Geoegia Tech UCF win the 2024 & Gasprilla Bowl?

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The Georgia Tech Team head coach Brent key players Amari Harvey Jamal Haynes Haynes King coach if you get started started and give us a comment on the game yeah uh just first off thanks.

Geoegia Tech & UCF win To the gas barill bowl and the City of Tampa for the hospitality this week it’s been a great experience for the for these guys to be able to come down here and be in some good weather and enjoy.

Being around each other enjoy competing Geoegia Tech & UCF win, we talked all week about those really three enjoyments that were going to come from this experience.

You know number one is the experience itself number two Geoegia Tech & UCF win is the joy of preparing to come out and compete in a game and the third one we’ve got to go out and earn right we might be in a good position. 

We might be in a bad position that third one we’ve got to come out and earn and that’s the ability to raise that trophy at the end of the game and those guys did that I mean I I can’t put more proud of these.

Will georgia tech vs ucf win the 2023

Geoegia Tech & UCF win, Guys man I really couldn’t and it’s it’s about them it’s about the work they’ve put in you know if that wasn’t a a capsule of our entire season and the way that they’ve you know.

Geoegia Tech & UCF win
Will georgia tech vs ucf win the 2023

Just kept fighting and kept fighting there’s so many things they learned this year and that we learned together and you know learning how to compete learning.

  • How to play with discipline learning how to to do things the right way to play for four quarters right uh learning how to go into every game and expect to win to go.
  • Every game and expect to win regardless of the circumstances within the game that doesn’t change what our expectation is and if they’ll just just keep playing keep fighting and do things.

The right way that good things will happen they did that tonight uh just really proud of these guys that’s what it’s about of these guys and you know could can’t say enough about them okay.

Where is Georgia Tech Bowl game? Geoegia Tech & UCF win

We’ll open up the questions up in front here where you guys we’re down 14 nothing in the first quarter have to settle for a field goal then down 173 and then scored all the points rame 27 over.

Geoegia Tech & UCF win
Where is Georgia Tech Bowl game?

Geoegia Tech & UCF win, On just talk about I guess not giving up and like the that’s been like the one thing even in that Miami game here you know a couple months ago but like that’s been maybe the call the calling card for your team.

This year yeah well let’s not forget now we’ve had other teams it’s happened to as well we’ve been up 14 to nothing in a game right and didn’t come out the way.

We wanted it to right but we learned Geoegia Tech & UCF win from those M mistakes we learned from those experiences you know it’s uh I’ve heard a lot in my career don’t ever waste a failure right don’t ever waste.

Will georgia tech vs ucf win the 2023 nfl

An opportunity that you can get better from and these guys did that you know they they answered every challenge I mean I hope I hope we’re underdogs every game from now on I mean.

Geoegia Tech & UCF win
georgia tech vs ucf win the 2023 nfl

Geoegia Tech & UCF win, It’s it’s one of those things that I think but that’s what Georgia Tech is you know Georgia Tech’s a it’s a school of people that work it’s a school of people that they it teaches.

You how to figure things out it teaches you how to solve problems right it teaches you to keep pushing ahead I talk to these guys all the time about uh you can’t do anything about.

  • What’s in the past except for learn from it you can’t do anything about something in the future except for prepare for it and we have to live in the moment we have to St you know be where our feet are at all times.
  • They do that and they Geoegia Tech & UCF win kept playing they kept playing they kept playing and it’s only going to help us grow uh as as the uh as the years go on and you know we continue to move forward but.
  • You know there’s a group of guys in that locker room that’s the last time to ever wear the white and gold and what they’ve done for this program.

What they’ve done for all of Georgia Tech I I can’t I I can’t say enough Geoegia Tech & UCF win about it front here coach you were able to not only lead the team to its first ball game in a little bit.

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Georgia tech vs ucf winners and whiners

Geoegia Tech & UCF win, Things are great I mean we we challenge each other I mean I don’t say I challenge them we challenge each other to come in every day and do the absolute best we can do be the absolute best.

Georgia tech vs ucf winners and whiners

You’re able to win it like do you believe this is a start of something special here at Georgia and we I think every day is is the beginning of a new day and beginning to continue to work towards.

We can be be the best version of ourselves individually collectively as a team right and and work as hard as we can right we tell them not to look at the scoreboard.

When you’re down, Geoegia Tech & UCF win well why am I going to tell them to look forward to year what we might be that make any sense you know we’re going to enjoy the heck out of this tonight.

We’re going to enjoy this uh we’re going to enjoy the holidays with our family which you know we’ve been away from and I know the you know not just the players but.

What is Georgia Tech ranked in 2023?

The coaching staff that’s put in so many hours uh you know getting ready for this game and and recruiting uh but then we’ll be back uh we’ll be back in January and it’s a new team.

Geoegia Tech & UCF win
What is Georgia Tech ranked in 2023?

It’s new goals it’s new Geoegia Tech & UCF win aspirations it’s new camaraderie in the locker room and we’ll start it over again in the back yeah oh coach key after that slow start in the second half.

 You guys on offense and defense and kicking really control the play is that momentum is that uh adjustments was that physicality all the above yeah I mean really.

It was from the second quarter on if I’m not mistaken it was um I think there was something the first was it two or three drives they had uh 17 points maybe in the first three drives and 250 something yards.

What is Georgia Tech ranked in the world in 2024?

Geoegia Tech & UCF win, In the next seven drives they had you know just over 100 yards and zero points so you know a big part of that is the guys trusting the plan a big part of that is coach is making adjustments um you know bowl games.

Geoegia Tech & UCF win
What is Georgia Tech ranked in the world in 2024?

A little bit like the first game of the season there’s there’s a lot of unknown in them of how a team’s going to come out what they’re going to change had three weeks to prepare for you um you’ve had three weeks to PR prepare for them.

  • You know good teams have you know good teams good coaches and they have players that are willing to buy into what they’re being told and the adjustments.
  • That are being made and smart enough to go out Geoegia Tech & UCF win and do them smart enough to execute them right I mean that’s credit to these guys here second r u Amari yeah defensively.

You guys started a little slow but as the game went on it seemed like you really started to to dial into what they’re trying to do what did you see out there um it it wasn’t nothing.

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Is Georgia Tech hard to get into?

That they did it was something that we did um all year we’ve been fighting through adversity uh you find out who A real man is when they back against.

Geoegia Tech & UCF win The wall everything not going their way we just kept pushing kept pushing kept pushing to the D break yes Jamal uh First full season as a running back.

Geoegia Tech & UCF win
Is Georgia Tech hard to get into?

What would you looking back like you really seem to get better as the season went along looking back reflecting on your first year as a running back how how were you able to to get better every single game.

It seemed like and and what does it say Geoegia Tech & UCF win about the Georgia Tech offense as you guys just continue to run the ball with success uh simply just a huge shout out to the coaches and the players inside.

The locker room um making that position change wasn’t easy but with their support and with their help um it became a lot easier as the season going on and and um huge shout out to the running back room.

They always have each other’s back we always have each other’s back no matter who’s inside the game we already know that anybody can go in there and get right shout out to the o line.

What is the admit rate for Georgia Tech 2023?

The o line does a phenomenal job each each and every day day in and day out they work their tail off and that just goes to show like what this offense can really do and what can this offense.

Geoegia Tech & UCF win
What is the admit rate for Georgia Tech 2023?

Can really become in the future question brand along those same lines 27 straight running plays to end the game it’s got be pretty sweet for a former line was it really wow besides.

The knel down is it proper to say no comment what do you think it felt like it was awesome no uh you know you win you win the shest way and we got to a position.

  • Where you know now you start to Geoegia Tech & UCF win count possessions you count possessions you’re counting time on the clock uh you you’re looking at timeouts on both sides odds um you know I I had to you know I burned.
  • A couple early one of them on challenge Geoegia Tech & UCF win um but uh they had all three so that really changes the the game now so you’ve got to eat the clock and and and be able to uh and I I mean I thought the coaches not just the coaches.

Georgia tech vs ucf history

But me I thought Haynes did a heck of a job now I mean that play was coming in just like we practiced at 18 seconds we were getting it all in and he was staring at the clock.

Geoegia Tech & UCF win
Georgia tech vs ucf history

There and snapping that sucker in one second I mean that was awesome man far left over here question for haes uh coach ke was talking the other day about how your teammates respond to your leadership.

Geoegia Tech & UCF win I’m just wondering to uh this game when you got down 14 nothing I mean did you have much to say to the guys try to rally them it it was pretty much everybody.

We all came up in that huddle and we looked at each other like we’ve been we’ve been here before um we’re not going to press stick to the game plan uh trust each other everything else is going to take care.

Itself just be in a moment on that hes pardon me on that fourth down play where you kicked the field goal were you were you wanting to go for it when you came off.

What was the previous name of UCF?

“Florida Technological University” I mean yeah uh you always want to go for it but no that’s a smart decision put some points on board yeah you got to put points on the board and and that’s how you win football games.

 I had bad bad eyes on the spot I mean it looked it looked like it was a fourth and two we were fourth and one was a go the entire time we knew it it was a four it looked fourth and two to you know.

It was fourth and two whatever Geoegia Tech & UCF win I me I I then then they you know they end up spotting the ball well now the clock is at 26 seconds all right we already called the field goal team up right.

We now to be able to you know flip it back and forth they want work be able to do that very decisive from the pressx what’s that very decisive well it didn’t to me in front here or the or the guys in our Press Box.

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Is UCF prestigious?

So there you go coach the uh college football news cycle today was going to dominate with Florida State the ACC the ACC suing Florida State and there’s a lot of Chaos in different areas of the sport.

How rewarding is it to see a team you know you put on a good game you see the Joy on the players faces after the game and and and how much joy is in the locker room and H you could talk a little bit too.

Geoegia Tech & UCF win
Is UCF prestigious?

About kind of just just how there’s chaos in different areas Geoegia Tech & UCF win of the sport but like when it boils down to it it’s still all about players is this question about chaos or is this question about enjoying.

The moment with the players as far as far as Geoegia Tech & UCF win enjoying the moment with the players of course that that’s that’s what it’s about is to be able to you know sacrifice and give give up give up and uh you know to.

To give things you know a way that means something to you to be able to have a win right to be able to have the outcome that you want I have no clue what you’re talking about about anything else I don’t watch the news.

Is UCF really hard to get into?

Geoegia Tech & UCF win, I have no social media so I can’t comment on something I don’t know about back up front uh Jamal can you talk about you broke the thousand yard rushing barrier first time since 2017 Geoegia Tech & UCF win for a Georgia Tech player yes sir [Applause].

What you only needed 69 yards I don’t I do that can you just talk I mean Buster talked about how they you know called you Geoegia Tech & UCF win told you they’re moving you to running back the last day of spraying ball.

  • Can you just talk about that transition and how much that means to you to to get the Thousand yards um the transition was special um of course you’re always going to have a little doubt about.

How it’s going to go um playing wise but at the end of the day the coaches believed in me um they told me just put down my head and go to work and that’s exactly.

What I did so um huge shout out to them and as far as it was thousand yards that’s that’s not just my legs that’s honestly all to the old line I honestly owe all the respect to the old line.

Is UCF the biggest campus in America?

 I don’t even want the MVP trophy honestly I want to give it to thean if I could but they just like I said they come in day in and day out and just works their tail off and it’s just just a real moment man.

Just to see how bond that the running backs in the o line have but also just the whole entire offense and the whole team it’s very surreal moment did you not know you were that close the first Rush of the second half the 32 yard run.

Geoegia Tech & UCF win
UCF the biggest campus in America?

That was what Geoegia Tech & UCF win put you over a thousand honestly didn’t I was Hest worly about winning this game and bringing Georgia Tech back that trophy go ahead back over here question for H again you made a decision to come to Georgia Tech.

Now if this first season’s Geoegia Tech & UCF win over I mean how would you sum it up how did it go for you I mean I made the right decision you know that’s all I pretty much got to say on that.

Coach key he believed in me he he gave me another opportunity to to come play and then live out my dreams second R so one of the one of the things about bowl games.

Is UCF the largest campus in USA?

It’s a reflective moment on the season just for the players all you guys looking back on this season like describe this briefly like what is this season meant to you the es and flows the the ups and the Downs.

Geoegia Tech & UCF win You’ve had some some tough losses and some huge wins and you cap it off on in a game like this just describe the season just real briefly just players certain I mean.

Lit’s it’s what this program is about you Geoegia Tech & UCF win know uh I mean like I said earlier we wear these wristbands e plus R equals o event plus response equals outcome.

How are you going to respond when adversity hits uh like coach said you you never like never forget about a failure you you never Overlook a failure um and it’s just the response.

It it tells a lot about who you are as a person who Geoegia Tech & UCF win you are as a program and who you are as a team uh haes really harped on it um adversity is definitely on to  those losses in the beginning you just have to learn from and eventually that L disappears.

How many international students go to UCF?

Geoegia Tech & UCF win, You start earning so at the end of the day we started to earn our wins and that’s Georgia Tech football uh this season uh losing at the beginning it hurt so.

Geoegia Tech & UCF win
How many international students go to UCF?

 I start to hate to lose before the game you got to hate to lose during practice is you got to hate to lose during school you got to hate to lose before Saturday you can’t just hate to lose on Saturday.

That’s how you lose Geoegia Tech & UCF win so I mean I I seen the team shift we all matured we all grew together and yeah this guy by the way has matured more than anyone on the football team not just on the field guys.

What he’s done in the classroom Geoegia Tech & UCF win what he’s done with his life unbelievable for this guy man so proud of him man so proud of him [Applause] right I think we’ll finish up with this question here.

Brent when H was taking a knee I saw you turn around and pump up the crowd I what’s it me meant to see the support these guys have gotten as the season has progressed yeah.

How is UCF ranked academically?

Geoegia Tech & UCF win, I mean it one really pumping them up is just telling them like thank you and some of the best memories I have playing at Georgia Tech and being a tech man are are the fans the fans.

The students uh the support support that Geoegia Tech & UCF win we get and uh you know it’s awesome to see that it’s awesome to see people that are behind these guys you know.

 I see it now different than I did as a as a player as a Geoegia Tech & UCF win player it’s just support but now it’s it’s a lot of people that are that are supporting these kids and young men.

Whatever you want to say I mean but it it has a different Geoegia Tech & UCF win feel to it you know as as a coach now as it did or or would it did as a player all right gentlemen thank you very much thank you go jackets few more players.

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