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Cuban running for president in 2024 According to reports the multi-billionaire celebrity mark cubinis set to sell a majority stake of the Dallas Mavericks he also recently announced that season 16 will be his last on Shark Tank oh so what’s he up to well Sports.

Headline out today asking if a presidential run is next bill Crystal you might know the name longtime conservative in politics here in the Beltway writing today quote a few months ago.

Mark Cuban plans 'Shark Tank'

Is Mark Cuban running for president in 2024?

Cuban running for president in 2024 Mark Cuban said he wouldn’t run Mark Cuban plans ‘Shark Tank’ for president in 2024 because my family would disown me perhaps someone should check in with his family today hello to you all nice to have you in uh Mark cubin.

And there’s you know some chatter Some speculation is this about Mark Cuban plans ‘Shark Tank’ Mark Cuban or who is being perceived at the top of both tickets well uh he’s been sniffing around before I first met.

Mark cubin in 2016 when he was not flirting very Loosely with the Mark Cuban plans ‘Shark Tank’ idea he’s around and you’d have to say if you thinking about who could No Labels nominate Mark cubin makes sense he’s very famous he can sell fund.

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Would have sort of the right approach ton go mix things up in the general election Mark cubin could make a lot of sense there but who knows I think often times you hear I think I when looking at this.

Who did Mark Cuban sell his company to?

I think looking at the top of the ticket these stories are going to come out Mark Cuban plans ‘Shark Tank’ about people like Mark Cuban because Donald Trump and Joe Biden who it looks like they are both going to be their party’s nominees are pretty unpopular and that match up certainly so hold.

Mark Cuban plans 'Shark Tank'

That thought for a second headline uh from a few years ago mark cubin quote Biden Mark Cuban plans ‘Shark Tank’ and Trump aren’t best and brightest that this country has to offer that’s what he said go on yeah exactly so I think you can you’ll definitely, Cuban running for president in 2024.

Expect to hear potentially more from him on that if he goes down this path Mark Cuban plans ‘Shark Tank’ we think he might be going down but look I mean this is someone who is like Chris said he’s well known he’s well-liked has very big ties to the business Community obviously.

Is Cuban selling the Mavs?

A lot of money certain certainly raise some eyebrows you know I’m tired of Mark Cuban plans ‘Shark Tank’ people who have no experience running a running a government how’d that work out for you last time didn’t work out doesn’t work out much right and also.

Mark Cuban plans 'Shark Tank'

Colin coward’s the guy breaking this news didn’t he pick the Jets to win the Super Bowl so Mark Cuban plans ‘Shark Tank’ this a little bit you think we’re talking about the wrong guy I do I think we should talk about Dwayne The Rock Johnson but here’s why there’s a lot of business people.

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Mark Cuban plans ‘Shark Tank’ exit- Is Mark Cuban running for president in 2024? Who think they make great politicians Mike Bloomberg Carly fiina Jamie Diamond they be miserable Mark Cuban plans ‘Shark Tank’ at it if he runs he’s not running as a business person just like Donald Trump wasn’t running as a business person.

How many businesses does Mark Cuban own? Mark Cuban plans ‘Shark Tank’ exit

Donald Trump ran as a television star okay Mark cubin is a celebrity that’s a different category so I do think sty Walt’s right by the way it only took me four minutes, over 400  to say that this time okay um that there’s a chance no labels looks at this person as opposed to Mansion values at $3.3 billion.

Which I think there’s no constituency for it’s a different it’s a different NBC News and there’s a is reporting that Mark cubin has said he has no plans to run in 2024 means that means it’s Nikki Haley had no plans to run against.

Donald Trump I mean it’s just that when a politician tells you I have no plans it means I might have Mark Cuban plans ‘Shark Tank’ plans tomorrow Mark cubin has said he really hates Donald Trump right so he’s not gonna run as a third party against Donald Trump and Joe Biden and help Donald Trump win so how.

How did Mark Cuban make his money?

Mark Cuban plans 'Shark Tank'

Where’s his Lane but I I dis I disagree with the premise that any $6.2 billion as of November 2023, Third Party candidate hurts Biden more than it does Trump agree I think that Mark Cuban I I Mark Cuban plans ‘Shark Tank’ think Democrats have to accept the reality they’re going to be a lot of other candidates on the ballot this this cycle and the share so if you get 5% in a typical year of of of wasted votes.

Mark Cuban plans ‘Shark Tank’ exit- Is Mark Cuban running for president in 2024?

Offense to vote wasters uh but people who are who are voting for a Libertarian candidate Mark Cuban plans ‘Shark Tank’ or a green candidate or writing in somebody that number is going to be higher than 5% if you have these two extraordinarily unpopular dudes running against each other.

Who owns business in Cuba?

So I think Democrats just have to accept that there going don’t you think Mark Cuban plans ‘Shark Tank’ Chris somebody’s going to blank I I just think one of the parties are going to blank at some point and they’re going to they’re going to Jet us to your point though he can’t run as a republican because it’s too late he can’t run as a Democrat because it’s too.

Mark Cuban plans 'Shark Tank'

late he can’t get on the ballots in most of the states so it have to be as an independent or a third party like No Labels or if if he’s serious or interested 2028 potentially who knows um Oney a time I can’t do two at once thank you for watching and make sure you go to join to find.

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