NFL playoff sports are still open in 2025?

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NFL playoff and Super Bowl I go over these predictions every couple of weeks on the not a whole lot has changed this time.

There’s enough for NFL playoff sports let’s get right into it also merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone uh no matter what they celebrate uh so the current.

NFL playoff picture we have the Ravens at top of the AFC at 12 and 3 uh the Dolphins at 11 and4 sorry yep the Chiefs at 9 and six the Jaguars at 8 and S and the Browns.

At 10 and 5 um after the Browns we have the bills at the six seed at 9 and six and then 14th tied for the seven seed the Colts the Texans the Steelers and the Bengals.

All at 8 and7 in the NFC we have the ners Eagles and lions at 11-4 the Buccaneers at 8- s the Cowboys at 10 and 5 and the Rams and Seahawks.

Who is in the 2024 playoffs NFL?

At 8 and seven with a considerable NFL playoff sports number of seven and eight teamsslow just right up behind the Seahawks the AFC playoff picture.

 NFL playoff sports
Who is in the 2024 playoffs NFL?

NFL playoff sports, Looks fairly similar to what it did a couple weeks ago a lot of the seven and six teams won one game and lost one game and are now 8 and seven in the NFC.

We’ve seen a little bit more separation that NFL playoff sports we did a couple weeks ago um a lot of the teams that were seven and six or six and uh eight are starting to figure out.

Where they’re going to end up in NFL playoff sports these standings my final 2023 standings um I have the Ravens finishing at top the AFC at 14 and3 winning both of their last two games.

The Dolphins finishing at 12 and5 the Chiefs finishing at the three seed at 10- s also the Jaguars at 10- s in the four seed.

The Browns at 12-5 in the five seed and the Texans and bills making the wild card at 10- s in the six and seven seeds in the NFC I have the ners Eagles and the Lions.

Have the Texans ever won a game?

All finishing NFL playoff sports at 13 and 4 the cowboy the Buccaneers finishing at 9- 8 the Cowboys at 11- six the Seahawks at 10 and 7 and the Rams at 9 and 8 the Ravens have shown and proven.

 NFL playoff sports
Have the Texans ever won a game?

That they’re the most dominant team in the league time and time again um their only losses are some tight divisional games uh that came down to the last second or overtime.

Then a loss to the Colts early NFL playoff sports on in the year I don’t expect them to lose again for the regular season the Dolphins at 12 and5 I think is a pretty fair guess for them they.

I think that they’re going to lose NFL playoff sports one more game but uh I I even um it’s it’s it’s tough for them um to get the one seed in the AFC with the Ravens win.

They could fight for it um but I think that most likely they’ll finish 12 and five Chiefs Jaguars Texans and bills I have all finishing 10 and seven I do have the Jaguars in the four seed.

As opposed to the six seed mostly NFL playoff sports because um they have an easier schedule left than the Texans uh but if the Jaguars do drop a game then I can see.

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Did Steelers make playoffs 2024? NFL playoff sports

The Texans winning the division um but I don’t expect either of those teams to be dropping a game Houston schedule is fairly not difficult but it’s not easy I think that if CJ stad comes back.

 NFL playoff sports
Did Steelers make playoffs 2024?

Then they should be able to win both games though um the Browns at 12 and5 I do have them uh winning out winning the last two games of the Season Joe flacko is playing well and they don’t have the most difficult schedule in the world.

Then Buffalo and Kansas City NFL playoff sports I have both finishing 10 and seven I think Kansas City will drop one more game uh they have two divisional games.

Left and it’ll be it’s not a tough finish off NFL playoff sports to the season but um they’re not playing well in the NFC the ners Eagles and lions they have all winning.

Their last two games um I think that all these teams should be able to win both of their last games the Lions have the Vikings again which will be a tough divisional match up but.

Who is the newest NFL team?

I think that they’ll be able to do it and then I think that they will win their game against Dallas in the final week of the Season uh Eagles and Niners both have pretty easy schedules for their um caliber to finish off.

 NFL playoff sports
Who is the newest NFL team?

The year Tampa I have finishing nine and eight NFL playoff sports I think that that’s going to be good enough to win their division their division is all a game behind.

I don’t see any of them winning two games NFL playoff sports to finish off the year but I could technically see Tampa finishing 10 and seven um the Seahawks are at 10 and 7.

They’re going to they’re playing really well right now I think that they’re going to continue to play well and then the Rams are at 9 and 8 uh I think that they will uh continue they’ll split their last two games.

The playoffs at the seven seed in the first NFL playoff sports round of the playoffs the Ravens and the 49ers get buys I have the Dolphins beating.

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How many games Texans lost?

The bills I have the Texans beating the Chiefs and I have the Browns beating the Jaguars uh in the NFC the ners get the buy I have the Eagles beating.\

 NFL playoff sports
How many games Texans lost?

The Rams I have the Lions beating the Seahawks and NFL playoff sports I have the Cowboys beating the Buccaneers yeah I mean I’ve tried to pick upsets in the NFC.

In some of these videos but at this point point in the season NFL playoff sports these are the four NFC teams that most likely will be in the divisional round I can’t realistically.

See any teams in the divisional round other than the Rams the Rams are the only team I can see giving any of these four a run for their money in the in the wild card and I think that the Rams.

Have the most explosive offense in the NFC possibly which is NFL playoff sports why I think that that upset as possible I think that the Eagles have the edge um which is why.

I picked the Eagles in the Wild Card round match up but if NFL playoff sports I were to pick an upset it would be the Rams for sure in the AFC.

Can Raiders make playoffs?

Other than the Ravens I don’t think any team is better than any other team by any margin at all whatsoever I mean the bills can beat anyone and they can lose to anyone Houston with CJ.

 NFL playoff sports
Can Raiders make playoffs?

Shoud could arguably win the Super Bowl but NFL playoff sports he’s going to be coming back from injury so we don’t know the Browns with Joe flacko could win the Super Bowl.

But it’s we we haven’t seen the best consistency NFL playoff sports out of them and they haven’t played the toughest teams in the League Jacksonville is bad so they’re they’re the worst team in the playoffs.

The Chiefs are bad they’re probably the second worst team in the playoffs and then the Dolphins and the Ravens um are just a little bit better than every or the Dolphins.

A little bit better than everyone else uh ultimately NFL playoff sports I think that um in these matchups the Dolphins beating the Bills should be a win for the Dolphins but Buffalo has already beaten.

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Who is best team in NFL?

Them once they can beat them again uh the Jaguars game I think that the Browns should have it and then the Houston game if CJ stad is back.

Best NFL Team 2024:

Power RankTeamChange

Which he should be um and playing at his best I think that the Texans do have a better team NFL playoff sports than Kansas City with CJ stro moving on to the conference championships.

I have the uh Ravens beating the Texans the Dolphins beating the NFL playoff sports Browns the 49ers beating the Cowboys and the Lions beating the Eagles.

 NFL playoff sports
Who is best team in NFL?

This gives us our AFC and NFC championship games I do have the Dolphins playing the Ravens and the Lions playing the 49ers this might be the first time.

Since the beginning of the Season that I’ve had the Dolphins in the conference Championship uh the Dolphins have not impressed be for a lot of the season.

But their win against the Cowboys this week was enough to give me that one little push to put them in the conference Championship game.

Are the Broncos out of the playoffs?

I do think that they can they can beat anyone on any given night Any Given Sunday but um they haven’t been super consistent against good teams this year.

 NFL playoff sports
Are the Broncos out of the playoffs?

Which is why I’ve been hesitant to make them to give them uh significant playoff success but there playing well right now they’re playing this is their best ver.

One of their best versions of football all season and I think that they’re playing good uh I think that the Lions and the Niners will be in the NFC Championship Game whether.

The Rams or the uh Eagles make it to the um divisional round I think that it will be Lions versus Niners uh the Lions have AC Creed a great team.

They’re playing amazingly right now and in the 49ers although they had a bad game do have two MVP candidates on their roster and their offense and defense are some of the best in in the league.

Last but certainly not least we have my Super Bowl prediction I have the Ravens beating the ners 24 to 22 um this uh I’ve kept the same Super Bowl pick.

Are the Chiefs in the playoffs?

A while now uh I try and change it but at this point in the season it’s very tough to do that these are the two best teams in the league and I think that the Ravens are going to end.

Winning the Super Bowl this season I have them winning by two on the neutral field uh 24 to 22 I have flip-flopped on my score prediction though last week.

 NFL playoff sports
Are the Chiefs in the playoffs?

I had a or a couple weeks ago I had a much higher score prediction this week it’s gone down a little bit uh the Ravens defense has solidified more than I expected and that one uh Rams game.

  • What really brought it up but the Ravens defense other than one they’re against the Rams uh has been incredibly consistent.
  • So if the Rams can win out then the Rams might eventually be on my Super Bowl prediction we never know it depends on how they finish off.

The year the Rams do look dangerous so uh thank you guys for watching hope you guys enjoyed make sure to leave a like subscribe to the channel if you’re new and I’ll see you guys all in the next one peace.

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