11 Freelance Best Jobs For Beginners

11 Freelance Best Jobs: I found 11 great freelance jobs for beginners in 2024 and these are ways that you can either make a little bit of extra money in the side start earn full-time.

Freelancing gig or in some cases even start a business out of this and I can almost guarantee you haven’t heard of most of these on the list and if you are appreciate Freelance Best Jobs.

My doing these types of article let me know by gently tapping we go to these jobs we look A forward to 2024 -25 being even better.

1. Beta Reader

Beta Reader
Beta Reader

Freelance Best Jobs Full of zest joy and financial success as well as overall happiness now back to the video and let’s get into it with number one on the list which is going to be a beta reader.

This is basically somebody who reads and provides feedback on a manuscript or a book before it’s published and often times you’re going to be offering insights and suggestions to improve.

The work and many different authors publishing houses and literary agencies hire for this position and because of the nature of the position because Freelance Best Jobs.

Authors usually only put a book out maybe once a year once every few years often times this is going to be a freelance type role now you might think.

You have to be a master writer right you’d have to have an English degree or you’d have to be someone who’s been writing their entire life in order to do this position but actually in many cases.

They’re going to be hiring people who aren’t Masters at writing because the truth is most of the people Freelance Best Jobs.

Who read their books are not going to be literary Geniuses and Freelance Best Jobs they want to get feedback from the types of people who are likely to read their books however.

If you are good at writing this is going to be a good role for you as well now if you get hired for a job in this role you’re typically going to make around $20 per hour however.

If you do this as a freelancer you can make much more than that some good websites to look into would to get started.

So yeah this is a pretty good one I’ll go ahead and give it an 8 out of 10 opportunity score.

2. Color Season Analyst

Color Season Analyst
Color Season Analyst

Freelance Best Jobs Next is going to be a color season analyst what I’m just confused at all and if you didn’t know what this is I don’t blame you because I didn’t know.

What this is either I’m glad to hear that and basically what you do in this position is you assess differen color trends Freelance Best Jobs.

You provide guidance on color selection for Industries such as fashion design &product a development and you might get hired by fashion companies interior design.

Firms cosmetic brands and consumer product manufacturers now obviously in this position you do have to have a good sense of fashion and you have to be someone Freelance Best Jobs.

Who’s into that type of thing but color analysts when they get hired in a job make about $48 to $72,000 a year and of course you can make much more than that as a freelancer.

So overall I’m going to go ahead and give this one a 8 out of 10 opportunity a score Freelance Best Jobs.

Style Adviser is going to be a very interesting thing and that is a style advisor and there’s many different types of style advisors but the one.

Freelance Best Jobs I’m going to pick is going to be a hairstyle advisor I love it hey that’s probably something that I could use huh yeah have you ever wondered.

What type of haircut would look best on you because apparently depending on your face shape certain types of haircuts look better than others now.

I’m not going to lie this is obviously something that I’m not very into but with that being said there is a lot of people out that will a pay good money Freelance Best Jobs.

To get this kind of service now you can see quite a few gigs online related to this but really the good money is when you actually work one on-one with a person.

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3. Style Advisor

Style Advisor
Style Advisor

One of my friends is actually a fashion adviser and she basically advises men on how they can dress better and she was making well over six figures.

Freelance Best Jobs A year and part of what she did was of course helping them with their haircut so yeah this is another really good one I’ll go ahead.

Give it a seven out of 10 opportunity scoreby the way comment down below if you like any of these or if there’s some other ones you’d like me to cover and there’s a good chance

4. Podcast Show Notes Writer

Podcast Show Notes Writer
Podcast Show Notes Writer

Freelance Best Jobs A podcast show notes writer and this is someone who creates written summar and in some cases descriptions for podcasts.

This would include keyhighlights topics discussed and relevant links or resources in various different types of companies hire podcast show.

Notes writers including podcast production companies marketing agenciec content creators and individual podcasts Freelance Best Jobs.

Who seek to enhance their content and engage Their audience through informative episode summaries now this also has another benefit of making.

It much easier for people to actually discover your podcast by typing in different keywords so it’s actually a great strategy to get more people to discover.

Your podcast now one secret that I’ll tell you here is there’s actually different types of air related software that will kind of help you do this Freelance Best Jobs.

It’s not absolutely perfect but the AI software will do like 95% of the heavy lifting for you and one of those tools is descript and you can see.

There are many people making money doing this as Freelancers online and on upwork they typically charge $25 to $50 an hour so yeah this is another pretty good one.

I Think it’s a really untapped Market as well and if you get really good at using the AI software that can speed up your production by like 10 times.

So I’m going to go ahead and give this one an 8 out of 10 opportunity score Freelance Best Jobs.

5. Game Coaching

Game Coaching
Game Coaching

Freelance Best Jobs Next on the list is going to be game coaching and this is for my Gamers out there that are really good at a particular video game.

So if there’s ever been a video game that you’ve gotten extremely good at where you think that you’re basically like top 1% in the entire world.

This might be a good opportunity for you so if your KD on Call of Duty is like 2.5 then you could definitely look into this and there’s actually a story of a 32-year-old high school dropout.

A $15 million startup and he started off by streaming his gameplay and then he offered coaching to people and made $40,000 right away Freelance Best Jobs.

There’s lots of different examples of what’s known as Esports coaches as well and if you get employed doing.

This you’re typically going to make $15 to $18 an hour however you can make much more than that as a freelancer there’s also a lot of people online Freelance Best Jobs.

That are making a ton of money coaching in the game chess and chess recently kind of had a Resurgence and got extremely popular.

After the show the Queen’s Gambit dropped on Netflix and there was a bunch of content creators if you follow chess you know exactly.

I’m talking about that basically blew up on YouTube and now they’re making millions of dollars this year and many of them are doing it through coaching or creating.

Online programs for instance Gotham chess is estimated to be making between 5 and $10 million a year and by the way.

If you want to learn how to make money on YouTube I actually do coach people on how to do YouTube myself After figuring it out on my own and getting.

The point where I was making six figures per month I kept on getting request after request for coaching and finally I started accepting a few people here and there.

I ended up getting a ton of people crazy good results so some of my students are actually making more than me Freelance Best Jobs.

Now they’re doing multiple six figures per month and I do accept a small amount of people for YouTube coaching every month so if you’re interested.

You’re really serious about having success YouTube it’s getting even bigger I’m going to a give this one an 8.5 out of 10 opportunity score Freelance Best Jobs.

6. SEO Writing

SEO Writing
SEO Writing

Freelance Best Jobs Next is going to be SEO writing so SEO stands for search engine optimization and as an SEO writer.

You are likely be working for what’s known as a Blog and a Blog is basically a website that publishes lots of Articles and these articles are designed to rank.

On search so when someone types something into Google your goal is to be on the first page and even better at the top of the first page.

You accomplish that by SEO writing now this is seriously, the most valuable skills you can learn because not only can you get hired as an employee.

You can also do this as a freelancer or you can just start your own business and freelance SEO writers make about $52 to $81,000 a year.

And SEO writers on upwork usually charge between $15 and $35 an hour now the big secret to this one and the way that you’re going to set yourself apart and make.

A lot more money is specializing it’s very important that you specialize in a particular Niche so for instance Freelance Best Jobs.

You could become a finance SEO writer and it’s very easy for people who are actually experts in finance to see whether a writer actually knows.

What they’re talking about and the only way you’re going to know what you’re talking about is by writing in that type of Niche for a long period of time so it’s extremely important.

If you become an SEO writer to specialize in something so there’s lots of opportunities to get started on websites like upwork freelancer SEO is a type of digital marketing and digital marketing is one of the easiest ways.

Get jobs or start in freelancing with digital marketing for instance Ivy was able to get into digital marketing after being a server and she made 65 $5,000 her first year.

She didn’t have a college degree or any previous experience and they were all able to do it through my friend Seth he is basically the world-renowned expert on getting into digital marketing.

He has helped thousands of people get jobs and Seth actually does offer a free Master Class where he’s going to go to the different types of a digital marketing.

Which ones might be the best for you check a personality type this is a really good one I’m going to go ahead and give it a 9 out of 10 opportunity score.

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7. Web Researcher

Web Researcher
Web Researcher

Freelance Best Jobs Next is going to be a web researcher and this is kind of like being a digital detective armed with a mouse and a magnifying glass.

You’re going to be hunting down information in the vast Wilderness of the internet think Sherlock Holmes but with Wi-Fi.

Now you might not think this would be worth much I mean how hard is it to just Google right I mean everyone can do that so of course of they are not going a pay people.

A lot of money for this right no not exactly so freelance internet researchers make about $113,000 a year.

There’s many different ways to get paid for doing freelance research in many cases it’s going to be a lead generation type role.

So you’re going to be searching for people who would make really good leads for a particular company and then the company is going to take those leads and try to sell them a product or service and again.

If you’re really good at that that is going to directly contribute to a company’s bottom line and therefore they are going to pay you extremely.

Well so again you can get started doing this on websites like upwork and I really like this one I’m going to go ahead and give it an 8.5 out of 10 opportunity score.

8. Proofreading And Editing

Proofreading And Editing
Proofreading And Editing

Freelance Best Jobs Next is going to be proof reading and editing now this is one that’s really easy to get into and start making money right away but it is going to have a lower ceiling.

When it comes to how much you can make and how much you make To going a very greatly depending in our skill your skill level and your Niche so in general editors.

Proof readers make about $51 to $80,000 a year and proof readers on upwork make about $1 to $35 an hour there’s also lots of different websites.

Where you can apply for these different proofreading related jobs and gigs proofreading xyz website is going.

Another and yeah this one is relatively easy to get into and start making money especially if you’re good at English and it’s even easier if you’re bilingual but.

It does have a lower ceiling so I’m going to go ahead and give this one a 7.5 out of 10 opportunity score next is going to be a voiceover actor Freelance Best Jobs.

9. Voiceover Actor

Voiceover Actor
Voiceover Actor

Freelance Best Jobs You’ve probably noticed there’s lots of different content out there that’s basically just a voiceover where you never see the person’s face whether.

You’re watching Netflix with David attenburrow or you’re watching random faceless channels on YouTube and guess.

What these channels have to hire voice actors for this and voiceover artists make 57 to 100 $15,000 a year now this one is a bit harder to break into you kind of have to establish yourself and establish.

Your brand in order to get steady stable work but there are Other Websites and where there are a lot of opportunities so this is one wher.

You are probably is no going to make much money right off the bat but once you get a few jobs you start getting some good reviews and you get.

A few steady stable clients this one can really take off however you typically do have to have really good audio equipment and it takes.

A lot of technical knowledge to know how to set that up so overall I’m going to give this one an 8.5 out of 10 opportunity score.

10. Bookkeeper


Freelance Best Jobs Next is going to be a bookkeeper and this is actually a surprisingly good side hustle you’re basically going to be helping out accountants and usually.

It’s going to be during the tax season so this is kind of a seasonal side Hustle but there’s actually a lot of opportunities here during certain times of the year.

And basically there are many different things that bookkeepers can do to help accountants out and accountants kind of in many cases just kind of look over everything make a few changes here.

And there and they’re more in charge of the big picture strategic part of saving money on taxes whereas bookkeepers would be the ones Freelance Best Jobs.

Who are crunching a lot of the numbers in many cases and remote bookkeepers make48 to $71,000 a year and during tax season you can make even more than.

That so a lot of the time what will happen is different accounting companies will actually just hire you for a contract during tax season.

You’ll make a bunch of money and then the next year they’ll hire you again but you can also advertise.

Your services as a freelancer on websites like upwork and a lot of normal companies will just tirey to balance their books and make sure everything is kept up so that tax season is less stressful.

So overall this one is surprisingly good like you can make a ton of money with this you can also get hired for a full-time job with it and there’s even people.

Who start their own bookkeeping companies so I’m going to go ahead and give this one a N9 out of 10 opportunity score.

11. Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager
Social Media Manager

Freelance Best Jobs Next is going to be a social media manager so this is basically where you manage the social media of a company or a brand.

And more & other companies are using a social media in order to reach their ideal clients and it’s honestly one of the easiest & most of the cost-efficient ways of acquiring customers.

But somebody needs to be there to manage it and that’s where you come in as the social media manager now for jobs social media managers make about $64,000 a year.

If you specialize in a particular platform for instance being a social media manager for YouTube or Instagram you can make much more than this as a freelancer.

This is another really good one I really like this one actually I think the crater economy is just blowing up and it’s very obvious when you see people.

The billionaires on the all-in podcast creating content that content is the way to go so I’m going to give this one a 9.5 out of 10 opportunity score Freelance Best Jobs.

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