congratulate.

Michigan vs Washington
Who is Michigan’s biggest rival?

Him as a national champs Jim Harbaugh delivers the Wolverines their 10th National Championship in school history and first since 1997 Brian mcfaden Barrett.

Here on CBS Sports HQ and look it didn’t start out great uh for Michigan in the college football playoff um they they they weren’t all that great really.

They were one- six in bowl games under Jim Harbaugh and then they won both of their cfp games this season as they win the Rose Bowl.

They win The Natty 34-13 Jim Harbaugh leading the Wolverines to the National Championship coming up back out to Houston.

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