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Upgrading your laptop’s RAM is a pain but thanks to cam 2 an updated standard recently ratified by jedc that might be about to change cam.

The compression attached memory module is a memory form factor created Upgradable RAM by Dell engineer Tom Schnell you might remember it launching as a proprietary solution in Dell laptops in 2022 replacing.

Dell CAMM2 Memory Upgrade

Dell CAMM2 Memory Upgrade
Dell CAMM2 Memory Upgrade

The sodm form factor sodm technically stands for small outline dual inline memory module but it just sounds and Upgradable RAM.

We’re calling them stupid and we are to their credit dims were a significant upgrade when they started to replace Sims back in the 1990s Sim pins could only support 32bit data.

While dim pins could manage 64-bit meaning that a single dim could do the job of two sims so dim is basically the same thing just smaller around half.

The size which is why Upgradable RAM it’s primarily used in laptops compared to memory solder to the motherboard board replaceable components.

Sodm RAM sticks typically aren’t as resistant to Accidental jostling they use more power and they take up more space in a portable device where space is at a premium and cooling.

Already a problem this has led to soldered memory becoming the default at the expense of repairability and upgradeability most users will never open Upgradable RAM.

The back end of their device so many manufacturers have decided that it makes more sense to ensure that it works today rather than it be upgradeable in the future.

CAMM Memory Price

CAMM Memory Price
CAMM Memory Price

Those of us who’d rather upgrade a laptop that just needs a bit more RAM rather than buy a whole new machine it’s a big disappointment Upgradable RAM.

Upgradable RAM So how does Cam 2 address those problems and can it really bring back upgradeable laptop Ram we’ll tell you right after we thank Odo for sponsoring.

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Dell’s Cam and the now standardized cam 2 is an attempt to close the gap between replaceable and soldered memory looking at the original Cam and sodm side by side.

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Camm Ram Dell Upgradable RAM

Camm Ram Dell
Camm Ram Dell

You’re probably going to notice Upgradable RAM one big difference right away the size the single cam component is significantly longer and wider.

It’s also 57% thinner for an equivalent amount of ram shaving off a few millimeters of height and reducing overall volume Cam and cam 2 can also support up to 128 GB on a single module.

Have significant improvements over sodium in terms of air flow you might wonder why sodm comes with RAM chips mounted on both sides of the PCB.

That if height is such an important factor but this is actually a way of accommodating yet another technical limitation of the format sodm uses an edge connector.

Which means that traces for the chips nearest to the connector need to zigzag in order to keep them the same length as traces to chips on the far side.

That increases both the time it takes the motherboard to communicate with those chips and the risk of Distortion and cross talk between circuits.

As traces get longer you need to increase the space between them in order to manage that risk therefore a double-sided PCB is the best way to save space given.

The other constraints of the design even worse due to these same size constraints and timing issues the wires from the CPU wind up traveling under.

The sodm module and connecting to The Far Side leading to a minimum Trace length of 7 1/2 CM Cam and cam 2 on the other hand use a land grid array connector similar to a typical CPU because.

It has connecting pins across its rear face rather than on one Edge all the chips are now significantly closer to the connector and the motherboard further cam Upgradable RAM.

It maintains consistent contact which has both advantages and disadvantages it reduces the potential that the component might come unseated due to jostling.

It also adds the need for a screwdriver like this one from LTT store.com rather than just easily slotting in like a sodm likewise depending on the design of their device.

Some users might need to replace their existing cam 2 with a new one when they want to upgrade rather than simply buying a second sodm and plugging Upgradable RAM.

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Camm to Sodimm Adapter

Camm to Sodimm Adapter
Camm to Sodimm Adapter

It in another reason why some companies are pushing for cam 2 now is so dim actually has a speed cap of around 6,400 MHz most Main extreme sodm designs.

Haven’t hit this ceiling yet but it’s a future problem that cam is solving today with a proactive design that places the module in closer contact Upgradable RAM.

The motherboard on the level of electronics and materials Cam and sodm are extremely similar meaning that they’ll likely be similar in terms of price to Performance and software.

Upgradable RAM Interoperability now as for power efficiency the cam 2 standard also comes with both ddr5 and lpddr5 sl5x Designs while sodm is limited to the more power intensive ddr5 in order.

To prevent anyone from accidentally crossing the streams which may lead to a total protonic reversal the slots for ddr5 and LP ddr5 versions of Cam 2.

128gb camm Module

128gb camm Module
128gb camm Module

Will be physically distinct to prevent one from getting plugged into the other the option of LP ddr5 might mean we’ll see more upgradable RAM.

Even in relatively small devices like tablets or single board computers it’s unclear at this point whether cam 2 is truly the default laptop memory format of tomorrow.

Thanks to this new ratification by jedek it will likely gain interest and become cheaper over time Dell is of course a major backer of the new standard.

Samsung and Micron also announced plans to incorporate cam modules in upcoming products even prior Upgradable RAM.


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