15 Passive Income ideas 2024 Earn As Much As $10,000/Month

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I found 15 passive income ideas: that earn as much as $10,000 a month in 2024.

Now some of these are truly passive meaning you could start them tonight and earn passive income some of them take a bit of work.

Before you can earn passive income and some of them are a little bit less passive than others but all of these are going to be good options.

15 Passive Income ideas 2024

That you can look into 15 Passive Income ideas and I can almost guarantee that many of them on this list you have never heard of so if you appreciate me doing article like this go ahead and let me know by gently tapping.

1. Sell Templates

Sell Templates
Sell Templates

That like button and let’s jump into it with number one on the list which is going to be selling templates all right so there’s so many different types of templates.

That you can sell online some of them include presentations websites Excel sheets for finances and one of my favorite ones is notion templates so for instance with the notion template.

Example there’s a website called notion you may or may not be familiar with it but it’s a website that helps with organization and getting things done 15 Passive Income ideas.

It’s extremely popular among the productivity community and there are many ways to create create custom notion templates 15 Passive Income ideas.

Then sell them to other people to help them with their organization and productivity and there’s a YouTuber named Thomas Frank.

Who started a second YouTube channel started selling these notion templates and made it to over $100,000 a month in revenue and there’s another Twitter user named islo who talked about how he made over $500,000 selling notion templates.

As well but it’s not just notion templates there’s many different things you can sell such as financial planning Excel sheets websites social media Graphics thumbnail templates Etc.

And there’s a lot of different places you can sell them 15 Passive Income ideas such as Etsy creative Market or even your own website and the great thing about creating a template.

You create it one time and then after that once it’s starting to sell it’s completely passive so yeah this is a really good option it’s also something.

15 Passive Income ideas That I think is super underrated not enough people are doing it I’m going to give this one a 9 out of 10 opportunity score.

2. REITs


This next isgoing to be REITs and this stands for Real Estate Investment Trust and this is truly a passive way of making income and basically.

This is how you can invest in real estate without having to do all of the dirty and hard labor so the way it works is you invest 15 Passive Income ideas.

Your money into a Reit and then you get a small portion of a bunch of different pieces of real estate and then whenever the Reit company makes money from the real estate.

You get a dividend or you get a percentage of the money that they make and by law REITs have to pay out at least of the 90% of their taxable profit to shareholders.

So they’re doing 100% of the work and you’re getting at least 90% of the profits so this is a really good way to make truly passive money 15 Passive Income ideas.

And it’s also a great offer to a diversify your Investment Portfolio but with that being said if you want to make a significant amount of money.

You’re going to have to invest a signi ficant amount or dollors of money as well so for that reason I’ll give this one a 7 out of 10 opportunity score 15 Passive Income ideas.

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3. Selling Educational Worksheets

Selling Educational Worksheets
Selling Educational Worksheets

Next on the list is going to be selling educational worksheets and this basically involved a creating & marketing educational materials.

Such as study guides lesson plans or practice sheets and then selling it on an e-commerce platform and then it’ll be purchased by either students teachers or parents 15 Passive Income ideas.

Who are seeking supplementary education materials and if you think you can’t make money doing this well Michelle Schroeder Gardner makes over $400,000.

A year selling educational printables 15 Passive Income ideas now there’s many different websites you could sell this on but one of them would be Shopify they charge.

About 3% per transaction plus 30 Cent another one would be Etsy and they charge about 6.5% of the total order and another website would be they are a lot of the marketing.

For you but they also charge a pretty steep price depending on a plan of you sign up for you’ll b55 to 8 % per sale plus you have to pay an extra 15 to 30% per transaction.

So yeah this one is pretty good A lot of opportunity here there’s a lot of people out the there of that either need help creating educational materials or maybe.

They’re homeschooling their kids so I’ll go ahead and give this one an 8 out of 10 opportunity score by the way if you’re enjoying this article 15 Passive Income ideas.

And you think of somebody else out there that might enjoy it well go ahead and share it with them it helps the channel out a lot and it’ll help out the other person.

4. Flipping Blogs or Websites

Flipping Blogs or Websites
Flipping Blogs or Websites

It next is going to be flipping blogs or websites 15 Passive Income ideas so there’s many websites you can do this one of them is going to be.

Where you can buy a tiny blog or website and then you can flip it for a higher amount so it’s very simple you buy low sell high and there’s this guy named Yara.

Who talked about how he made $180,000 in profit by buying and selling websites part-time there’s another guy named Rob who talks about 15 Passive Income ideas.

How he bought a website for 52,000 and then sold it for 178,000 a year 15 Passive Income ideas later and yeah this is actually a very common side hustle you don’t have to just do it.

With blogs you can also just do it with domain names so if you find a domain name that you think is undervalued or one that you think is going to kind of take off in the near future.

You can buy it for a very low price and then sell it for much higher later on so yeah this is a very common one it’s been around forever 15 Passive Income ideas.

You have to have an understanding of why blogs or domain names sell for low 15 Passive Income ideas or you know they buy for high so this is something that you want to familiarize yourself.

It’s basically something where if you know it’s a really good keyword that a bunch of people are going to be searching in the future you can just buy it and hold.

It for years and then sell it later on for 15 Passive Income ideas a huge profit and it’s extremely passive so I’ll go ahead and give this one an 8.5 out of 10 opportunity score.

5. Creating or selling Courses Online

Creating or selling Courses Online
Creating or selling Courses Online

Next is going to be creating or selling courses online of now this is a great way of making money 15 Passive Income ideas and there’s many people out there that want a step-by-step guide on.

How to do something you know they don’t want to search across the internet search on Google search on YouTube you know have to see a bunch of ads and sponsorships.

They just want to step-by-step guide on how to do something quickly and efficiently and there’s tons of people out there making money from courses 15 Passive Income ideas.

So for instance this guy says that he built and sold an online course for $6 million in 2 years Michelle talks about how she made over a million dollar from her first course without a big launch.

You $1 million teaching online coding courses so there’s lots of different website where you are can a research what types of courses 15 Passive Income ideas.

People are looking for and people are making and then make your own course and upload it some of my personal favorites are udemy as.

Well as skillshare and I’ve taken many courses from both udemy and skillshare now these are typically lower ticket courses 15 Passive Income ideas.

Where you’re teaching something that’s sort of a commodity so something like python so something that a lot of people out there know and you’re just teaching it.

Making it a little bit more fun or you’re a little bit 15 Passive Income ideas more insightful and so people buy your course over others.

15 Passive Income ideas Now you can sell courses for higher ticket prices but typically you have to do your own marketing and a lot of the time.

It’s going to have to be a course in something that’s more rare right you have to learn a rare skill set and then sell a course teaching people.

How to do that so for instance a lot of YouTubers sell a courses teaching and other people how to do YouTube for more complicated stuff.

I typically haven’t found courses to be that helpful and instead 15 Passive Income ideas I like to invest in coaching because nothing is going to help you.

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Learn a complicated skill faster than having a mentor someone who can kind of stand over your shoulder hold your hand and help you as you learn it but yeah the great thing about uploading on udemy or skillshare is the fact.

That they actually just do the marketing for you so this can be a great side hustle absolutely phenomenal think of something that you uniquely know something that’s unique.

About you something that you are a really good and then think of what the market actually wants and then a make a course that fills both of those needs I’m going to give this one a 9.5 out of 10 opportunity score.

6. Start a YouTube Channel

Start a YouTube Channel
Start a YouTube Channel

Next is going to be starting a YouTube channel now this is something that I have to warn you is definitely not passive when you first started.

It takes a lot of work right off the bat to get it off the ground however once you get it going you can have videos that basically just sit on YouTube and make you money.

For 5 10 maybe even 20 years and the more videos you make 15 Passive Income ideas the more money that is going to be coming in every single video is like a soldier.

That’s going out every single day and making you money now what I personally recommend when it comes to YouTube is making an education Channel Channel 15 Passive Income ideas.

I’m not a big fan personally of making entertainment channels because I just think it’s really really difficult to make money from them whereas education channels.

Where you’re helping a real person solve a real problem is much easier to get views for and make money from and I tried starting a bunch the different types of a businesses.

And mostly failed at almost all of them but YouTube was 15 Passive Income ideas the one that I just kept coming back to a over & over repeted because I just thought.

It was awesome it was really fun and I ended up succeeding at it when I started taking YouTube really seriously I was able to make it to $10,000 15 Passive Income ideas.

A month within a few months and then I was able to quit my job and it’s been extremely fulfilling because I’ve gotten to help a bunch of people do the same thing and there’s a lot of other people.

Out there doing this as well for instance this 31-year-old makes $105,000 in a month in passive best income from her side hustle and she only has to work 2 hours a day so yeah YouTube is incredible but of course.

I’m biased and like I said it is a lot of work especially 15 Passive Income ideas when you first start it but if you focus on giving value to others AKA making educational content.

That solved a real problem for a real people you’re much much more like to succeed and this is something I’ve helped a bunch of other people do.

I’ve got a bunch of testimonials from other people that I’ve coached and I actually do accept a few coaching students per month to helpa to them grow and a monetize.

Their YouTube now I’m pretty picky about who I accept I typically only accept people who have already tried to grow a YouTube channel or people.

People who own businesses like Consultants coaches online service providers agency owners Etc who want to start on YouTube.

7. Rental Real Estate Property

Rental Real Estate Property
Rental Real Estate Property

So if you fit one of those categories you can go ahead which is rental real estate property now this is not completely passive because there’s a lot of things you have to do such as vetting tenants.

You have to fix things when things break you have to maintain the upkeep of the property etc etc however if you hire a property manager.

That is going to take most of the work away from you but it’s also going to eat into your profits so there’s definitely pluses and minuses to investing in real estate and I think everybody basically knows how

This works you invest in a house maybe you rent it out to people you make money from the cash flow from people renting 15 Passive Income ideas.

It and using that cash flow you’re paying off the mortgage and then you might even have a little bit extra after that and that’s just pure profit for you and then Additionally.

The house itself is going to become more valuable over time and so you’re making extra money in the form of equity and then on top 15 Passive Income ideas.

That you’re also getting a bunch of amazing tax writeoffs so real estate truly is an amazing investment but it is a lot more than some.

The other side hustles on this list but with that being said countless people are making money from it I mean just look at all of these different articles.

Online from people are making tons of money from this this is widely known this is not a secret real state is a one of a best ways to make money.

So I’m not going to go over this that much you know it’s semi-passive I’ll give it an 8.5 out of 10 15 Passive Income ideas.

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8. Rent Out Your Car

Rent Out Your Car
Rent Out Your Car

Next is going to be renting out your car so there’s different apps you can use such as turo where you can actually just rent out your car for instance if your car is sitting at work for 8 or 10 hours a Day

You can just have somebody rent it while you’re doing work and there’s lots of articles online of people 15 Passive Income ideas.

You can just have somebody rent it while you’re doing work and there’s lots of articles online of people.

15 Passive Income ideas it while you’re doing work and there’s lots of articles online of people.

Who are making money doing this for instance this guy makes 14,000 per month renting his car to strangers and yeah this is a fairly.

New but also fairly effective way of making money if you know how to do it right it’s not completely passive because you do have to have upkeep on. The vehicle so for that reason I’ll give it a 7 out of 10 opportunity Score.

9. Vending Machines

Vending Machines
Vending Machines

Next is going to be vending machines and this is where you can turn snacks into Stacks that’s right all those vending machines that you see.

That have soda or snacks in them are usually owned by a person and they’re making passive income from it and vending machines are kind of like a silent salesperson.

That’s making you money 24/7 and it’s kind of like owning your own personal mini mart on autopilot and the truth is one vending machine is probably.

Not going to make it to $10,000 a year however having hundreds of them scattered across a city or a state in strategic locations could bring.

You money like you’ve never dreamed before and there’s a really cool article online about how a 31-year-old turned his side hustle a $300,000 in a vending machine.

Business and he says he only works 4 hours a week 15 Passive Income ideas and there’s another story of a girl who basically bought a vending machine at $1.6 th000.

Then it grosses her about $400 per month so that’s a pretty good return on investment now again vending machines.

Are does not a completely passive because you either have to replace the food or the soda yourself or you have to hire somebody else to do it and that’s going to eat into your profits.

But with that being said this one’s still pretty good 15 Passive Income ideas I’ll give it a 7.5 out of 10 opportunity score.

10. ATM Machine

ATM Machine
ATM Machine

ATM machine so ATMs are an even better way to make passive income and I think everyone knows what an ATM is you know.

You basically go up to it you put your debit or your credit card in and you’re able to get money out of it and every time you do that there’s a transaction fee

A lot of these ATMs are actually owned by individuals 15 Passive Income ideas they’re not owned by Banks and so individual people are the ones who are making money.

From these ATMs and this is an even better way to make money than vending machines so I just thought I’d tack this one on at the end I’ll give that one an 8.5 out of 10 opportunity score.

11. Start a Membership Website

Start a Membership Website
Start a Membership Website

Next is is going to be starting a membership website this is a website where you pay monthly to have access to content or whatever else.

They’re serving on the website so a platform that’s really easy to do this on is patreon and the math here is pretty simple if you charge $50 a month.

You have 1,000 members that means you’re going to be making $50,000 a month but even just having a few hundred members could mean.

That you’re making a few thousand 15 Passive Income ideas a month and there’s lots of people doing this for instance Gillian Perkins.

Started a membership site and she made it to $10,000 a month within 6 months so yeah this one could be pretty good probably a lot work upfront once.

You get it going though it can be relatively passive so because of the fact that it’s a lot of work upfront I’m going to give this one a s out of 10 opportunity score.

12. Write an Ebook

Write an Ebook
Write an Ebook

Next is going to be writing an ebook so I actually recently talked to Joe who is the CEO of the company Empire flippers and this is company.

That basically helps to buy and sell businesses so he’s a business broker and because of the fact that he’s a business broker he has unique knowledge.

About what types of businesses are doing really well 15 Passive Income ideas on the internet right now and I asked him if you you were just starting off as an entrepreneur.

What type of business would you start off right now what is the business that has the most opportunity and I think this was about a year back.

That I asked him this and he actually told me that he would start an ebook business using Ai and he would sell the ebooks on Amazon and I was actually shocked.

When he suggested this I really did not expect him to suggest that but after look in a little bit honestly it’s a pretty good opportunity especially.

If you’re a beginner and basically you just look for subjects 15 Passive Income ideas that people are searching a lot about on Amazon and then you make eBooks about that subject.

You can heavily utilize chat GPT or other AI Tools in order to help you do this now is the AI going to do 100% of the work for you no it’s not but can it do a significant amount of the work.

You yes so this is a pretty good opportunity uh I don’t know if I 100% agree with Joe that this is the best opportunity but I will go ahead and give it an 8.5 out of 10 opportunity score.

13. Create a Lead Gen Website for Service Busibesses

Create a Lead Gen Website for Service Busibesses
Create a Lead Gen Website for Service Busibesses

Next is going to be creating a leion website for service businesses so what exactly is leion well it stands for lead generation.

This is basically where people search for like a plumber online or something like that and then they would find your lead generation website.

Then you can sell those leads to local plumbers and a lot of this can actually be done automatically it is a really valuable for best service businesses.

Because they don’t want to have to spend a bunch of their time marketing they just want people coming to them AKA leads now this one is pretty complicated to get into and it does take.

A lot of work up front but once you have some websites that are getting a bunch of leads in this is extremely passive so this is a great way to make a ton of money.

It’s also not as passive as a lot of the other ones on this list so I’ll give it a 7.5 out of 10 opportunity score.

14. Blogging


Next is going to be blogging so this is a way that you can make money in many different ways.

You could start your own blog you could work as a freelancer or you could write blogs and post them on websites such as now creating your own blog or posting.

A way to actually create passive income because 15 Passive Income ideas will basically pay you for everyone that reads your articles.

And creating your own blog is a lot of work upfront but eventually you’ll start making money from AdSense.

It also becomes very passive so for instance there was this guy named Adam who created a $300,000 a month blog where he wrote about different types of software across.

The internet and he was able to get it to $300,000 a month within just a few years so this is one of the most tried and true methods of making money online.

It is a lot of work upfront although you can pay other people to write the blogs for you if you have some cash however this is truly a way of getting passive income.

Once you have enough articles written and it’s making money month over month because you’re just going to continue to get views coming in from people searching on Google.

Dor the next 10 15 20 years or maybe more so yeah this is another really good one I’ll give a 9 out of 10 oppor-tunity scores.

15. Invest in Startups

Invest in Startups
Invest in Startups

The next one you can invest in startups and this is actually something that you can do without being a venture capitalist.

So you can use platforms such as start engine for instance and this allows you to invest in startups and the truth is most startups are going to fail but if just one out of a hundred of your startup Investments.

Does really well that can make up for all of the rest and then some so Venture capitalists know that most of their startup Investments are going to fail but that one that succeeds is going to make them 100 200 300 maybe even 500 Xtra turn.

So the risk is worth it for them now by the way I made a video called seven side hustles that nobody’s talking about that went viral and.

It’s going to give you a bunch more side hustle ideas and you can check that video out by clicking right here.

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