Marcus Stroman is get a guaranteed contract in 2026?

The New York Yankees signed Marcus strowman free agent starting pitcher came from the Chicago Cubs last season Native New Yorker Born and Raised on Long Island.

The New York Post about Marcus Stroman this move Joel how you doing man I’m doing okay A little busy day today but it’s good we’ve been mainly not busy.

Ryan this off Marcus Stroman season so it’s good to be busy right uh you know obviously we had the arbitration deals come through today.

But then the Yankees decide to bring i Marcus strowman so this deal can you help us break it down and and how the Yankees came to the conclusion we need to bring in Marcus strowman.

The Yankees reached agreement on Marcus Stroman a $31 million contract with Juan sto and somehow that became secondary news only in Yankee land right.

What is the Yankees slogan?

That this is a pretty simple situation to some degree Ryan the the Yankees first second third ninth 22nd pitching plan this off season was Yoshi nubu Yamamoto.

Marcus Stroman
What is the Yankees slogan?

They did not get him Marcus Stroman they then went into a Marketplace they hated the price and trade that they were hearing at this point for Dylan CE.

They hated the the numbers they were hearing free agent wise on Blake Snell they strongly believe all things being equal Jordan Montgomery.

Would probably Marcus Stroman prefer to go back to Texas than to come here they are hearing over and over again in some way either.

They’re concerned Marcus Stroman about health future projections or cost or some combination of all of that they don’t like and yet.

They’re staring once you do SoDo to join Cole and judge in their Prime you can’t just say we don’t like the prices on all the starting pitchers.

What is Marcus Stroman known for?

We just won’t add one and we’ll go with Clayton beater as our number five starter or will Warren you know and so they they they had to get on the board with somebody.

Marcus Stroman
What is Marcus Stroman known for?

Strowman’s price two years at Marcus Stroman $37 million we should think about that price Ryan what does it say he’s 32 years old.

He was an All-Star last year Frankie montos who pitched a in in a third got $16 million for one year think about what the industry what the marketplace.

Which is screaming for starting pitching is saying about Marcus strowman they’re not saying it because they don’t like the pitcher they’re saying it.

They don’t like the guy or they have questions about the guy and so the Yankees ultimately decided hey we’ll try to bring in the guy will hold our nose because.

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Marcus Stroman a good pitcher?

We like the picture especially in comparison to others especially when consider the price right so the price that was to much Ryan I’m sorry no no no no the price is the price is interesting it.

Marcus Stroman
Marcus Stroman a good pitcher?

Does seem like a reasonable price when you talk about someone who has a career below four sub four right and it’s more than a reasonable price Ryan two years ago.

At a somewhat similar age an Marcus Stroman inferior pitcher in Jameson tyion got four years at $60 million I mean pitch for pitch Jameson tyion is not as good.

A pitcher as Marcus strowman and he got nearly you know what like almost double of what strowman is getting at a very similar age again it screams not about.

Marcus strowman pitcher it’s about Marcus strowman social media Warrior and more so that’s the interesting part there because I think that ties.

How did NY Yankees get their name?

A little bit into the price point that you’re trying to make here is is that what was the difference now is it because the Yankees were able to say.

Marcus Stroman
How did NY Yankees get their name?

We’ll take on the person Marcus strowman Marcus Stroman because of that price point right there and we know he’s a good ground ball pitcher and put.

The Yankees numbers aside at Yankee Stadium even though it felt like mostly 2017 what is the difference now from five years ago when Brian Cashman said.

That’s not a guy we can see in our in our you know playoff rotation and now we can take him on and he’s gonna be one of our our five guys to go to.

He you know I think in the column that will be in the post hopefully online at some tomorrow I said if it was a math equation it would be desperation plus desperation equals strange bedfellows.

The Yankees are desperate and strowman is desperate and that made this marriage possible if strowman had a wide field and or the Yankees had other options.

How fast does Marcus Stroman pitch?

They really liked either financially or because of who the player was this would not be the marriage that occurred it’s the marriage that occurred.

Marcus Stroman
How fast does Marcus Stroman pitch?

The Yankees again can’t just Kick the Can here Marcus Stroman they had to get a pitcher and let’s not get lost here Marcus strowman was an All-Star last year.

At he is an athletic Fierce ground ball machine he’ll be pitching to what I suspect will be a very good infield defense behind him this should work if in a vacuum.

We do not live in Marcus Stroman a vacuum and so you know the Yankees are you know tempting some here they we we’ve seen.

They’re desperate hey we need a short stop we need another bat they ended up with Josh Donaldson when they wanted another left-hand hitting Corne outfielder they’ve ended up with Alex.

What pitcher has the most hit batsmen?

Verdugo when they wanted another starting pitcher they thought could beat the Astros in the playoffs they ended up with Carlos rodon these guys would not win the best actor category as players.

Marcus Stroman
What pitcher has the most hit batsmen?

They are all very very talented they all have worn out welcomes in places because of of other issues and the Yankees are with Donaldson gone are still bringing these guys together it.

Means that Marcus Stroman Aaron judge probably has a big workload ahead of him not only on the field but off the field the Yankees need to be a cohesive group.

You know like you want to talk culture ultimately the greatest deodorant is winning right David Wells was not a beloved character in the Yankee Clubhouse.

The Yankees did Marcus Stroman a hell of a lot of winning when he was a Yankee and and so you know it all it all changes the narrative or at least it.

Alters it somewhat and so if the Yankees do a lot of winning this year then they’ll probably be able to absorb these players and make the best of it I do.

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What is the fastest pitch ever thrown by a man?

Wonder when times get tough and even for the best teams times get tough for even the best what this looks like again big weit on Aaron judge Anthony Rizzo Garrick Cole others.

Marcus Stroman
What is the fastest pitch ever thrown by a man?

Aaron Boon in his walk here himself to keep this all going in the right direction yeah certainly a lot of personas to manage for Aaron Boone in this sit interesting word Persona.

You’re more diplomatic than Marcus Stroman I am Ryan thank you um but the final thing I think Joel a lot of Yankees fans when they reacted to this you breaking.

This news of what that deal is going to be is what’s next because there is still the question marks of Carlos rodon Nester Cortez Clark Schmidt’s a nice five.

Maybe but Marcus Stroman you know isn’t a guy you can really rely on it seems like but this rotation how it’s taking shape right now it’s Garrick Cole which you rely.

Then seems like a bunch of question marks so do you see Brian Cashman and this Yankees front office staying put with what they have now or could they still be in the market for Blake Snell.

Jordan Montgomery Marcus Stroman or even in the trade market for a Dylan CE Corbin Burns maybe even a Shane Bieber type yeah I think the answer to that.

Who threw a 106 mph pitch?

There’s definitely still in the market but I think what strowman allows them to do in their mind is to now do this in in not a frenzy because they needed to add at least one.

Marcus Stroman
Who threw a 106 mph pitch?

They needed to get Clayton beer or will Warren out of the rotation and make Clark Schmid their fifth starter right.

Which they’ve done they would probably like to make Clark Schmidt their six starter which we know in a world with rodon and Cortez and strowman whatever.

He’s going to still make 20 starts but like that would be much more comfortable if he was the first line of depth as opposed to somebody.

Who’s never pitched in the major leagues before like beer or Warren right so I think though what this trade allows them to do is they don’t like the current price on Ce.

They don’t like the current price on Snell I don’t think they’re in love with the current price on Bieber guys like this so this allows them to sit.

Why is there a red Yankees hat?

There and go are these the real prices or are these the prices you’re telling a desperate team we’re a little less desperate today than we were yesterday.

Marcus Stroman
Why is there a red Yankees hat?

We could wait out the market and if it turns out they Dylan C sketch traded to the Dodgers and they’re willing to pay the price the Yankees aren’t.

The Yankees will go okay we’re losing we lost the guy but we have strowman we are a little more comfortable I just think this this deal part of the reasoning.

Behind it for the Yankees is it allows them to attack the rest of the marketplace without a high level of desperation that with inspiration.

They’re as all in as any team in baseball this year and they probably want to and they probably know they’re going to need to add another star.

How fast was Nolan Ryan fastball?

That in February 1st or July 30th like this team is probably knows this so they just as soon try to do it now but they do want to see if they could get it.

Price that currently is lower either in free agency or trade than they’re hearing and I think strowman gives them.

The ability a little bit to take a deep breath and say let’s see where this Market really ends up for Snell let’s see where this Market really ends up.

CE I would look at those two players in particular fascinating stuff Joel and we appreciate you as always just breaking this down I know that like you said it.

Wasn’t busy but it got a little busy today and appreciate he’s always giving us some time man all right Ryan all the best.

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