Sora: Open AI’s NEW Text-To-Video AI Model

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Hello everybody open AI the creator of chat GPT has released Sora the video GPT so to say cuz open AI has just unveiled Sora.

Its latest product it’s called sora creating videos could be as simple as typing a text message or writing an email.

When Sora will be available?

When Sora will be available
When Sora will be available?

It generates videos up to 1 minute long based on whatever prompt to user types into a text box now you tell me how would the video GPT Sora.

Will impact you on two friends number one professionally and number two personally Take 5 Seconds think about it and write write your answer in the comments box.

Sora he might enter a prompt saying that hey can you give me a video footage of bahubali prabas actually riding a horse on snow or riding a horse on Ice riding a horse on.

Let’s say fire it would be very interesting right to recreat movies and if it comes from the original directors themselves and if they can use that footage in some of their upcoming movies is very interesting.

What is the AI tool that converts text-to-video?

What is the AI tool that converts text-to-video
What is the AI tool that converts text-to-video?

They can’t go back and edit the movies or they can’t go back and ask Pras to act once again in the bahubali movie right so let’s see how this space will evolve.

Let’s start with what is the Sora all about Sora is a model which will help you generate video from text inputs you enter a text prompt just like chat GPT.

You will get a video now that’s very interesting because video production is typically very time consuming very effort intensive I do know the process.

What is the AI tool that converts text-to-video
What is the AI tool that converts text-to-video?

If this process is getting simplified to the extent where you just enter that simple prompt and the video pops out that’s going to be a game changer.

A lot of people now see this video is actually an AI generated video Sora and it’s very hard to identify the difference if it is a real video versus.

What is Sora AI?

What is Sora AI
What is Sora AI?

An AI generated video unless you know that it’s an AI generated video unless you consciously look towards it with a critical eye.

You will not find too many differences now now this is going to be a game changer primarily because at the speed at which it is developing some of the AI generated videos.

Which were from 2023 were absolutely at a very low level compared to where we are right now when it comes to videos generated through artificial intelligence.

There are a few problems though yes we are all going Gaga over what are the possibility is but there are a few issues as well which are very important for us to understand.

Let’s start with the chat GPT example you go ahead and type in chat GPT how do I upskill in Ai and it will give you 10 or 12 possible ways in which you can upskill in AI type the same prompt again.

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Can I use Sora now?

Can I use Sora now
Can I use Sora now?

It will give you a different answer it is not reliable at an individual level you might be okay you’ll take the best of both the answers and you will try to create.

Your own map for upskilling in AI but if it’s an organization organizations have to rely on certain data they have to say that over.

The next few quarters this is what we will do because of this answer or because of this logic and if that logic that is generated by chat GPT is not very reliable then.

That’s a problem so reliability is a big question mark not even in the video space I’m talking about the text space the second thing is with respect to deep fake videos.

Well Sora is still in the research phase it’s not open to you and me but still if whenever it opens right in the next 6 to 12 months we will see.

A lot more people coming up with creative prompts assume Hey Jo Biden or Donald Trump being very aggressive on Chinese Imports trying to curb Chinese Imports.

Is AI video generator free?

Is AI video generator free
Is AI video generator free?

If this is a prompt and a video that is generated by AI becomes viral it can potentially impact what.

How the election results would be like and hence there is a lot of negativity Associated as well and that is one of the primary reasons I was very excited.

When I saw the open AI sora’s homepage because the homepage itself very clearly talks that we are prioritizing safety.

You don’t see that on chat gpt’s homepage chat gpt’s homepage is about creativity but sora’s homepage is about safety so very very excited.

It was good to see that the emphasis is on safety right now now jumping into what could be the impact on you and me at a personal level.

I believe it makes us little more Curious our creative energies juices will start flowing just like how we used chat GPD initially.

Which AI can generate videos?

Which AI can generate videos
Which AI can generate videos?

Now we will be looking forward to use S as well of course if it is free for a bit right so we will go ahead and start trying to use our own proms create our own AI generated video.

See if we can showcase publicize it on Instagram reals anywhere see the video length is up to 1 minute so you can produce a shot very well.

The second thing on the personal front is I believe this curiosity will also help us become much more conscious consumers of content from the internet because.

It would be very difficult for us going forward to identify which is a video generated from AI versus which is video generated from an individual Creator.

An organic original source and if we don’t know the difference we might be a part of the problem we will be the ones who will be propagating these deep fake videos.

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Why is Sora so special?

Why is Sora so special
Why is Sora so special?

So even being curious will help us realize that we need to be conscious consumers of these AI generated videos and how will it impact our professional life.

Well to start off with Enterprises company the clients that we have would not be so encouraging or would not be very excited to start using this technology immediately and that is the place.

Where a lot of smaller marketing agencies will come in and say we can create videos at a much faster Pace with a much cheaper budget.

Now that is the reason why I think it’s a huge Advantage for the folks who are in the marketing agency space but for the rest of us it might be not of a very high impact.

Until the 4 cm able future for the next 3 to 5 years if you look at the impact of the chat GP it was very similar a lot of roles in the copyrighting space copywriting means.

What is the Sora trend in 2024?

What is the Sora trend in 2024
What is the Sora trend in 2024?

The people who write advertisements the scripts for the advertisements those jobs got impacted nothing else even those jobs not in the big Brands because big brands are not very risk-taking.

These jobs got impacted and the marketing agency started doing these tasks at a much more efficient level so I believe in the short term you will not find too much of an impact.

At an Enterprise level but in the long run well movie industry is a place where there could be a lot of changes as we were talking initially rajam Moi could be coming up.

With some creative prompts and he might be using some of the footage in his upcoming movies I would be very excited to watch.

Those he will definitely make sure that it doesn’t look like an AI generated video unless he’s actually putting a tag that hey this is artificially generated by Sora.

Now a fundamental question that I have that I was thinking through and I want to ask you and get you opinion about is so far original content was used to train.

Ai and AI used all the knowledge from the original content to come up and generate new content whether it is text or whether it is video but going forward.

Have AI create a video?

The content most probably a lot of it would be AI generated both text and video so where will the AI learn from do we have to get used to seeing more.

AI content without originality and it might push us into a loop of watching similar content again and again and again now that’s a big question mark.

How content creation itself would evolve probably the space for original content creation would actually get better and that would be valued.


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