Would you ever get swalloed up by a black hole

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Is there anything more mysterious and F boating in the vastness of space than a black hole scientists still.

Aren’t sure exactly what happens to the material that gets sucked into these things and hopefully.

We’ll never have to find out firsthand anyway sit back try to relax as we bring you some of the scariest black holes ever observed.

Recently discovered within a dwarf satellite Galaxy that goes by the name of Leo 1 now a satellite Galaxy basically.

Just means it’s a smaller Galaxy caught in the orbit of our own Galaxy think satellites orbiting Earth but scaled.

Way up the black hole was discovered in late 20121 by an independent team of astronomers who had been scanning the small Galaxy in order to measure.

Black holes discovered by nasa

Its levels of Dark Matter upon closer inspection they found what they considered to be an unusually small amount of dark matter but as I mentioned earlier.

black hole
Black holes discovered by nasa

An unusually large sitting at the center of the Galaxy you see compared to the Milky Way the Leo 1 is considered to be quite tiny.

The kicker here is that the discovered within its parameters is almost as large as one found in our very own much larger Galaxy.

Meaning this is an unprecedented Mass ratio that up until now had never been seen before now don’t worry too much though as this particular black hole is currently 830,000 Lighty years.

Away but that being said if Leo 1 were to begin sinking into our own Galaxy it is entire L possible that this recently discovered black hole just might collide with one of the Milky Way’s.

What is the largest black hole ever seen?

Very own resulting in well let’s just say it wouldn’t be pretty so my first pick is the very recently discovered scary Barbie uh imagine.

black hole
What is the largest black hole ever seen?

If we all met our end getting swallowed up by a black hole named scary Barbie what with the extraterrestrials watching us think of that looking.

At us through their highly Advanced telescopes light years away planet designated Earth has undergone absorption into Cosmic Singularity denoted.

As black hole bearing nomenclature akin to one of their Curious humanoid toy entities known as Barbie and they all burst out laughing.

I feel like we’re kind of setting ourselves up for failure with that one but this scary Barbie formation is no joke scientists first observed this super massive black hole.

Devouring a star sucking it in and ripping it aparts in a process known as spaghettification apparently scary Barbie really suits.

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How many black holes are therir in a galaxies

Its name it’s super vibrant luminous Danny mik an assistant professor of physics and astronomy said that it is quote the most energetic phenomenon.

black hole
How many black holes are therir in a galaxies

I have ever encountered apparently it’s brighter than a thousand supernovas combined and supernovas are some of the most luminous objects in the sky.

Another fascinating thing about this thing is that it’s classified as transient meaning it can show up or disappear not over over the course of centuries or Millennia.

But in mere hours or days now most transients like this aren’t around for very long maybe a handful of months at most but.

Barbie’s been around longer than any other observed transient and is apparently still evolving.

Well that’s one Barbie I definitely don’t want to party with next on the list we have Sagittarius A and before you switch the video no I’m not talking about astrology but rather the super massive black hole.

That sits right smack bang in the center of the Milky Way you know that place where Earth is okay before you start doomsday prepping.

Are there black holes near Earth?

I will let you know that this particular black hole is not actually Super Active meaning it’s not gobbling up the stars and planets around.

black hole
Are there black holes near Earth?

It nearly as fast as some of the other black holes discovered in recent years however it is growing more so in relation to the natural growth of the Galaxy.

Meaning its size in relation to the size of the Milky Way has pretty much remained the same so again know no need to panic for now while Sagittarius.

A is the largest black hole within our own Galaxy that we’re currently aware of I’m happy to report that it’s not the closest as it sits some 26,6 70 light years.

Away from Earth however having said that out loud I’m not really sure it’s all that comforting all right next up on the list is m87 this one sits right.

At the center of the Galaxy Virgo a so luckily it’s not anywhere near us but the universe can be a pretty un predictable place that’s all I’m going to say.

I’m not a scientist but when I read that this thing is billions of times larger than our sun that kind of freaks me out a little right in in fact it’s about 6.5 billion times.

Why is a black hole so intersting?

The size I don’t even know how to visualize a number that big now what makes this black hole particularly famous is that it was the first black hole.

black hole
Why is a black hole so intersting?

Ever to be directly imaged by The Event Horizon telescope in 2019 The Event Horizon is the boundary around a black hole where Beyond.

It nothing can return the image showed a dark shadow surrounded by a Ring of Bright Hot Gas swirling around the black hole.

The dark shadow is where the light gets trapped by the black hole’s gravity now this next one hits just a bit closer to home than.

The rest of them and by that I mean it’s quite literally the closest black hole to Earth that has been discovered to date going by the name of Gaia bh1.

When it was first discovered in 2022 scientists were both shocked and bewildered as this black hole sits 10 times closer to Earth than previous record holder sitting.

At a mere 1,500 light years away and if that weren’t already uncomfortable enough the guia bh1 has a mass of 9.62 times the mass of our sun.

Proof black holes are real

Which of course gives it a large gravitational pull in fact our bewilderingly close dark companion actually has a star-like sun of its own.

black hole
Proof black holes are real

That orbits around its massive parameter while scientists deem that this giant is not of any immediate threat it should be noted that its proximity to Earth.

Alone makes it an incredibly ominous neighbor as should the black hole decide to change its predominantly dormant ways it could spell disaster for us.

All what would you do if you knew it was your last day on Earth all right this next one’s pretty alarming as well it designation is j11 4447 point7 7 forth.

It goes on and on but it’s j 1144 for short just still not not a very catchy name either this one happens to be the fastest growing black hole of the past 9 billion years.

That’s the alarming part in case you weren’t sure so what does this thing’s diet consist of well it devours the equivalent of one whole earth per second.

It was first observed by scientists in June of 2022 and it was three billion times larger than our sun and just continues to grow this also makes it 500 times.

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Are black holes still theoretical

Bigger than our very own Sagittarius A discussed earlier j11 44 is also 7,000 times more luminous than all the light in the Milky Way combined.

black hole
Are black holes still theoretical

It’s so bright that you don’t even need to be a pro astronomer to see it just grab a telescope that’s at least 30 to 40 cm across try that let us know.

How it goes for you in the comments and of course we had to include none other than Gaia bh2 sound familiar holding the record for the second closest.

Black hole to Earth Gia bh2 comes in at just about 3,800 Lighty years away and just about 2,200 Lighty years away from Gia bh1 with a mass of 8 point times.

That of our sun we are counting our lucky stars that as of most recent monitoring Gaia bh2 appears to be mostly dormant but hey new year.

New black hole right now because of its proximity to Earth along with its proximity to our other big scary friend guia bh1 well it’s not probable.

The risk of guia bh2 ending the world lies in the possibility that the two Mass pack Giants Collide and if that happens well simply put the violent process.

Do black holes actually exist

Would send ripples surging through the very Fabric and time of space I mean I’m all for a day out on the water but that’s one Rip Tide I definitely.

black hole
Do black holes actually exist

Wouldn’t want want to get caught up in all right next we have v404 signy so this is a binary system in space that includes.

A black hole and a companion star this system became kind of well known in the scientific world because of some pretty intense and honestly.

Spooky Behavior so back in 2015 v404 signy was especially active NASA’s Swift satellite detected in emitting powerful x-ray bursts.

These bursts were so strong that they tempor rarily made v404 signy one of the brightest objects in the sky.

Now what makes this thing intriguing but kind of scary to imagine is the process behind this burst of activity as material from the companion.

Star gets too close to the black hole it doesn’t fall in smoothly instead it forms a hot swirling disc around.

The black hole and during this process it releases a huge amount of energy including X-rays and these x-ray flares are kind of like space fireworks.

That meant the black hole was on a Feeding Frenzy of sorts get ready because next on the list we have none other than ton 618 aptly named as.

It is the largest black hole to have ever been observed by scientists discovered in 1957 ton 618 sits at a comforting 10.37 billion light years away from Earth.

So well not the furthest that title goes to an unnamed Abyss which sits at an even more comfortable 31 billion light years away from Earth.

The ton is still pretty far the bone chilling Mass hording phenomenon was first observed from an observatory in Mexico and because of its active nature.

It has been closely monitored since then now I bet a ton of you watching are just dying to know how big this thing really is well okay ton 618 is estimated to be a mighty.

66 billion times the mass of our sun which means that even though it is pretty far away it could just as easily swallow our entire solar system whole without even.

How were black holes first discovered?

So much as a drink of water if it really wanted to the fact that we’ve never actually seen this happen might sound comforting.

black hole
How were black holes first discovered?

The truth is that means we really just don’t know what we’re up against all right and finally.

We have signis X1 this has to be one of the most famous black holes ever observed it was discovered during a rocket flight in 1971 Rush made.

A song about it cuz of course they did like that news came out and Getty Lee was like we have to write a song about this you could say rush.

I guess wrote the song in a hurry it’s also been referenced in Futurama and Godzilla signus X1 is another Duo featuring a black hole.

A massive companion star this one was one of the first strong black hole candidates ever identified signess X1 consists of a star about 20 times.

More massive than our son and right by it is a black hole the black hole is stealing material from the Star forming a swirling disc of super hot gas around.

It so I could see the jokes in the comments super hot gas black hole the material swirling into the black hole gets incredibly hot emitting x-rays.

Yhat can be detected by telescopes in space all right thanks for watching guys uh hope you enjoyed the video I’m Hannah I’m James and uh let’s just hope.

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