The cam Ward enter the 2024 NFL Draft

NFL draft storylines cam Ward quarterback for Washington State enters the 2024 NFL draft can he LeapFrog Michael Penning.

Jr and JJ McCarthy we gonna talk about this and more coming up next you are locked on NFL draft your daily podcast covering.

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Who has the first pick of the 2024 NFL draft?

On the ones Cam Ward and twos you can find and follow me on X at dpor NFL I’m a national Scout and a senior draft analyst I got to kick.

Cam Ward
Who has the first pick of the 2024 NFL draft?

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Will there be a draft in 2024?

The end of the show wait till the middle of the show we start firing off our opinions man go ahead and drop a comment in it’s a must that we have this conversation one of the more Tuesday quarterbacks.

Cam Ward
Will there be a draft in 2024?

We’ve seen comparisons of Cam Ward Patrick Mahomes we’ve seen comparisons of you know these other freelance quarterbacks right.

We’re going to talk about how high Cam Ward can he go in the draft process we’re going to do our classic stock up stock down segment and then.

We gonna wrap this thing up with the game ball seg but DP before we get started man why don’t you hit them with our title sponsor today’s episode.

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Did Cameron Ward declare for NFL draft?

Transfer from Incarnate Word I believe it is how you pronounce that the name of that school and this was a guy we talked about a couple weeks ago Keith where was like man.

Cam Ward
Did Cameron Ward declare for NFL draft?

He entered the transfer portal we thought Cam Ward he was staying in college listed at 6 foot two 220 225 pounds you know it’s got an you know looks like.

An NFL quarterback on the season he had Cam Ward a good season statistically right 66.6 yards I mean 66.6 uh completion percentage uh threw for over 3700 yards.

On the season had 33 total touchdowns run and pass think he had 25 passing and eight rushing this is like you said is a toolsy quarterback.

How high can he go can he Leap Frog JJ where JJ Cam Ward McCarthy is or B knck and you know Michael penck Jr out of those names Keith I.

I think there’s only one guy he probably one guy he probably couldn’t Leap Frog and maybe that’s Michael penx.

Who has the top 5 picks in the NFL Draft 2024?

I think Michael pennick is a maid man you know what I’m saying I think people know what you’re getting with Michael pennick.

Cam Ward
Who has the top 5 picks in the NFL Draft 2024?

I think team people who really watch the tape and really pay Cam Ward attention and you say man JJ McCarthy High upside we don’t know.

What we’re gonna get from him like you just don’t no there’s not enough like it’s not enough reps even with two years as a starter cam War has played.

As a full-time start for four straight years right you know two Cam Ward wazu I think he can leap frog a b Knicks to to me the tools are better.

He’s a good athlete you know what I’m saying good size Cam Ward and height weight and build arm Talent arm angles I think accuracy wise.

He’s better I think there’s a higher ceiling for him and I don’t think he’s gonna I don’t think he’s a as scheme dependent as.

Which is crazy because he com from Air Raid Offense Keith so you let you tell me how you feel about that I don’t think.

How much are NFL Draft tickets?

He’s just as scheme dependent as a bonck I think bonnick has Cam Ward to go to a scheme like the Shawn McVey like the Kyle shanahans Kevin okono situations.

Cam Ward
How much are NFL Draft tickets?

2024 NFL Draft’s Where they’re going to give you a lot of easy layups they’re gon they’re going to redeat field for you and I think that’s what.

That’s what he’s going to need to succeed uh I think Cam Ward I think cam Ward absolutely can leap frog those guys just not Michael Penn.

I think Michael penin is probably gonna be solid thei qb4 yeah with DP look I’m I’m going answer this question by starting with the reason.

Why I think that it’s a good SEL like a good option for Cam Ward cam Ward to declare for the NFL draft right and I’m going do that DP I just reading off of some.

The teams that need quarterbacks right watch this I’m G start at Tampa Bay sitting at pick 20 right then you go to the Pittsburgh Steelers sitting.

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Who has declared for 2024 NFL draft?

At pick 18 then you scroll up a little bit the Denver Cam Ward situation has been well documented right they need a quarterback pick 13 New Orleans Saints.

Cam Ward
Who has declared for 2024 NFL draft?

A quarterback pick 12 the Minnesota Vikings need a quarterback pick 11 the Las Vegas ERS need a quarterback pick nine the Atlanta Falcons need.

A quarterback pick five the New York Giants need Cam Ward a quarterback DP that’s almost nine teams that’s literally pick I think I just read off pick 11 through 15 DP.

That needs a quarterback right and I don’t I don’t think that it’s one of those situations where you know the the 2022 draft.

Where teams kind of could afford the pass up where Cam Ward only Kenny picket was drafting it’s like I Will Wait do some V he like nah.

We can’t do that right like y’all tried the veterans we we we the Jimmy garoo train out right the Jimmy garoo thing is is is war out DP.

We’re done right like that there there’s no more in in quarterbacks like him right so we’ve even went through if you look through.

When and where is the NFL Draft 2024?

What’s our guy um that was playing for the Minnesota Vikings Josh Cam Ward dos right we went through that hype cycle we went through.

The Tommy DeVito hype cycle DP NFL fans are tired right Cam Ward now right and it all starts like we say with the NFL draft process.

So I’m going to start off with the reason why I think it’s a good decision is because the demand is going to f our way to supply and on a supply chain.

When the demand Falls our way to supply the supply bumps up right and that’s exactly what I think is going to happen in this situation and in this process.

So yeah DP I think it’s a good decision for him to come out in the NFL Cam Ward draft because of the like I said the supply and demand situation of quarterbacks.

Now how high can he go that’s the question right and that’s the fun part with this draft process DP I like the fact that you threw out.

The comparisons to B Knicks right and you threw out the numbers because he’s so under the I don’t say so under the radar but.

Where is the NFL draft usually?

He under the radar but when you look at his Cam Ward season numbers in totality he’s like a quarterback that threw 30 something touchdowns with 60 something completion percentage.

Cam Ward
Where is the NFL draft usually?

You’re ready to rock and roll right and if you have Cam Ward some Talent now I say this DP the reason why I think he can I I look squarely at.

That Las Vegas at 11 Minnesota at 12 New Orleans at 13 Denver at 14 because he has the tools right I I think he’s a guy and honestly potentially Seattle sitting.

At 15 that’s literally pixs 11 through 15 that’s sitting Cam Ward right there the reason I put him in that bucket DP is because I think.

When we get through the draft process I think we’ll see his Cam Ward armed Talent right he’ll probably run a decent 40 time.

We’ll see him move people jump into the film people see some of the wild plays that he can make off script and everybody’s gonna say you know.

What we can work with that right and I think right in that that threshold right in that honey hole I think there is going to be a general manager.

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How much does it cost to go to the NFL Draft 2024?

That says I can work with that right this guy has he’s taken the next step up and he’s still playing fairly solid.

Now we talked about how he he appears to kind of fade off right the backend of the problem yeah but I I will say this too right.

He Fades off as the competition competition elevates which could Cam Ward be a reflection of the team also right is that when.

We play better teams our team like there’s a threshold for how how talented we are um you know just as a team so I.

I think DP I think that the top 20 of the the the draft and I just read Cam Ward off of all those teams so if you’re NFL fan obviously.

NFL fans are listening to this right um definitely check check out cam Ward and we’re going to do an entire breakdown on him and give you.

The breakdown on cam Ward so you can know exactly who he is but Cam Ward yeah he’s a he’s a quarterback prospect that you need to look at.

It’s crazy Keith because the consistency thing I know so you know some people feel like man go back to school and build on that show that.

Who is eligible for NFL Draft?

You can be consistent but it’s like okay yeah but it’s still that’s a a big risk because if you because you’re going to change schools.

So you change schools you go into a new system and if you don’t playCam Ward as well as you hope right now you plummet.

Cam Ward
Who is eligible for NFL Draft?

Well you gotta battle with shador Sanders you gotta battle with Jaylen milro with potentially Quin yeah Quinn you potentially Carson Beck.

All these different quarterbacks is going to be available in next year’s CL Jackson Dart is gonna be available right like if he can do.

What he needs to do and show up in those big games man with this talent Cam Ward that Old Miss going to have that’s a that’s going to be another talented group of QBs and like.

You said the Supply right now for 2024 is high so you need to go ahead put your name in that hat and say go ahead and select me.

I think with him it’s gonna be I think the I want to see him at the Senior Cam Ward Bowl if you know if if if he has the chance go because.

Can a regular person declare for the NFL draft?

That’s an opportunity to get in front of the interview process but absolutely go out there with a lot of talent at wi receiver and different things like.

That go out there and ball man go out there and show the accuracy Cam Ward the arm Talent all that and he’s young Keith I think he’s only like 21 years old.

Going on 22 the kid is Young even though he’s played Four full seasons in college football Cam Ward he’s still a young kid and to where the the ceiling is untapped.

The potential is untapped it’s just getting him in you know he’s a pot of clay you gotta get me in the hands of the right molder yeah no I agree with DP. almost looked like the national championship from last year DP.

But man listen there was still a lot of players that played high level football Cam Ward we’re going to talk about these draft prospects man which draft prospects showed out.

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Who is the youngest QB in the NFL?

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Cam Ward
Who is the youngest QB in the NFL?

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A layup fandu is the official partner of the NFL Cam Ward is back open here on the lock on NFL draft podcast Keith in in in your region.

You have USC the fighting Trojans or whatever they call themselves Cam Ward and um and Keith you I remember you you brought this young man up and it was Taj Washington.

Wide receiver 510 175 pounds and you talked about him just being consistent you know consistently like producing for uh Cale Williams and on the season.

This young man 59 receptions uh 1,62 yards receiving average 18 yardsCam Ward per catch and he had eight total uh receiving touchdowns on the season and off of the bowl game.

Right you know right after Christmas two days after Christmas last Cam Ward last week against Louisville where USC whooped Louisville 42-28 he caught seven receptions for 99 yards over 14 yards.

Per and he had two receiving touchdowns and that’s what I think the young man’s name is Miller Moss not Caleb Williams throwing.

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Who is the oldest quarterback in the NFL? Cam Ward

The football a guy that we didn’t even know was on the roster for a lot of folks right and he went out there and ball I think Taj Washington man.

Cam Ward
Who is the oldest quarterback in the NFL? Cam Ward

This is a lowed wide receiver class but the me the stock is up because guys like him still have purpose in the NFL like as much as people try to make this a body a body.

Composition contest where it’s like yo you got to be the biggest you got to have the 62 to 215 PB frame to be successful Josh SS is being successful tank Dell is successful.

Tyler Lockett is successful we seen Isaiah McKenzie be successful there are khil Shakir at times with the Buffalo Bills whenever.

They give him his targets your guy your guy KH Shakir when they give him his targets it’s successful Taj Washington has big play speed.

Big playability right Z flowers didn’t check those boxes Keith you know what I’m saying and he’s one of the best offensive rookies of the 2023.

Class tank listen tank Dell all these guys man trust the tape this young man can ball and I think his stock is up yeah I I I like putting him on the radar DP.

Just as far as I think he’s off of everyone’s radar as far as the as a draft prospect period um and you know we talked about him a little bit and I said like.

The back end of the draft I like him and I like it it’s you know you just talked about him obviously it wasn’t Caleb Williams.

It was Miller Moss right and you kind of hinted at this right is is being a quarterback friendly Wide Receiver right if you can do it.

Which NFL QB has a lot of kids?

With m but quarterbacks GMS they will find solid and drafting unit because like you know Cam Ward what you can translate to other quarterbacks.

Cam Ward
Which NFL QB has a lot of kids?

You can translate without our a franchise quarterback right and that’s what I seen on the film Cam Ward just a guy that naturally understands.

How to run through Zone coverages how to get open right how to find those those those openings and then you know what’s really key DP as as much as.

We keep finding these dual threat quarterbacks right quarterbacks are like to get out of the pocket what is what is becoming increasingly more important.

The scramble drill DP right like just being a able to to be on the same page with your quarterback seeing the field the same way that the quarterback sees.

The field so I definitely like the T Washington um you know mention as far as putting him in a bucket right when you’re talking about doing.

The draft process DP I’m GNA go with this man I’m gonna go with um one of the more underwhelming I guess that’s a that considered.

A New York New Year six bow right it was the cotton bll no it wasn’t the it was the C it was the I think so Missouri and in Ohio State.

Has a walk on ever made it to the NFL?

Right oh yeah yeah and um I’m going to talk about the losing team Cam Ward in that situation I’m going to talk about Edge rusher JT to to Mamu.

I’m hoping that I’m getting that right um but now he had a sack in his game DP and this is coming off of the me watching an evaluating Olu fashanu.

The Ohio State game right when he went against JT Tom and JT did Cam Ward some really crafty things and I know that when we discussed the DP we was like.

We don’t get it right we’re talking about him jack Sawyer right like all these five Cam Ward star checked that like you talking about checking the highight weight right 65 66 260 pounds.

Right like that’s how you make a 4 or3 defensive in but we like the process is confusing right like where where are we going right like.

That’s when you watch the film you say where are we going with this and when JT he had a sack right and they and the the defense of front play.

Well right is no fault of the defense why they lost their football game um but watching him and is watching him you know win and watching.

The Reps I’m like you know what I was pretty much I don’t say all the way out but I I was one foot out and the other foot was like kind of crossing over.

Who played the longest in the NFL?

The fence right you know like I was I was crossing over the line DP um but I’m bringing up the footb and it’s I’m talking about out as far as a top 100 Prospect.

George Blanda3569
Morten Andersen3660
Adam Vinatieri3120

Right but I think I’m I’m I’m I’m gaining momentum back the Cam Ward other way because I I want and I don’t want to say it’s a coaching situation but I think.

It can be coaching up right like in just his ways to win so I want Cam Ward to talk about JT talu and then give his other um his other teammate credit Michael Hall right.

Cam Ward
Who played the longest in the NFL?

Balling out I think I think these defensive tackles underrated The Edge Cam Ward rushers get all the credit but these defensive tackles are probably the more complete and more.

Qualified and and and you know what I’m saying they just they they have the tape to back up you’re not going off of potential it’s already proven with.

Those two defensive tackles so I want talk about Michael Hall and Ty Williams and get them their stock up too no listen I love to hear ke because.

You know I’ve been talking about those guys since the summer you know I mean when I watch and I study them over the summer.

Has anyone ever stormed an NFL field?

I’m like man these are two really talented interior defensive lineman that can affect both parts of the game The Run and the pass and Michael Hall.

You know you think about the the kaga canes you think about how we talk about Byron Murphy those kind of undersized um non-traditional sized defensive lineman but.

They’re so quick they’re so athletic they’re so agile that they Cam Ward vcan win quickly clear blockers and get into the face of the quarterback Michael Hall has done.

That for the last two years and Ty Williams powerful you know I mean he’s probably more of a three Tech to five tech you know what I mean type of guy but powerful against.

The Run Stacks sheds but also he collapsed the pocket he’s got Cam Ward quick hands and quick winnability as well flashes that that potential Keithan.

It’s outstanding to see but I want to give a shout out to uh Kaden Cam Ward pre prorn uh you know for University of om Miss and in that you know in that game.

Where you know they were literally like that offense for for for Old Miss was Cam Ward humming and for MEP and I I know we not on to next year but next year old.

Miss they’re going to be a problem they are going to be they’re dominating transfer pter do they killed it in the transfer portter when and we talking about.

What’s the lowest salary in the NFL?

This because it’s draft prospects right we talking about princely you meing who I gave a third round grade to Walter Nolan former festar defensive tackle Prospect and.

Then they brought in I think Tyler Baron from um from Tennessee was Cam Ward another four star fivar Prospect who I think a lot of people had like top 100 top 125 grade on and.

Cam Ward
What’s the lowest salary in the NFL?

They bought in defensive backs DP so yeah it’s it’s they they are they’re preparing themselves for this war that’s about to be in the SEC next year and.

They’re going to be a a potential top seven team when we get into Cam Ward the preseason rankings and everything I think so yeah I think so.

I think so it’s a for me Keith I got to go back to the tape and watch kayen Cam Ward Kaden pressac corn because list at 6 foot5 255 pounds coming off of a game.

Where against Penn State man he caught 10 catches for 136 yards 13.6 yards per and he had two touchdowns he looks like he blocks well.

He has an NFL body his like from a frame standpoint he looks like Jason Whitten a little bit um you know what I’m saying and he caught the ball well.

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Who has biggest NFL stadium?

He a high-end athlete I didn’t see that while I was watching the game but what what he did he he put the stock up guys because it’s gonna force me.

Now to go watch the all 22 and let me see what you do every single Cam Ward week are you just not getting the targets but you’re getting open.

What’s going on there because I think he he you know on the season he caught 30 uh receptions for 449 yards uh and four touchdowns he averag 15 yards per catch.

So you think about a guy that can win the seam win the middle of Cam Ward the field be a big body Target for your for your quarterback they love those type of guys man so.

I wanted to give him uh you know let’s say his stock is up because Cam Ward now I got to go back to the tape and see what this young man is all about yeah no.

I definitely he flashed for me during the game right it’s like this guy kept consistently making plays and I like yeah yeah and you remember.

That coming into the season everybody was kind looking at his teammate Michael Trigg right but this guy also looks talented too.

Who has the shortest career in the NFL?

So I like bringing his name up and mentioning him in this conversation because with this tight end pecking order DP I think think.

Cam Ward
Who has the shortest career in the NFL?

There’s a lot to unfold right like there’s there’s still a whole lot of conversation outside of Brock BS being tight end one right we know.

The mention of jaav and Sanders but if I challenge people to name the next five tight ends right I think some people may name two and be like.

I don’t know the rest right so this is yeah it’s go that’s what they gonna say I’m out so I think it’s gonna be really exciting as far as with this tight end conversation.

I appreciate you mentioning his name but DP let’s keep this thing going man I I I I said DP I I don’t mean any disrespect right.

I meant coach DP man and coach K is about to make an appearance man we’re coming back with the game ball segment man we hopping into the locker room.

We’re handing out the game ball segments for one of the best performances right I’m I’m gonna go with historic performance DP.

That’s what I’m gonna tell you I’m handing the game ball to Historic performance DP uh coming up next we’re getting into this game.

How much is Brock Purdy’s salary?

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Ball has to go to a guy that just received his senior bow invite and accepted it running back from Missouri Cody shrer Cody Sher 29 carries 128 yards rushing.

A rushing touchdown versus uh that really good Ohio State Defense man and Cody shider is you talking about a a revelation we’ve talked about him.

What NFL position is the shortest?

A few times on the Pod this year Keith list at 5 foot n 214 pounds leading guy over for Missouri on that was a high octane offense this season 276 carries 1600 yards rushing 14 touchdowns average.

Almost six yards per attempt man and just in a game that was one of the ugliest games of the bowl season between and it was of the entire college football season.

Cam Ward
What NFL position is the shortest?

The entire football season was the best thing about the the game DP was just the lights right like the stadium lighting like it.

Looked good the field looked good I thought you say the best part of it that was over once it was done well that that part.

When the clock took zero I was F I was like yeah it’s it’s over I can collectively as as college football fans I think we all just sat there like.

What did we just watch what is going on Ohio it was Ohio State’s fault because they didn’t have a quarterback DP it was it was play like.

I cut the TV on I didn’t watch the very beginning of the game I think I cut it on like I think in the second quarter and I see a snap go to number 33.

I’m like okay is this Wildcat and then he takes the snap again and I’m like okay they running back to back Wildcats this is interesting and then.

I realize that that their that’s their quarterback right and then he goes out come I’m like this is crazy right this is next Brown’s the quarterback.

Who is the most paid NFL player?

Who decides to wear the number 33 that is a crime that is a crime in itself so them not having a quarterback made that game very cuz.

Missouri has all the all the offensive Talent their defense was humming too but it’s just like oh like you know Ohio State didn’t have anything offensively to bring to the table.

Cam Ward
Who is the most paid NFL player?

But man in a game that was ugly you know you talking about that mvp it was Cody Sher man this young man has run hard he’s been fast.

He’s quick been able to exchange gaps he can catch the ball out of the back field as well it’s gonna be interesting where he lands on the running back.

Pecking order for the NFL draft this season with with so many guys going back and the talent pool somewhat diluted I guess you could say but.

This is a talented player he’s getting my game ball because he was the MVP of a game because if they Missouri didn’t have him Keith.

I don’t think I don’t know like that game could have probably went to like 15 overtimes they would just had to say listen it’s a tie.

We’re just gonna scrap it from here on out because neither team can score he was the the main factor of why Missouri was able to get on the board.

Yep and I say you know what go directly to the NCAA right go go to the transfer like like because y’all should have figured this out right because.

What is the best stadium in the NFL?

Yes, best stadium in the NFL You knew this was coming when you combine the transfer portal to you know with transfers which I have no problem with I’m all for players doing whatever.

They want my problem is this y’all didn’t schedule this correctly right like what did y’all think was going to happen so DP we had two New York New Year New Year’s six Bull games.

We talk about the Georgia Florida State game also right which was a bad game ruined because nobody wanted to step in and do what they had to do as far as organizing.

This thing you know they just want to take their hands off it’s like okay cool but this is what the results going to be but DP listen I’m I’m I threw in My Philosophy.

I’m done with that I’m about to throw on a coaching hat now DP and Coach K is here man and I’m here to hop hop in that locker room of the how about.

  • Them Cowboys man I ain’t giving my game ball DP to CD lamb right you go you you go 13 receptions 20 what 27 yards and look Unstoppable.
  • The Lions didn’t have an answer for him um you know for that game right and he he bowled out man just had one of the historic wide receiver nights and.

I wanted to get a game B because I quickly wanted to present the conversation of wide receivers winning differently um and putting them in situations to win right um and.

Is there a weight limit in the NFL?

250 to 350 pounds, That’s what you’re seeing the Dallas Cowboys do with CD lamb and I think it’s gonna be interesting DP as we start to grade these guys out um you know get.

Cam Ward
Is there a weight limit in the NFL?

Into these wide receivers especially this deep wide receiver class um how do they go about it right because you know who I thought about with CD lamb.

I kind of thought about Rome ad dun a little bit right where Rome you’re not gonna get that vertical like just P down the field and he’s going to be explosive but.

He’s that guy that’s that Savvy route Runner can work in you know work in between the hashes working between the numbers right and then.

He can get open and he has to run after the catch ability because he appears to be strong enough to run through some tackles right.

I thought about that in that’s not my comp but I thought about that as far as with Rome and how the the when you talk about the blueprint for winning right like.

How to win so I wanted to uh give the game ball obviously to CD L but also you know this is the draft podcast right talk about draft prospects.

Who has the best NFL fan base?

How to translate and and how it unfolds and so I wanted to kind of throw that conversation out there Keith that’s funny because you said.

That’s not your comp but that’s kind of where I was leaning with my comp when I finished when I was watching room getting ready uh you know for the colge football playoffs.

And doing my my draft report and everything and what I wrote down was like comparable and similar and resemble CD lamb.

How they win and 100% I love that CD lamb is just he’s elevated himself into that tier to Keith where it’s like defenses know weak in and week out cidd lamb is getting.

The ball you know what I mean if Dak Prescott’s the DJ he’s got the CD forward right he’s got the CD into the into the into the box and he knows what tracks to play.

To get the crowd jumping and he does such a good job that chemistry they have is outstanding man like those two dudes are on the same path almost every single time.

And it’s just criminal to me that CD lamb is not talked about as you know after what he’s done this year as one of the best receivers in 2023 in the NFL right now he is on a tear.

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